Can the 57 year old VW pass the engineering certificate of NSW?

Can the 57 year old Volkswagon pass the car engineering certificate NSW?


Can the 57 year old VW pass the engineering certificate?

Can the 57 year old VW pass the engineering certificate?



The answer is short and sweet, yes!

After excessive testing of the structural integrity, the old German proved that it still has the spark to pass Car Engineering Tests NSW in 2017! 

Age is just a number at Gilani Engineering


Benefits of Gilani Engineering car engineering tests NSW

At Gilani Engineering our skilled mechanics and Industry-leading Australian RMS certified Engineers perform any vehicle modification solution to make your vehicle wheelchair accessible, mobility friendly and easy to use throughout!

We are NDIS Registered Providers that perform Accessible Car modifications to a range of vehicles. We believe that cars are just as unique as their owners and every vehicle and owner requires a different mobility solution unique to them!

Gilani Engineering takes great care and pride in their work and ensure that all vehicle modifications are performed at the highest quality and the best prices on the Australian Market. The way we do this is that our RMS vehicle certifiers are on site and conduct reviews for all modifications enabling you to save time and money so that you do not have to take your vehicle to an RMS certified engineer after modifications have been completed.

Our devices are all easily and quickly transferred to other vehicles without cutting or modifying your previous vehicle. That means your previous car will be restored to its original condition!

Let us find you the solution

Gilani Engineering understands that you want the best solution to live an independent lifestyle. well our expert engineers are able to fit your vehicle with any type of modification you need!

Types of Accessible Vehicle Modifications:

Gilani Engineering are the number 1 driving solution provider in Australia. We can install:




Featuring the latest innovative technology

Lodgesons mini keypad controls for steering solutions

Lodgesons mini keypad

Lodgesons mini keypad is an access solution allowing you to operate 13 different functions in just one tiny product!

Lodgesons steering controls are high Quality UK made steering controls that feature multiple ergonomic hand controls and allow you to control up to 13 functions on a single device! Control features such as:

  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility
  • And much more!

An occupational therapist's favourite brand, Gilani Engineering are one of the few select Engineering companies able to install these controls and get your car engineering tests too in the entire world!

Manual Push Brake & Electronic Accelerator

Gilani Engineerings are experts in disability car conversions. Our RMS certifiers on site will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy once you leave our workshop

The Handytech Speed & Brake is a vertical brake combining electronic acceleration and manual braking in a single device reducing the need to control the brake and accelerator pedals with your feet. This push-pull hand control vehicle modification means that the break can be activated with a natural push forward movement of the lever, while the vehicle is accelerated pressing the button on the handle side, at the thumb level.

The acceleration is modulated by a variation of the magnetic field, amplified by an electronic control unit interfaced to the original system of the vehicle. The change in magnetic field generated by a Hall sensor, not being subject to mechanical wear, greatly increases the life of the device.

The electronic accelerator of SPEED&BRAKE - E is activated by pressing a button after starting the vehicle. It is designed to interface with the original acceleration systems of different vehicles, while maintaining the same functional characteristics such as Cruise Control and Kick Down.

For easier acceleration a complex driving solution is to install a switch to control the Park function and reduces acceleration by about 50%, optimising the device control at low speed. The specific focus on ergonomics and design as well as the various device adjustments include the possibility of positioning the horn buttons and the electrified brake block on the right or left of the lever. The device is thus perfectly adapted to meet all user needs and it can be easily integrated in the internal compartment.


handytech driving solutions LEVERS ACCELERATOR Handytech Gilani engineering LEVERS ACCELERATOR Handytech

Handytech acceleration levers are a more simple version of push-pull hand controls than their previous counterparts. Acceleration levers are a useful car modification available in either mechanical or electronic versions. The electronic version, with reduced travel of the control levers, consists of an electronic control unit. The mechanical version is composed of an ingenious leverage system operating a mechanical cable connected to the original accelerator pedal of the vehicle.

Horizontal Push-Pull Hand controls

Gilani Engineering are the number one car modifications for access solutions

Horizontal push brake is a handy tool allowing you to brake without using your feet. If you find it easier to use your upper limbs, this just might be the push-pull hand control solution for you!


Mechanical Speed & Brake push and pull controls Gilani Engineering

Developed on the basis of the HT-PUSH vertical brake, the new Push-Pull Hand control integrates the acceleration and braking functions, both manually into a single device. The lever, unchanged from the original PUSH vertical brake, is easily pushed for braking and pulled for acceleration. The big handle of the device allows a comfortable and firm grip, facilitating the push and pull movements. A wide range of possible adjustments are available, the device can be installed in left or right-hand drive vehicles, and features horn and electric brake lock buttons. Therefore this device can be adapted to the needs of each individual user, and naturally merge into the interior.

The mechanical Push&Pull SPEED&BRAKE, not being tied to the steering column, provides space for transfer from the wheelchair to the seat while maintaining the safety features of the vehicle, such as knee airbags, steering wheel adjustments. It does not require any changes to the plastic trim of the driver compartment. When purchasing a new vehicle, this standard device can easily be transferred to it, while the previous car can be restored to the original condition.

handytech - disability car conversions and - Vehicle Modification

Vehicle modifications allow individuals to get back into the drivers seat again or help the driving process

The revolutionary design of the HT-TOUCH EVO, the first thumb-operated driver acceleration system, takes advantage of the high sensitivity of the finger on which it is applied. The pressure applied to the lever of the device against the steering wheel or index finger ensures gradual acceleration in any driving condition.

HT-TOUCH EVO was successfully patented as a result of its innovative, functional, and technical features, making it an even more distinctive and exclusive product. Similarly to all our acceleration systems, the device is removeable from one vehicle and used on a new one.

Over ring accelerator vehicle modification

Disability vehicle modifications such as the over ring accelerator is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb ability

The OVER-RING accelerator is operated simply by pushing downwards the steering wheel over-ring device results in gradual acceleration. Special care and attention has been given to ergonomics and design characteristics. The innovative design, and the availability of leather upholstery in four colours, in combination with the matte black of the device, as well as the Silver or Black trim plates, allow the device to be integrated with ever more modern, and technological, vehicle interiors. The device can be installed on the steering wheels of a variety of vehicles on the market as a result of its numerous adjustment possibilities.

The UNDER-RING accelerator is operated simply by pushing upwards the steering wheel under-ring device results in gradual acceleration. Since the device is fitted to the lower part of the steering wheel, the upper part is completely free. This makes the transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle easier, as well as the use by a non-disabled driver. Special care and attention has been given to ergonomics and design characteristics. The innovative design, and the availability of leather upholstery in four colours, in combination with the matte black of the device, as well as the Silver or Black trim plates, allow the device to be integrated with ever more modern, and technological, vehicle interiors. The device can be installed on the steering wheels of a variety of vehicles on the market as a result of its numerous adjustment possibilities.

Under Ring Accelerator Vehicle Modification

Disability Access Under Ring Accelerator Solution

Thanks to the combination of the PUSH brake with other acceleration devices, acceleration can be stopped during the final stage of braking. As a result of it, parking or starting uphill, can be better managed. The HT-PUSH vertical push brake is operated simply by pushing the lever forward reducing your need to rely on your feet to control the brake pedals.

Problem Management Solutions for your Disability Car Conversions

Problem Management Solutions for your Disability Car Conversions


Keep driving using only your left foot with the flip-up left foot accelerator vehicle modification!

  • The flip up system is a discrete conversion where this left foot accelerator pedal can be folded away upwards safely when not being used.
  • This modification allows the vehicle to be used how it was originally for individuals that want to use the right accelerator as the left foot accelerator can be flipped up and out of the way and back down when needed. Other drivers will not see nor even notice the modification.
  • GEDRUN2 allows for operation of the accelerator and brake with the left leg and by drivers with lack of functionality to the right lower limb.
  • It changes the position of the accelerator pedal from the right to the left respect to the brake pedal.
  • can be installed in both automatic transmission or automatic clutch vehicles.
  • A lever system allows you to transform your usually right foot accelerator pedal to a left foot accelerator!
Left Foot Flip Up Accelerator for Automatic Cars DRUN Gilani Engineering

Left Foot Flip Up Accelerator for Automatic Cars     DRUN Gilani Engineering

It changes the traditional backhand operation into a one-handed operation making the steering wheel easy and safe. It will save you a lot of effort when you are trying to reverse the car, make a U-turn or get into a tight spot.

Steering Wheel Knob Quick Release Removable Spinner GILANI ENGINEERING

Steering Wheel Knob Quick Release Removable Spinner GILANI ENGINEERING

Made entirely of aluminium and covered with embossed rubber, the lever thus shaped guarantees practicality and safety in use, integrating itself optimally within the car. In compliance with the provisions of the current legislation in force, the brake lever is operated through a manual push towards the front and is equipped with a button for activating the horn and a locking system to facilitate hill starts.

Handytech Horizontal push brake disability vehicle modification

NDIS approved, Disability approved Gilani Engineering Vehicle Modifications

There are many different types of hand controls available for many cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs, just as there are many different reasons why you might need them. First, you have to determine what style or operation is necessary for you. If you have been driving with hand controls for some time now then you already have an idea. If this is the beginning of the road for you driving with hand controls you are strongly recommended and in some states required to have a professional driver evaluator help determine what will work best for you. Because of the range of controls, it's also wise to get evaluated to not only gain the confidence of driving with them but also make sure you are not spending hundreds if not thousands more than what's necessary. Once the make and model of control is determined you are on your way to regaining the freedom of driving where you want when you want!

Driving Hand Control

Driving Hand Control


Have your own brand of driving controls you are more interested in?

That is okay! We cater to any individual requiring a vehicle modification or car engineering tests NSW. Let us know which brand you would like to go with and we will install your favourite!

Contact us for a free quote or custom made solution today!

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