Dual Control Driving Instructor Vehicles Ready for Duty!


Dual control left foot accelerator and stamp pedal extensions are just a few of the many modifications we can use to customize your vehicle and streamline your commute. With just a small adjustment your vehicle can be well-equipped and ready to go!

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Fleet of Dual control vehicles ready for service

Fleet of Dual control vehicles ready for service

Dual controls are an additional set of driving controls, so that people located in the front passenger seat can control the vehicle's main functions, such as braking, accelerator and clutch. They are used to assist driving instructors while teaching learners how to drive. Dual control is a backup safety feature, so in an emergency, the driving instructor can control the brakes, throttles or clutches in the vehicle to reduce the chance of an accident.

These dual controls are operated via cables, where all components of the system remain inside the vehicle. This reduces wear and makes it easier to maintain and inspect system components. They come in 4 different combinations, including Brake, Brake and Throttle, Brake and clutch Brake, Clutch and Accelerator.


The main functions of the dual controls include:

  • Suitable for cars, vans and trucks.
  • Quick release pedal for easy storage.
  • Universal design for any type of vehicle.
  • Electric buzzer version meets various state requirements.
Kia Rio learner vehicles

Kia Rio learner vehicles


Australian standards:
As a guide, the vehicle must have all of the following:
  • Passenger side brake pedal.
  • An additional internal rearview mirror can be used, instructors can see the traffic approaching using the rearview mirrors. Cosmetic mirrors with sun visors are not acceptable.
  • A clearly visible label is affixed to the passenger side of the dashboard, which reads "This vehicle is equipped with dual controls."
Brake pedal, wire operated

Brake pedal, wire operated

One of the important things in using dual control setups is its installation which must be done correctly. It must be installed in the proper structural section of the vehicle close to the same horizontal and vertical plane as the driver's side pedal. Therefore, it is similar to the driver's side pedal. The pedals, cables, and pivots must have the same strength, material, and durability as the original controls.

Our dual controls for driver training vehicles are produced and installed in our licensed workshop in Sydney, Australia. They are also engineered units that meet all requirements of Australian (Standards) Rules and Regulations where applicable, comply with the affected Australian design rules. It has been installed for driving schools in Sydney and supplied to workshops around the country.

Gilani engineering’s dual control has provided service to driver training services for many years therefore they are a proven design, easy to use and versatile. If you decide to update your driver training vehicle later, the device is fully repairable and can be used with our device, which can be removed and easily installed on vehicles of different brands, models or years.

Installing our system does not require any cutting or extensive modification of the vehicle at all. Unlike the outdated rods and rod system used. Similarly, there will be no indication that our device is even there when it is removed from your vehicle in the future. Our manual equipment is equipped with clutches, brakes and accelerator pedals. Our automatics have brakes and accelerator pedals. Our dual-control function can also be used with cable flying vehicles.

We also provide pins for dual controls, so when you are not using them, install the locking pins, and now you cannot step on that pedal. The dual control is suitable for most of the mainstream vehicles such as Ford, Honda, Hyundai Motor, Kia, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki and Toyota.

Contact us for further detail on Gilani Engineering dual control system.

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