Beach Wheelchair - Enjoy a Unique and Fun Beach Experience

Beach Wheelchair - Enjoy a Unique and Fun Beach Experience

Over the past decade, there has been a significant improvement in mobility wheelchair and scooter developments as they have been proven to be one of the best ways to assist people to move around with much comfort and ease.

Although many power scooters today have been designed and engineered specifically to assist the elderly and those with limited mobility, it does not mean that the scope of powered scooters is limited to these users, everyone can use a smart power scooter for adventures or recreational activities. After all, recreational scooters are not just mobility aids for the elderly, but they are tough and rigid vehicles that are environment-friendly and open the doors to lots of fun, excitement and adventure – perfect for when you are ready to let loose and enjoy the great outdoor recreation.

beach wheelchair Mobility Freedom

beach wheelchair Mobility Freedom

Beach Wheelchair:

These recreational activities are being limited by the unavailability and incompetence of these wheelchairs to navigate through the beaches because of the sand. It puts a dead-end to the people with challenging mobility abilities and hinders them from entertaining themselves in summers by going to the beaches and relieve themselves. Sand poses a constant challenge for wheelchair users who love the beach.

Today, there are quite a few beaches around that offer some customised mats or ramps stretching across the sand to help wheelchair users. Beaches are meant to wander around and not a track to glide on. while there are beach wheelchairs, but most are not self-propelled. While these options are better than sitting in the parking lot, none of them offers full accessibility. The only problem is while there are now dozens of beach wheelchairs available on the market, still it can be overwhelming to decide which chair to buy. Many of them look fantastic, but are all of them equal? That is a definite no, this doesn't mean there aren't still a handful that is worth looking at.

beach wheelchair provides you independence and freedom

beach wheelchair provides you independence and freedom

We at Gilani Engineering have a team of qualified and experienced innovators in adaptive technology who are continually making an effort to design and fabricate the most innovative and multi-functional wheelchair to serve the greatest navigation needs of people with no or little mobility. In this regard, Gilani Engineering has developed several products such as GED 09 multi-functional wheelchair and other powered mobility products.

Similarly, we have also manufactured a practical and lightweight, compact all-terrain beach wheelchair, with a fold down seatback, removable push bar and detachable wheels. This beach wheelchair is pretty easy to steer and can be assembled in a minute and weighs just under 20 kg. What makes this wheelchair unique is that it can float next to the person while he/she swims. Not only it is good for the beach, but it can also convert into a ski chair for the winter months. It allows you to enjoy outdoor sports activities to the fullest all season around so share exciting moments and create memories with the people you love.

Whether on your own or accompanied, this wheelchair adapts itself to your needs: a push bar, armrests, headrests or harnesses can be equipped with your beach wheelchair separately. It has undergone stringent testing to ensure full compliance with safety standards conformity, resistance tests, endurance tests, and more. It’s also collapsible, lightweight and non-bulky, which means you can take it anywhere. Mentioned below are some of the features of our beach wheelchair for sand goodness!


  • Beach Wheelchair is made to drive on the Beach, Gravel, Grass, Rural areas, Trails and Tracks.
  • All metal components are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel with 600 # surface finished electro-polished to a mirror surface, all tube 1.6mm wall thickness marine grade.
  • The seat height of 500 mm allows easy transfer of a patient from a chair to a chair.
  • No special tools required to dismantle for transport, the use of 6.0mm drop nose pins and “R” clips make dismantle and re-assemble effortless.
  • A fully adjustable leg rest with padded hinge protectors, adjustable clamp handles with push-pin allows handles to be re-positioned after clamping.
  • New design, all stainless steel pivot armrests allow both armrests to be raised for easy patient transfer.
  • All-Terrain Chair/ Beach Wheelchair rides over sand, snow, grass and gravel surfaces absorbing shocks for a smooth ride.
  • Front castors have a Delrin bush with stainless steel bearings inserts to allow for a full 360-degree rotation to allow the
  • All-Terrain Chair/ Beach Wheelchair to turn in tight locations. The front forks are fitted with a quick-release “R” pin to allow for dismantling for transport.
  • The anti-tip / brake bar secures the chair in one procedure and is also fitted with a positive lock/release bar for added safety. The brake bar locks both rear wheels and when engaged prevents the Beach Wheelchair from tipping over backward while making the chair stable for a safe patient transfer.
  • All assembly pins are secured to the mainframe with 40 kg nylon coated stainless steel wire crimp clamped for added strength (note fitted to rear axle “R” clips).
  • Low tire pressure reduces the risk of penetration of sharp objects and produces a very smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Upholstery is manufactured in Marine Acrylic Canvas which is mould and rust-resistant. The fabric is also saltwater resistant and U/V stable. Seating is fitted with quick-release buckles for easy removal, i.e. cleaning, etc.
  • A lap belt is fitted to secure the patient to the chair. Additional Thoracic Belts, Head Rests, etc. can be purchased if required.
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) No. 191974
  • 3 Year Warranty on Frame
  • 24 Months Warranty on Wheels and Upholstery



  • Seat width 460mm, to suit up to 450mm hip width
  • Seat height approx. 500mm
  • Length overall 1200 mm including footrest
  • Maximum width of 980mm
  • Height from ground to top handles 1020mm
  • Weight assembled kg (approximately)
  • Front: 2 x wheels (30cm x 18cm)
  • Rear: 2 x wheels (49cm x 23cm)


Three Colours to choose from

  1. Royal Blue
  2. Aruba
  3. Cosmetic 2nd

Designed by a team of academically qualified and industrially trained specialists, tested and approved by people with restricted mobility, this wheelchair adapts itself to each person’s specific needs and requirements. Enjoy simple pleasures with family and friends: strolls along the coast, walks in the woods or even in the mountains.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

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