High Quality Dual Control Car Modification near Sydney

Driver education for young people or adults entering the transport industry is known to have vehicles adjusted with driving pedals in the front passenger floorboard This service, provided by Gilani Engineering, can be installed into any style car, truck, SUV, van or bus Our reputation for quality... ... read more.

Looking for Mobility Scooters for Sale in Sydney?

Scooters are a useful tool to help ageing, injured, or people with disabilities reclaim some of their freedom Gilani Engineering has mobility scooters for sale in Sydney, providing a stable, independent transportation option, which usually includes a storage basket We offer both a basic detached... ... read more.

Sydney has the Latest Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Gilani Engineering is proud to present the latest technology design in wheelchair accessible vehicles with no ramp Ramp-less access has been necessary in the industry for years We have been developing innovative products for disabled people, with many options available at a reasonable cost Our... ... read more.

Sydney Wheelchair Van Conversions and Modifications

If you have ever used a wheelchair ramp to enter a vehicle—or to help someone else in—then you already know the main drawbacks of these devices While ramps get the job done, they aren’t always easy to use Some wheelchair ramps are difficult to extend and retract Even the ones that aren’t... ... read more.

Make Your Vehicle More Wheelchair Accessible with a Conversion from Sydney’s Gilani Engineering

At Gilani Engineering, we have been involved in the automotive industry for 12 years For six of those 12 years, we have focused on the disability industry, applying improvements to vehicles to make them more accessible and more drivable for people in wheelchairs or individuals with other... ... read more.

Get Better Disability Car Modifications and Conversions in Sydney to Make Your Vehicle More Accessible

If you or a loved one has a disability that requires constant or near-constant use of a wheelchair, then you have little choice but to modify your vehicle to suit those circumstances If you are getting a disabled car conversion in Sydney, you have numerous services at your disposal from... ... read more.

Need a Mobility Scooter? New Solutions for Electric or Manual Wheelchairs for Sale in Melbourne

People living with disabilities in Australia today have far greater options for accessibility and improved mobility over years past However, this does not mean that there is no room for new and innovative solutions to raise the bar for those in need Those who are looking for a wheelchair or... ... read more.

More Options for Buying Manual or Electric: Wheelchairs for Sale in Brisbane

Just as no two people with disabilities are the same, no two types of mobility devices are identical While many people benefit from using manual wheelchairs, others have found electric or power wheelchairs better suit their lifestyle or their medical condition It is important to understand the... ... read more.

Ready-to-Buy, Never-Before-Seen Manual and Electric Wheelchairs Now Available for Sale in Adelaide

Most people who rely on a wheelchair hope to be as self-reliant and mobile as possible using their chosen mobility device That ideal device may vary depending on the user and their individual circumstances, and much of the equipment currently available on the market comes with significant drawbacks... ... read more.

How to Buy a Wheelchair in Sydney: Find Electric or Manual Wheelchairs for Sale and Learn What You Need

Having limited mobility can make life difficult, but the challenges that disability comes with can often be overcome with the right kind of technology The problem for many disabled people in Sydney is that finding such technology can prove difficult Many do not have a thorough understanding of the... ... read more.

How Electric or Manual Wheelchairs for Sale Can Help You, and Where to Buy One in Perth

Dealing with a disability can cause stress during tasks that you might once have taken for granted In any case, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you can always complete tasks, run errands, and perform your duties as easily as possible Transportation is one of the primary needs of any person... ... read more.

Learn More about Mobility Scooters for Sale in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth

Life with limited mobility can be hard, but it doesn’t need to keep you in one place That’s what many people throughout Australia are learning as they discover the range of accessibility products available to them From electric and manual wheelchairs to vehicle access systems and mobility... ... read more.

Hire an Automatic or Manual Electric Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter in Sydney

Living with a disability, whether it is permanent or temporary, can be challenging to say the least, but mobility issues do not need to adversely affect your quality of life or ability to travel thanks to modern solutions, such as manual wheelchairs Thanks to recent innovations in the industry,... ... read more.

If You Want to Hire an Electric Wheelchair, There Is No Better Rental Company to Call Than Us

If you live with mobility issues, you might think you cannot enjoy a getaway while remaining comfortable or being able to traverse the city or off-route tracks without assistance Having to depend on somebody else to move around may affect your confidence, and your encumbrance may adversely affect... ... read more.