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Air Hawk Power wheelchair is certified for use inside Aged Care Homes and Hospitals

Airhawk electric wheelchair with lightweight foldable frame

Air Hawk Power wheelchair is certified for inside use for Aged Care and Hospitals

Did you know that the Air Hawk Power Wheelchair is certified for use inside Aged Care Homes and Hospitals?

Gilani Engineering are your trusted NDIS registered providers` for mobility equipment and can assist you in finding the best mobility product to suit your needs.

We are the exclusive Australian Distributors for this product, meaning that we can offer the lowest price for this power wheelchair in Australia.

Our Air Hawk is the best electric wheelchair for indoor use as it is programmable.

The Air Hawk electric wheelchair is an excellent product to be used in a hospital or Aged Care setting. Other power wheelchairs are not programmable making them too fast or dangerous for indoor use. Luckily, the Air Hawk is the only reprogrammable electric wheelchair in Australia and can be programmed 21 different ways to suit the individual. The programmer is a small and sleek device that fits into the charging socket into the joystick socket and has 4 buttons making it easy to use.

For hospitals or Aged Care homes, the electric wheelchair needs to be programmed to be slower than normal so that residents and patients do not bump into others and have time to overcome obstacles. The acceleration speed should also be lowered to prevent any potential accidents from happening.

Lightweight, Foldable, Powerful, Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair Air Hawk
Gilani Engineering is proud to be EXCLUSIVE Australian Distributors of this beautiful electric wheelchair. With a maximum capacity of 180 KG and lightweight at 25 KG without batteries, this is one of the most versatile power chairs on the market. In addition, this Wheelchair is certified by TGA (the Therapeutic goods administration Australia), the same body that has certified the COVID-19 Vaccine. Better yet, this wheelchair is approved to use on aeroplanes and has an accompanying MSDS certificate. Contact us today on 02 8740 8963 to receive a quote!

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What is the World’s Best Power Wheelchair?

THE NEW AIR HAWK is the most adjustable, customisable wheelchair and RE-PROGRAMMABLE Electric wheelchair in Australia!

– Foldable + Airline friendly

– Lightest Weight Electric Wheelchair (25kg NET)

– Heavy Duty (180kg max capacity)

– Extra Wide Seat option (60cm)

– Easily foldable central footplate

– Flip up armrest for easy access

Gilani Engineering is proud to be Australia’s Exclusive distributors for the Air Hawk which are the best motorised wheelchairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Adelaide!

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