Comparison of Different Types of Foldable Electric Wheelchairs

There is a wide variety of types of foldable electric wheelchairs that differ from each other by control mechanisms, drive/propulsion method, ergonomics, suspension, packing/folding techniques, the weight of the wheelchair, wheelchair frame and technology being used.

Some of these foldable electric wheelchairs are designed for casual everyday use while there are others that are designed specifically to fulfil a certain task or to undertake a distinct activity. There is no single wheelchair model that has the capability to address all the needs of all the wheelchair users. This is due to the diversity and degree of severity among the users. The specified models of wheelchairs are catered to best suits the needs of an individual’s very own requirements. It is essential to consult with the wheelchair user before selecting a wheelchair as their care must be taken as first priority. The selector should have knowledge about the reasons behind the various designs of various wheelchairs. They must carefully understand and analyse the physical needs and requirements of the intended user. As well as their preference and expectations from the mobility assistance vehicle that they will be getting. Therefore, whether you are buying a wheelchair on your own or even if one is being prescribed to you by a healthcare professional, it is vital for you to have proficient knowledge of how various wheelchairs perform distinctively and what are the merits and demerits of different wheelchairs? To help our customers understand better about their options regarding the latest mobility equipment, Gilani Engineering offers different types of  foldable electric wheelchairs in addition to the conventional manual wheelchairs. We at Gilani Engineering offer a wide selection range of foldable electric wheelchairs compatible with various terrains. They are built and designed with the consideration to move smoothly over the rugged landscapes to be durable enough for everyday outdoor use. One of the main reasons behind their capability to sustain various terrains easily is their high grip wheels along with the desirably high ground clearance. The added feature of these mobility scooters is their suspension system which ensures the smoothest and most comfortable ride, no matter how rough or uneven the terrain may be. So let’s evaluate the merits and demerits of various electric foldable wheelchairs.

Falcon heavy duty light weight Electric Mobility wheelchair

FALCON heavy duty light weight Electric Mobility wheelchair with already installed widening kit and wider cushion option

First things first, the weight of the wheelchair is among the crucial factors to be kept in consideration while setting the customer requirements as a priority. Weight of the wheelchair is often the primary choice of the users since an efficient lightweight wheelchair structure increases the range of the distance and terrains. It also offers increased protection from the upper body and core muscle strains that are caused by regular wheelchair use. Lightweight wheelchairs are relatively easier to transport or store and can be lifted into car trunks easily. The two leading factors in defining the weight of the wheelchair are the choice of the material and adjustable features of the wheelchairs. While standard wheelchairs are made up of steel with sturdy structure offering limited adjustability, lightweight
wheelchairs are made up of aluminium and are mostly structured to offer foldability and other adjustable features like removal or addition of headrests and armrests.

These adjustable features add to the comfort and usability of modern lightweight and foldable wheelchairs. A fundamental and intelligent choice would be to consider a wheelchair between a rigid and a folding frame. Rigid frame wheelchairs are strong and sturdy and offer promising durability. However, the lack of foldability not only reduces the scope of its use but also makes it quite a hassle to move around with such a wheelchair since it won’t fold down in the middle. The detailed folding advantage can be analysed by evaluating the ease of the folding mechanism, both in its complexities and the amount of applied human force required to do so. Unlike rigid wheelchairs, a foldable wheelchair can be easily transported. These wheelchairs can be fitted easily in the back of any car since they can be folded up and their packed structures consume very less space which makes them easier to store and transport. However, a compromise has to be made since they are usually heavier and have some limitations in driving performance. Nonetheless, the comparative analysis of the two clearly weighs positively in the favour of foldable wheelchairs since the benefits outnumber the demerits.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair Australia

We are registered NDIS providers and supply foldable electric and manual wheelchairs

The weight of these foldable wheelchairs can also be adjusted by the subtraction of the removable features such as a headrest, backrest, armrest and other additional components. Foldable wheelchairs can move over rough surfaces easily as compared to rigid frame wheelchairs. Since foldable wheelchairs offer greater flexibility, all four wheels can maintain their contact with the with any terrain eve if the ground level is uneven or rough. A rigid frame wheelchair makes the transfer of wheelchair difficult. Since rigid frames are fixed, so there is no energy dissipation and the entire input goes straight to the propulsion or driving of the wheelchair to power the wheelchair user forward. In contrast to this, owing to the flexibility of the other wheelchairs, the input energy is also consumed or simply absorbed by the flexible components of the wheelchair much like the shock absorbers of a car. However, since the motors are usually attached at the bottom of the seat and flexible components are mounted above the electric motor, so these energy loses are not very significant normally.

In the light of the above-discussed merits and demerits of different kinds of wheelchairs, the best-fit compromise has to be made that contains almost all the benefits of foldable wheelchairs and simultaneously minimise the disadvantages. GED 09 is the latest foldable electric wheelchair that has the benefits of a foldable frame wheelchair and the performance capabilities of a rigid frame wheelchair. It is basically the essence of the latest foldable electric wheelchair technologies being deployed. Special care has been put into consideration for optimising the ergonomics of the GED09 and that is one reason why it has superseded not only the conventional manual wheelchairs but also the other available foldable electric wheelchairs out there in the market. GED09 offers a wide range of functional benefits, ergonomic compliance, durability and portability. The removable batteries (which can be charged both in and out of the chair) once fully charged provide a massive 25 kilometres run time at a max speed of up to 6 km/h.

Key features of GED09 foldable electric wheelchair can be highlighted as below:

Foldable and portable
Smartly dimensioned to occupy the least space
Ergonomically optimised to offer a comfortable seat along with adjustable head-, foot-, and arm-rest.
Removable batteries with a full charge time of 6 hours only.
360-degree joystick controller on either armrest.
Unladen weight: 25 kg
Laden weight: 180 kg

Care must be taken to acknowledge the fact that GED09 has been supplied and distributed with various names like E-Traveller, D09, and Pathfinder. However, Gilani Engineering holds the exclusive rights for sales and marketing of the robust GED09 foldable electric wheelchair and offers all variants of the product over a range of price and colour variations. While others using different names for the same GED09 mobility aid motorised wheelchair may be offering a single variant, we at Gilani Engineering offer our customers a wide range of customisation since our exclusivity license for GED09 enables us to supply and distribute it all over Australia at the best-guaranteed price with an additional full Australian warranty.

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