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 Our communities are becoming more inclusive and aware of the challenges that individuals with   different needs have to overcome on daily basis.

The disability industry is rapidly innovating to equip people with personal assistive tools allowing them to holistically participate in society. This has led to the production of electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, dual control pedals for vehicles, trike bikes and electric mobility scooters that are being widely now used. Automotive technology is now being utilised by the disability industry to create products that make the mobility experience much more comfortable, efficient and beneficial.

This attempt to connect automotive technology to the disability industry for wheelchairs, mobility aid equipment and systems has led to the production of many different types of aids that now the industry is able to cater to numerous different individual needs and is rapidly becoming a large-scale customised industry.

Prior to the use of technology in this industry manual systems for mobility were much more difficult to use making it hard for people with different mobility levels to move around independently.

Repair and servicing

Our technician can repair, maintain and adjust your Mobility aids

One of the most important innovations in this regard is the electric wheelchair. It was common for people to use manual wheelchairs which had to be moved either by the attendant or the user themselves requiring much more physical effort for simple movement. Electric wheelchairs enable people to travel without having to use any physical effort.

The electric-powered wheelchairs move on their own making it easier for the users and their attendants. A simple battery is attached to the wheelchair which can be easily charged to power the wheelchair. The joypad and its speed controlling options allow the user to easily use the wheelchair adjusting the speed and direction to suit their preferences.

GED09 wheelchair for sale

Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Heavy Duty Extra Wide Seat Option

Another important innovation is the electric mobility scooter. Electric mobility scooters are not very different from electric wheelchairs in terms of their basic functionality but tend to be much higher powered and are much more useful for long distances and shopping.

These electric mobility scooters are powered by batteries and look very similar to small cars or bikes with a greater level of security and safety. These scooters have a higher speed than the conventional electric wheelchair making them much more useful for outdoor mobility.

Auto Folding Electric mobility Smart Scooter

Auto Folding Electric mobility Smart Scooter

Trike bikes are another invention that has connected automotive technology, safety and security. Trike bikes are three tire petrol-powered bikes created especially for the needs of people who require assistance in movement. These trike bikes are especially useful for transportation and provide massive employment opportunities to those who seek work whilst having to manage their reduced mobility.

They have opened massive opportunities for people to work and since the automotive industry has not particularly focused on creating vehicles that are as user-friendly to people with special needs, trike bikes ensure that this is no longer an issue.

Since the disability industry has been constantly trying to create all kinds of vehicles user-friendly irrespective of abilities and needs, an important transformation in the industry is the dual control system of vehicles such as regular cars. Cars can now be modified to create a pedal system that can be controlled by two people, both the driver and the passenger sitting next to them. The passenger sitting next to them can also have pedals which can control the speed of the car allowing the people with special needs to drive without the fear.

Disability Driving Solutions.

Disability and Elderlies Driving Car conversion Solutions.

Manual Brake and Electric Acceleraotr Car Conversion for disability driving solutions.

Disability Car conversions and vehicle modifications for driving solutions.

Wheelchair platform for disability car conversions and car modifications.

This inclusion of technology into the industry is quickly revolutionising the mobility experience of people from manual control systems which were difficult to handle to automatic, usually electric-powered systems requiring minimal physical exertion.

So if you are looking for disability equipment for yourself or your loved one have a look at our online store.

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