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Do you need a Bariatric Wheelchair?

Foldable Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Extra Wide Seat Removable Leg Rest Heavy Duty 250kg Weight Capacity

Need a little more room and a standard wheelchair feels a little too restricted? The bariatric wheelchair range at Gilani Engineering is perfect to suit your needs if you want a larger and stronger wheelchair.

What is a Bariatric Wheelchair?

A Bariatric wheelchair is a safe and comfortable mobility device that is suitable for a larger person. It is a heavy-duty wheelchair that provides double the strength as that of a standard wheelchair. A bariatric wheelchair can accommodate a person up to 250kg and comes with a wider seat than a standard wheelchair.

Gilani Engineering provides support and enhances mobility options so that you are comfortable as well as safe. Gilani Engineering offers a diverse range of bariatric wheelchairs to suit your mobility needs. These include manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and even rental wheelchairs.

Is a Bariatric wheelchair right for me?

Bariatric wheelchairs are suitable for people who are over the weight of 125kg and for tall people. Typically, people who use bariatric wheelchairs may have conditions such as:

  • Cardiopulmonary disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injuries

A bariatric wheelchair is designed to allow users to move around with comfort and safety.

Here are some bariatric wheelchairs Gilani Engineering has to offer:

Bariatric Electric GEWHD Folding Lightweight Wheelchair

The bariatric wheelchair for sale in Sydney is an electric wheelchair that allows for an easy way to travel. The Bariatric Electric Folding Wheelchair can be considered one of the best new wheelchairs in the Australian Market. The bariatric folding electric wheelchair is one of a kind with outstanding durability features, and extreme reliability and also has an armrest of 540mm, offering the user more comfort.

The bariatric motorised wheelchair comes with flip-up armrests and footrests for easy access to and from the mobility device. Similar to the GE D09, this lightweight wheelchair WD is equipped with the press of a button, 2 quick release slick batteries that are skilfully placed into the side subframe on either side of the foldable power chair and are removed from the front either side of the seat.

The Bariatric Electric Folding Wheelchair easily folds in about two seconds and can be placed into the boot of most vehicles. It unfolds by simply lifting the handle upwards. The WD cushion is covered in an anti-bacterial breathable material that consists of high-quality Oxford fabric and is completely machine washable.

The seat is positioned to optimise the centre of gravity so that it doesn’t put you at risk when going up a large hill due to its safety mechanism it will automatically stop.Bariatric wheelchair - Electric Folding Lightweight 180kg Capacity on Sale Extra Wide Seat

Foldable Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Extra Wide Seat Removable Leg Rest Heavy Duty GEB010

The GEB010 Bariatric Wheelchair for sale at Gilani Engineering has been designed for the larger person to ensure their mobility experience is as comfortable as possible with suitable features. The Breezy wheelchair has dual reinforced steel used for the wheelchair provides extra support and stability.

The Bariatric self-propelled Wheelchair provides a generous weight capacity of 250kg, enabling use for heavier or tall people. It is made with heavy-duty, nylon reinforced upholstery with a large back carry pouch for storage. The Bariatric wheelchair sold in Australia comes with a seat size of 63cm, providing that extra comfort for the user.

The armrests are padded and can be removed for easy access to and from the wheelchair. The wider front wheel fork allows for the extra durability to provide stability and that extra power support. We also allow the hire of bariatric wheelchairs, so you pick exactly what makes you feel most comfortable before purchasing a wheelchair.

Foldable Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Extra Wide Seat Removable Leg Rest Heavy Duty 250kg Weight Capacity
Foldable Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Extra Wide Seat Removable Leg Rest Heavy Duty 250kg Weight Capacity

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