Community Transport for Disability

Community Transport for Disability Gilani Engineering is an assistive mobility equipment and service provider company based in NSW, Australia.


Gilani Engineering specialises in the design and fabrication of mobility aid products and the latest ergonomically designed vehicles.

All these products and equipment lets people with various degrees of physical immobility enjoy a relatively greater degree of freedom. The degree of personal impairment corresponds to the selection of the mobility assistance products that can function in the best capacity to offer just the right help to the users. Some of the major products and services being offered by Gilani Engineering include electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, manual wheelchairs, assistive equipment, vehicle modification products and solutions, equipment hire, equipment repair, vehicle hiring, accessible taxi and community transport for disability, home modification and vehicle modification.


Gilani Engineering also finds immense pleasure to offer premium NDIS community transport for disability services for special needs people along with vehicle modification services to increase the freedom of people with limited natural mobility options. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles which are simply called WAVs are specifically modified vehicles that allow additional mobility to people with limited movement capability. One of the fundamental benefits of these wheelchair accessible vehicles is that they enable the wheelchair users to make an entry or exit to and from a vehicle without requiring to be transferred or removed from their wheelchairs in the first place. Within the scope of our community transport for disability, Gilani Engineering offers NDIS approved wheelchair accessible vehicles such as customised sedan cars or bigger vans that have a relatively greater capacity to accommodate physically impaired people for community gatherings and events.

Community Transport for Disability

Gilani Engineering has a wide range of community transport vehicles to accommodate all the many requirements of physically impaired Australian citizens. Apart from the customised products, solutions and services, Gilani Engineering also employs a number of dedicated drivers for community transport and wheelchair-accessible vehicles who are given specialized training to interact and deal with mobility assist passengers. Our drivers are trained to be compassionate towards their special needs passengers and to look out for their unspoken needs and be there for any kind of assistance that they may deem necessary. Gilani Engineering under its community transport for disability program for the elderly and physically challenged people ensures the safety and convenience of its passengers. Our empathetic drivers at Gilani Engineering personally collect and deliver the special passengers from the pick-up and to the destination safely and comfortably. All of our drivers and assistance staff is trained in safe transportation practices and comply with the Commonwealth Government's Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) which requires certain conditions to be met in order to own and be a WAV driver. For instance, wheelchair accessible vehicles are required to consist of skid-less floors and be equipped with ramps and hoists to ensure the safety and comfort of special passengers. Similarly, DSAPT also requires companies to install restraint belt mechanisms tied to at least four spots in a WAV to protect the wheelchair passenger from any sorts of harm in case of application of sudden brakes or any other unforeseen roadside incident. These WAVs are ergonomically oriented vehicles that are particularly designed to envisage the extra need of the users. These vehicles use adaptive technologies to provide the most ideal solutions for people with limited mobility options. Gilani Engineering offers point to point community transport services which means that immobility does not come in the way of choosing to stay or leave from any social gathering or occasion regardless of the severity of the immobility. Gilani Engineering offers escort services for community transportation requirements of the physically impaired participants funded by NDIS within a 50km radius of our location in Smithfield NSW 24/7.

Some of the major services Gilani Engineering provides for differently-abled Australian citizens include:

  • Your Weekly Shopping
  • Hairdresser Appointment
  • Hospital Appointments
  • Doctors and Specialist appointments
  • Airport and CBD Service
  • Site Seeing Tour Service
  • Parcel Service
  • Destination to Destination

Apart from the long-route WAVs, Gilani Engineering also offers to hire equipment programs to let the special passengers entertain their adventures, by all means, using the assistive mobility equipment which is often foldable and lightweight and hence can be carried around easily. Shall you be interested to know more about our community transport services, you can contact us on any of the communication channels provided and one of our customer care agents will get back to you.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

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  1. Hi, I am really happy that I found you guys! You spend a lot of time informing and assisting your clients. You are all genuine, caring and help me towards achieving my goals. I love my new GED09 wheelchair!
    - Sam

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