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Good News for Disability Support Pension Beneficiaries!

Disability Support Pension

The disability support pension helps people with disability by providing financial assistance to those who cannot work due to their disability. The Australian government introduced this assistance to help finance their citizens who are physically challenged to the point that they cannot fully support themselves. This blog is about how to apply, the eligibility criteria, and other related information.

 What is the Disability Support Pension?

The Disability Support Pension is a financial support system by the Australian Government for its people. It offers aid to those with physical, intellectual, or any psychiatric disabilities that affect their ability to earn by working. The pension ensures that these categories of people can meet their needs and live a quality and fulfilling life.

Eligibility for Disability Support Pension

To qualify for the Disability Support Pension, applicants must meet certain criteria:


The applicant should be over 16 years old.


The applicant should be an Australian citizen by birth or must be a resident and living for more than 10 years, and should satisfy the residency requirements.


The individual should have a permanent disability, whether it is physical, psychiatric, or intellectual.

Work Capacity 

Due to the above disabilities, the individual should not be able to work for more than 15 hours per week now and until the next two years or more. 

Disability Support Pension Rates Increase!

6% increase in Disability Support Pension
Good News for Disability Support Pension Beneficiaries! 1

There is some good news for DSP beneficiaries. The Australian Government has just announced an increase of 6% with effect from July 1, 2024. This increase is to match with the increasing cost of living in Australia.

How to Apply for the Disability Support Pension

Step-by-Step Application Process

Prepare Your Documents: 

Ensure you have all the documents handy. The documents required include:

  1. Medical certificate for the disability issued by a Doctor or medical professional.
  2. Documents to prove your identity. 

Complete the Form:

 Once you have the documents ready, fill out the Disability Support Pension Application Form.

Submit Your Application: 

Once the form is filled, it can be uploaded and sent online through your myGov account, or a hard copy can be submitted offline at a Services Australia service centre near you.

For assistance, contact the Disability Support Pension phone number at 132 717.

Essential Documents for Application

Medical Reports

Submit medical reports from a medical practitioner or a doctor to give details of the disability. It should have details of the condition, duration, medication, and prognosis.

Employment Documents

Documents to prove your employment history (if any) and if you have been employed before or received rehabilitation.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity may be any personal document, such as a passport, residence permit, or driving license.

Disability Support Pension Calculator

This calculations is for those above the age of 21 years, with or without children, and for those who are younger than 21 years but have a child under their care.

Pension rates per fortnightSingleCouple eachCouple combinedCouple eachseparated due to ill health
Maximum basic rate$1,020.60$769.30$1,538.60$1,020.60
Maximum Pension Supplement$81.60$61.50$123.00$81.60
Energy Supplement$14.10$10.60$21.20$14.10

This calculation is for those below the age of 21 years.

Your situationMaximum rate per fortnight
Single, younger than 18, and dependent$548.80
Single, younger than 18, and independent$792.50
Single, 18 to 20, and dependent$608.70
Single, 18 to 20, and independent$792.50
A couple, and younger than 21$792.50

To estimate your approx payment, use the Disability Support Pension calculator provided by Services Australia.

Income Test for Disability Support Pension

Your income is a deciding factor for your eligibility to receive DSP. Your disability should not let you work for more than 15 hours a week, for you to be a beneficiary of DSP. 

Enhancing Mobility and Independence

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Benefits of DSP

Financial Assistance 

Regular income to cover living expenses.

Healthcare Access 

Concessions for medical services and medications.

Concessions and Discounts 

Discounts on public transport, utilities, and recreational activities.

Housing Support

Rental assistance and housing concessions. Check out our Home Modification services by Gilani Engineering to make your house accessible and disability friendly.

Employment and Training Support 

Access to programs for employability and skill development.


The Disability Support Pension is an essential form of aid given to those with any form of physical disability through financial and other assistance. Knowing the requirements, how to apply, and what is available ensures you are not left behind for what is rightfully yours. Details can be obtained from the relevant government websites or by visiting Services Australia.

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How much is the Disability Support Pension?

The amount you receive from the Disability Support Pension varies based on your income, assets, and personal circumstances, but from July onwards, there is a 6% increase in the DSP. 

How long does Disability Support Pension last?

The Disability Support Pension continues as long as you meet the eligibility criteria and until you reach the age pension age.

Is the Disability Support Pension taxable?

The Disability Support Pension is generally not taxable.