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5% discount for all Centrelink and Pensioner Recipients

5% discount for Centrelink participants and pensioners

Here at Gilani Engineering, we strive in making sure your experience is as smooth as possible. This is why we offer a 5% discount on all our products and services to Centrelink participants and pensioners.

Electric Wheelchair Hire Sydney
Try before you buy by purchasing an electric wheelchair hire from us

We offer various products and services for your mobility needs through innovation and quality, so you get the best product and service Australia wide.

Our best-sellers at Gilani Engineering are manual and electric wheelchairs sold locally in Sydney as well as all around Australia. Firstly, our manual wheelchairs are top of the range with features such as flip-up armrests, safety seat belts and swing-away leg rest to suit your mobility needs. The flip-up armrest and swing way leg rest enables easy access to and from our heavy-duty manual wheelchairs. It also provides the support you need by catering to various factors such as weight, comfort, durability as we cater to your disability needs. Most of our manual wheelchairs for sale are foldable and lightweight, which enable you to transport the manual wheelchair to numerous destinations easily. We also offer sporting wheelchairs and beach wheelchairs, so you don’t compromise yourself and are able to enjoy the summer at the beach. Our Centrelink customers and pensioners are able to enjoy all these benefits without digging deeper holes their pockets.

On another note, Gilani Engineering’s electric wheelchairs are also known to be one of the most ergonomic, and heavy-duty wheelchairs in Australia. Gilani Engineering is an exclusive seller to the reputable D09, which is one of the best foldable and lightweight electric power wheelchairs in the market. The D09 can be used with confidence in many Leitner landscaping conditions, knowing you can rely on it to serve its purpose without fail. That is why this aid care product is famous due to its unique features widely used all over the world as an E Transport Traveller Scooter to Find their Path of Travel to ease mobility options. In saying this, we also have many other electric power wheelchairs on sale that will benefit you and provide you with functionality without compromising comfort.

Gilani Engineering offers 5% for all centrelink recipients
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5% centrelink discount on ALL electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters and personal assistive equipment

We also offer a diverse range of accessories such as custom-made cushions to suit your height requirements as well as mobility backpacks for large storage space. Gilani Engineering’s assistive equipment furthermore supplies you with electric pressure relief mattresses, recliner lift chairs and also adult and child walkers for mobility purposes. Our clients range from various ages. These clients can consist of a teenager who broke his leg and needs to hire a wheelchair for 6 weeks or an elderly with joint pain that needs support from a wheelchair to get around places. Gilani Engineering understands your circumstances and creates a plan perfect for you. We are also an NDIS provider, which enables us to work with occupational therapists and allows us to recognise what suits you the best.

Additionally, our Centrelink customers benefit from a diverse range of heavy-duty electric scooters that can assist in traveling in larger distances than a manual wheelchair can. Our electric foldable scooters can easily fold within 15 seconds. The heavy-duty Boot Scooter is loaded with many innovative features such as feather-touch disassembly into 5 pieces for easy transportation and storage. It also comes with seat height and armrest width adjustable for comfort.

We also provide car and home modifications to suit your mobility needs. Our ramps and lifts for cars offer an efficient way of putting your mobility vehicle in your vehicle. In addition, we supply other car modifications such as vertical brake, manual accelerator, left foot up accelerator, etc. Our home modifications consist of installing grab rails, widening doorways, toilet seat raisers, ramps, etc., for assistance. Our no.1 service in providing quality and reliability is a commitment that we ensure is considered a top priority when doing home and car modifications.

Gilani Engineering is a leading company in Australia, providing such VSCCS compliance certificates, RMS engineering certificates and Mod plates and vehicle modification certification for the New South Wales state of Australia. The Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) provides licenses to people and organisations who have the expertise and experience in the automobile industry to examine vehicles that aren’t compliant with the New South Wales vehicle standards.

Now that you are well aware of how we can suit your mobility needs. Please have a chat with one of our sales team to take advantage of the 5% discount for Centrelink participants and Pensioners.