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Gilani Engineering now offers a 10% Seniors Card Discount

Seniors Card NSW Government

10% Senior Card Discount Now Available

Here at Gilani Engineering, we see senior card holders as valued members of our community.

Differences in functionality levels of our elderly play a substantial role in how involved they are in the community. If they can work, contribute, care for others, then society believes that they are more valuable or respected.

But as they get older, and their mobility levels reduce, it is likely that they become more “invisible”,

A lot of older people fear that being older means they are hidden away, not to be concerned with. But just because they and their family, may need assistance with caring for them in their later years, doesn’t mean that the person has nothing to offer.

With a growing ageing population, it is in our best interest to engage with all people to the best of their abilities – regardless of their age. It is necessary that we look at the full potential offered by each life phase. And not simply value youth, physical strength and new knowledge.

And even if an older person is able to only offer limited skill or ability, our team at Gilani Engineering knows that older people can offer

Knowledge of the past Wisdom and Experience

Whether it be in the workforce, being a leader, raising a family or assisting the community they should be cherished and respected.

It is unfair that people fear getting older, that they are concerned about stigma of being “elderly”.

Here at Gilani Engineering, we respect all our clients and staff that is why we offer a 10% Senior Card Discount on all our products (not on sale price, Customer pick up from our warehouse).

Gilani Engineering is proud to be a partner of Seniors Card NSW to provide Senior Card Discounts and offer a 10% reduction on our range of products.

Gilani Engineering recognises and respects seniors in our community that may require assistive technology or mobility products.

We are not only Registered NDIS providers but we are also now Senior Card Partners allowing us to provide extra care to our highly-respected community members.

Both Senior Card Discount and Senior Savers Card open-up a world of special offers – from local shopping and dining, to travel, entertainment and events, professional, personal, health, home, auto or financial services, and heaps more.

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We offer a 10% discount on our range of Electric Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Accessories,Electric Beds, Mattresses, Assistive Equipment and much more products!

Take Advantage of our 10% senior card discount on wheelchairs, electric scooters and much more personal assistive products.

Gilani Engineering are constantly updating their product range and inventory daily!

If the product is not listed on this page and you hold a Senior card, contact us to see if the product is covered under the 10% senior card discount and if free delivery is applicable.

Start looking and see everywhere you can save including at Gilani Engineering.

Not a Senior Card Discount holder?

5% discount for Centrelink participants and pensioners
5% discount for Centrelink, DVA, pensioners or senior card clients

Gilani Engineering believes in independent living and are advocates of helping others and that is why we offer a 5% discount if you are a Centrelink recipient, Department of Veteran’s Affairs White or Gold cardholder or Pensioner.

We are also proud to be Registered NDIS providers and our products can be provided to you if you have NDIS funding.

Want to try before you Buy?

Our hire to buy options means that you get to take a brand-new manual or electric wheelchair or mobility scooter home to try and only pay the lowest Wheelchair Hire Sydney Fee of just 0.6%/day of the original cost!

Better yet, if you decide to keep your purchase we DEDUCT all hire fees and pick up fees meaning you just pay the remaining balance of the brand new product!

If you decide to hire out your product for just a little while longer, the additional hire fees all add up and deduct from the cost of your wheelchair!

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