Customer-Centric Top Rated NDIS Service Provider

Customer-Centric Top Rated NDIS Service Provider


Wheelchair accessible vehicles are specifically designed to customise vehicles to enable people with limited mobility options by using their wheelchairs inside cars and vans with sufficient space ensuring roadside comfort.

These vehicles are designed with special consideration to meet the needs and feasibility of physically challenged people. Hence, the ergonomics of the users is rightfully assured in the design, development and customisation of these wheelchairs accessible vehicles. Adaptive technologies are deployed to meet the needs of all mobility levels in just the right way and provide optimised solutions.

Gilani Engineering is an Australia based NDIS Service Provider and mobility assistance company that has developed its roots all across Australia and even in some neighbouring countries.

Gilani Engineering provides mobility assistance to a wide range of physically challenged people. A wide variety of mobility assistance and healthcare products are being developed and offered by Gilani Engineering such as manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, ramps, hoists, car boots, recliner chairs, vehicle modification parts, motorised scooters, grab rails and many more.

One of the flagship products of Gilani Engineering is the GED09 lightweight foldable heavy-duty electric wheelchair for travel. This product has constantly been gaining popularity for its effective utility all across Australia and even beyond. GED09 is being sold in many other countries under different names such as Eagle Hawk, Air Hawk, and Eagle HD being sold by Quick N Mobile Mobility and AbbiCare respectively.

Apart from the mobility aids products, Gilani Engineering also offers mobility assistance services since we are an approved NDIS service provider. Vehicle modification services, hiring and rental services, home modification, equipment repair/maintenance, accessible taxi and community transport are some flagship services that we offer all across Australia. But for now, the concentration of the text will be around wheelchair accessible vehicles or WAVs.

Here is a detailed article that will answer all your questions regarding wheelchair accessible vehicles such as the benefits of buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle, its major features, and some tips regarding what to look for when getting a wheelchair.

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Features of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Fully equipped wheelchair vehicles such as SUVs or vans come with removable lifts. The lift can be used to make a smooth entrance into the vehicle. But the total cost of these accessible vehicles rises up when there is an additional lift in the vehicle. So a better substitute is a ramp. However, if one specifically requires a WAV with lift mechanism installed, then he/she can always avail the hiring and rental services of Gilani Engineering. Getting back to the features of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, the ramps are the most common, most easily managed and most affordable means of accessing or exiting a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

These ramps are manually utilised and can be folded back into the trunk of the car after every use. They are portable and can be used at all places at any time ensuring the feasibility of the user.

As far as the feasibility is concerned, the WAVs also come with the installation of automatic ramps that can be folded or unfolded electronically but as every luxury comes with a price, this does too. This is a way expensive feature and is discouraged for installing it on a domestic vehicle since the manual ramp does the job perfectly fine.

One major aspect, however, for the installation of ramps is the length its length and angle of inclination since it is the deciding factor of how much human force would still be required to enter or exit the vehicle along with a wheelchair. Another considerate feature of wheelchair accessible vehicle is its lowered floor as compared with normal cars.

The lowered floor offers more headroom and makes the journey of wheelchair-bound passengers comfortable and peaceful. The lowered floor also decreased the length of the ramp and its angle of inclination which means less human force required. All the above-mentioned features were centred around the comfort or feasibility of the passenger.

Now let’s discuss the wheelchair accessible vehicle from the safety point of view. The vehicles are designed with the installation of the restraint belts that are attached to the front and rear side of the wheelchair. They are installed essentially to keep the wheelchair in place and lock its motion when the vehicle is on the road. These restraint belts are self-locking, adjustable and connecting them to a wheelchair is just like connecting a safety belt to its lock. However, there are a number of variants of restraint belts and their degree of utility depending on the varies comparatively.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of a wheelchair accessible vehicle. First things first, wheelchair-accessible vehicles increase the mobility of physically impaired people and this greater mobility is proportionate with their psychological health as well. Wheelchair accessible vehicles offer an increased mobility option not only to the wheelchair user but also his/her caretaker. Be it your manual wheelchair or motorised scooter, the WAVs will significantly increase your mobility options.

Also, wheelchair accessible vehicles make the transfer of the impaired person in and out of the vehicle smoother and less painful. All that hassle of moving the wheelchair passenger manually can be eliminated. With accessible vehicles, one can move their wheelchair passenger in/out of the car a hundred times in a day and not getting tired of it.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles offer more freedom to physically challenged people. Instead of depending on other people to go to even the nearby places, these people can use their WAVs and participate in every-day house chores like getting the grocery or attending an appointment somewhere. In this way, these wheelchair accessible vehicles offer greater mobility and greater freedom as well.

Additionally, they are time-saving as well. The tasks and activities that are normally supposed to take hours (because you have a wheelchair person with you) can be completed in minutes if you also have an accessible vehicle for your mobility. And most importantly, they are safe.

With the installation of in-floor ramps, built-in controls and restraint belts or ties, the roadside journeys of the mobility impaired people become safe, adventurous and peaceful for even their families or caretakers as well.

Every person has a different degree of physical ability so mobility accessories requirement varies accordingly. However, some major aspects that require special attention before getting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle include the severity of mobility challenges, degree of the anticipated movement of the person and the personal status of the person to be able to cope with the mechanisms involved in the application of the accessible vehicles.

Alternatively, you can contact Gilani Engineering at any time and our expert NDIS service provider team will analyse the entire situation for you and recommend you the best-suited solution for your mobility requirements.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
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