Do you just love one of our disability equipment products and need it now but you are currently short on finances? Do you not have access to Afterpay or credit cards?
Are you not an NDIS recipient, do not have a home care package or any financial support? Do you not want to use your hard-earned money to pay off interest?
Australian Disability Equipment Providers

Australian Disability Equipment Providers

Well here at Gilani Engineering we are here to help you. With our interest free finance, you can regain your freedom and live independently without worrying about how you can fund the disability equipment or assistive equipment you need or without being charged expensive interest.

How do I know if a disability equipment product is available for finance?

The good news is that our entire wide range of disability equipment products on our website are available for finance! It does not matter how much the product costs it will have the same fee. Our range of disability equipment products include:

Medicare Australia GED09RED Electric wheelchair is outstanding mobility chair for indoor and outdoor

GED09RED Electric wheelchair is an outstanding mobility chair for indoor and outdoor

Shop Electric Automatic Wheelchairs H3S Air Wheel Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair fully automatic with smart app and remote control

H3S Air Wheel Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair fully automatic with the smart app and remote control

IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia

IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia

Leisure SportManual Wheelchairs Australia

Leisure Sport Manual Wheelchairs Australia

Manual light-weight 4 wheel wheelchair leisure sports wheelchair

Manual light-weight 4 wheel wheelchair Leisure sports aluminium alloy wheels

Manual Wheelchairs Australia

Manual Wheelchairs Australia

Australian Disability Equipment Providers

Heavy duty mobility scooter

-Are wheelchair accessories included in the finance?

Yes! All our range of accessories are available with this interest free program.

-Are there any additional fees for the finance?

Yes, there are. The only fees are dependent on how long it takes for you to pay the product, no matter what price the product is.

Below $1000
  • 4 weeks: $59
$1000 and above
  • 4 weeks: $59
  • 6 weeks: $109
  • 8 weeks: $159
  • 10 weeks: $209
  • 12 weeks: $259

All on top of the original purchase price.

What is the maximum repayment the interest free finance can go for?

The maximum number of weeks this program can go for is 12 weeks.

What happens if I cannot pay the amount within 4 weeks and it takes me longer to pay?

At Gilani Engineering, we understand that mistakes happen and things pop up in life. That is why we are flexible and understand that your situation may change. If you cannot pay the amount within the agreed timeframe, that is fine, you can extend the timeframe to any other week amount provided you pay the fee associated to the new timeframe.

Contact us now on 02 8740 8963 or email us at sales@gilaniengineering.com.au if you are interested in any of our products.

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