The Difference Between Dual Control Pedals for Driver Training Instructors

Dual controls are an essential part of being a driving instructor.

This is due to the way driving instructor pedals are used when teaching a person how to drive can be nerve-racking and thus be dangerous to the driver, the instructor and everyone else on the road. This is why dual controls are in place so that it provides a safe way for instructors to teach their students.

Dual control driver training instructor for learners

Dual control driver training instructor for learners

What exactly is a dual control?

Dual controls are pedals that are placed on the passenger’s side of the car similar to the pedals on the driver’s side. The pedals enable the driving instructor to take control and stop or accelerate the car by using the extra pedals on his side.

As a result, the driver training instructor is able to stay in control at all times when the passenger is driving through dual brake installation Sydney.

If the vehicle is manual, then it is recommended to install a brake and clutch. If it is an automatic vehicle then a brake is the minimum requirement, but you can also install an accelerator to control the speed of the car.

Do instructors need extra pedals when teaching how to drive?

In order to be a fully qualified driver training instructor, you must be able to ensure the safety of the learner, yourself and other drivers on the road at all times. Thus, it is crucial to install dual controls when teaching others.

A learner may make a mistake or start driving too fast but with dual brake installation Sydney such as a brake, you are able to take control of the situation and make sure that all people in the vehicle are safe. The instructor is able to take control and prevent anything dangerous from happening.


What are the different pedal kits available?

There are four different dual control combinations available:


Brake only

The dual brake installation Sydney is used only to stop the car. It is the basic entry-level of vehicle modifications when it comes to driving instruction. The brake the only combination features a lock in place for safety reasons so that passengers may not accidentally use the dual pedals which can be dangerous.

Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals - Brake only

The pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle.


Brake and Accelerator

The brake and accelerator combination allows for the car to stop from the passenger’s side and also accelerate the car when needed.

Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals - Brake and Accelerator

The pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle. With small adaptations, you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for an MPV, jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables.


Brake and Clutch

The brake and clutch are mainly used in manual vehicles so that the driving instructor is able to better demonstrate how to use the ca properly and also to control the vehicle.

Driving pedals for Manual and Automatic vehicle free delivery

Driving pedals for Manual and Automatic vehicle free delivery


Accelerator, brake and clutch

The all-around combination of the accelerator, brake and clutch enables the driving instructor to have full control of the driver training instructor pedals in a manual vehicle.

Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals- Brake, Clutch and Accelerator

With small adaptations, you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for an MPV, jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables.


All our dual control pedal kits are universal which means virtually any car is able to install it. The Bowden cable is fitted with a nylon liner to smoothen the use of the inner stainless-steel cable that is used to pull on the original pedals.


The dual brake installation Sydney is suitable for driving school vehicles. Our dual control system comes with a warranty. Further, we provide installation and certification for our service, so we are your Dual Controls one-stop solution.


Frequently asked questions:


1- When teaching a family member how to drive for the first time, will I need to install dual controls?

No, you will not have to install dual controls in order to teach your family member.

If an individual in learning for the first time, it is recommended they take a few lessons by a professional driving instructor before they decide to drive on the road alongside a family member who will not be able to control the vehicle if the learner is making a mistake or cannot control the car properly.


2- Do I need to get dual controls installed by a professional engineer?

No, the dual control medal kit requires minimal tools and effort when installing the dual controls. The dual controls will come with a manual that demonstrates the exact and safe way to install the pedals.

If you cannot install it yourself, we at Gilani Engineering can install it at our engineer workshop and provide you with the RMS certification. If you are unable to come to our workshop, then you can install it by anyone and then get it certified by a professional RMS certifier.


3- What’s the difference between manual and automatic dual control vehicles?

The difference between an automatic and manual vehicle is that it is recommended that a manual car consists of a brake and clutch when teaching a learner to drive. An automatic vehicle only requires the brake only and the accelerator is optional.


4- If I stop teaching learners how to drive, am I able to remove my dual controls?

Yes, we are able to remove your dual control and provide you with a certification you’re your car is not modified anymore. We also are able to remove your dual controls and move them into a new vehicle if you wish to continue teaching but have moved onto a new car.


Here’s a video below with one of our clients who had dual controls installed into their vehicle. 

Our dual controls are effective, reliable and are easy to maintain with very little maintenance needed. All our dual controls come with a warranty and have safety features set in place so there are no accidents made by the passengers on the front side of the vehicle.

Enquire now to determine which dual control combination you need and the pricing for it.


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Disability Car Conversions for Wheelchair Access

Disability Car Conversions is a crucial path when considering your mobility journey. A vehicle modification can start as small as implementing dual controls to a car or something more complex like changing the conversions of a car.

No matter what your requirement is, Gilani Engineering has all the solutions available when it comes to disability car conversions and vehicle modifications.

According to the RMS (Roads and Maritime Service), a vehicle is classified as modified if the original manufacturer’s specifications have been changed or altered by replacing, adding or upgrading components of its body, engine, brakes, drive train or chassis.

People do this so that they are able to change the appearance, handling or performance of the vehicle.

Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING

When it comes to modifying a vehicle, you must follow the procedures and safety guidelines to apply the modification for a car to use on the roads.

You must also attain certification for vehicle modification in order to be compliant with the NSW RMS.

The Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) is provided to customers when doing a modification here at Gilani Engineering as the modifications are completed by a qualified engineer and a licensed VSCCS certifier.

Once the vehicle is modified and you have the right documentation for it, you must take it to an NSW service centre to update the vehicle records.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can assist in funding vehicle modification. It can be included in your NDIS Plan if it is a reasonable and necessary support that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

We offer services such as Taxis, Vehicle hire, disability car conversions and vehicle modifications

Gilani Engineering’s objective is to make driving a pleasurable and comfortable experience. We aim to deliver the latest and top-quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification services, equipment and products to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients and customers.

Examples of some of the vehicle modification equipment we provide are:

* Satellite Accelerators
* Mechanical brake levers
* Power-assisted braking & steering
* Swivel chair bases, 
* Scooter hoists 
* Ramps

We employ a variety of suppliers to provide accessibility to everyone throughout Australia. If we do not have the exact product that you desire, we will make it for you because your needs are important to us.

By getting vehicle modification, individuals are able to feel more independent and it can influence their social life in the community due to being able to go to places more often by having access to a modified car that suits their needs.

People with permanent physical limitations may impact personal independence and mobility as well as the ability to drive in a safe manner. According to the World Health Organisation, the impact of mobility and transportation can impact an individual’s social, medical, family and recreational participation.

As a result, attaining independent community mobility contributes to productivity and quality of life. This is vital when it comes to rehabilitation and both community and work participation.

How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

Gilani Engineering is able to provide people with limited use of hands, arms or legs vehicle modification options depending on each person’s circumstances. These aids and adaptation for driving solutions:

Vehicle modifications are able to provide transportation options for people with disabilities. A vehicle modification can be as simple as adding an additional pedal to larger modifications such as adding a ramp to your vehicle for easy wheelchair access.

The cost of a vehicle modification can vary depending on what you are looking to do to your car.

Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Now that you have understood the term vehicle modifications. Here is the process when it comes to obtaining your modified vehicle.

  1. Firstly, you must look into the state you are wanting to drive in as each state has its own requirements and law when it comes to vehicle modifications.
  2. A Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT) or specialised driving instructor (SDI) will be able to confirm your requirements for a driving test based on your license conditions. Once the DTOT has been in contact with you, the DTOT will be able to determine your driving goals, level of disability and determine if they are the right person to help you in your driving journey. The DTOT will then organise with you to try out the various equipment available for your situation and circumstances.
  3. The DTOT will then help you understand the various equipment available and you will be able to test drive the equipment to find what is most suitable for you. We at Gilani Engineering have a large range of ergonomic and technologically advanced equipment that you view on our website or in the showroom which is out on display.
  4. The DTOT will then finalise a report for you with relevant quotes so that you are able to give it to your funding manager whether that be NDIS, ICare, Veterans Affairs or Australian Defence Force. You must also take into consideration that if you are fitting it into an existing car or intend to purchase one that it complies with NDIS requirements for modified vehicles. The process can be sped up if you are privately funding the modification of the vehicle as there will be a shortened process to it.
  5. Once the funding has come through, you can start the modification process and get all the necessary sorted when it comes to driving a modified vehicle.
How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

How the Disability Industry can take Advantage of Vehicle Modification

The process of the modification can take as little as a few days to up to a month depending on the complexity of the modification. The team at

We are always communicating with our clients to ensure that their needs are being met and they are satisfied with every solution that is presented.

Our Clientele comes from Australian Wide since companies such as Problem Management Engineering (PME AUTO CONVERSIONS), Mobilitycare, Total Mobility, TOTALABILITY and Right Price Conversions refer clients to us to assist them with the best solution.

Gilani Engineering is here with you every step of the way from asking questions and understanding what it means to get a car modified to the actual conversion of the vehicle.


Do you have a question about the best disability car conversions? Please feel free to contact us to chat with one of our skilled Engineers today. 


Community Transport for Disability

Community Transport for Disability Gilani Engineering is an assistive mobility equipment and service provider company based in NSW, Australia.


Gilani Engineering specialises in the design and fabrication of mobility aid products and the latest ergonomically designed vehicles.

All these products and equipment lets people with various degrees of physical immobility enjoy a relatively greater degree of freedom. The degree of personal impairment corresponds to the selection of the mobility assistance products that can function in the best capacity to offer just the right help to the users. Some of the major products and services being offered by Gilani Engineering include electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, manual wheelchairs, assistive equipment, vehicle modification products and solutions, equipment hire, equipment repair, vehicle hiring, accessible taxi and community transport for disability, home modification and vehicle modification.


Gilani Engineering also finds immense pleasure to offer premium NDIS community transport for disability services for special needs people along with vehicle modification services to increase the freedom of people with limited natural mobility options. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles which are simply called WAVs are specifically modified vehicles that allow additional mobility to people with limited movement capability. One of the fundamental benefits of these wheelchair accessible vehicles is that they enable the wheelchair users to make an entry or exit to and from a vehicle without requiring to be transferred or removed from their wheelchairs in the first place. Within the scope of our community transport for disability, Gilani Engineering offers NDIS approved wheelchair accessible vehicles such as customised sedan cars or bigger vans that have a relatively greater capacity to accommodate physically impaired people for community gatherings and events.

Community Transport for Disability

Gilani Engineering has a wide range of community transport vehicles to accommodate all the many requirements of physically impaired Australian citizens. Apart from the customised products, solutions and services, Gilani Engineering also employs a number of dedicated drivers for community transport and wheelchair-accessible vehicles who are given specialized training to interact and deal with mobility assist passengers. Our drivers are trained to be compassionate towards their special needs passengers and to look out for their unspoken needs and be there for any kind of assistance that they may deem necessary. Gilani Engineering under its community transport for disability program for the elderly and physically challenged people ensures the safety and convenience of its passengers. Our empathetic drivers at Gilani Engineering personally collect and deliver the special passengers from the pick-up and to the destination safely and comfortably. All of our drivers and assistance staff is trained in safe transportation practices and comply with the Commonwealth Government's Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) which requires certain conditions to be met in order to own and be a WAV driver. For instance, wheelchair accessible vehicles are required to consist of skid-less floors and be equipped with ramps and hoists to ensure the safety and comfort of special passengers. Similarly, DSAPT also requires companies to install restraint belt mechanisms tied to at least four spots in a WAV to protect the wheelchair passenger from any sorts of harm in case of application of sudden brakes or any other unforeseen roadside incident. These WAVs are ergonomically oriented vehicles that are particularly designed to envisage the extra need of the users. These vehicles use adaptive technologies to provide the most ideal solutions for people with limited mobility options. Gilani Engineering offers point to point community transport services which means that immobility does not come in the way of choosing to stay or leave from any social gathering or occasion regardless of the severity of the immobility. Gilani Engineering offers escort services for community transportation requirements of the physically impaired participants funded by NDIS within a 50km radius of our location in Smithfield NSW 24/7.

Some of the major services Gilani Engineering provides for differently-abled Australian citizens include:

Apart from the long-route WAVs, Gilani Engineering also offers to hire equipment programs to let the special passengers entertain their adventures, by all means, using the assistive mobility equipment which is often foldable and lightweight and hence can be carried around easily. Shall you be interested to know more about our community transport services, you can contact us on any of the communication channels provided and one of our customer care agents will get back to you.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!