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How Fast An Electric Scooter Go?

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When you plan to buy an electric scooter, you first think about its speed. The buyer asks how fast an electric scooter can go. Generally, most scooter models can cover up to a few miles per hour.

However, some powerful motorized scooters can accelerate at a fast speed. It’s up to you how fast a mobility scooter you are looking for. However, buyers also look for scooter specifications, sizes, and manufacturing quality.

Continue reading to know how fast they can go, how you can increase their speed, and what to look for before purchasing.

What is Electric Scooter?

How Fast An Electric Scooter Go?

Power scooters are mobility aids like wheelchairs but are configured like motor scooters. Although most electric scooters have four wheels, some can come with three wheels. It has handlebars and requires both hands to drive, and the riders must have a solid upper body and a firm hand to grip its tiller.

They help go to nearby marketplaces and grocery stores instead of wheelchairs. Since their high turning radius makes them impractical for use indoors, they are frequently designed for outdoor activities.

How Fast Electric Scooters Can Go?

How Fast Electric Scooters Can Go? The electric scooter can often speed between 10 and 18 mph. Most scooters from various brands have a 10 mph top speed, but few can reach 18 mph.

The battery system that powers the scooter’s motor and the weight it carries affect its speed.

What Can Affect Electric Scooter Speed?

There are a few things that can affect the speed of the scooter. The main reason for the low acceleration is;

  • Load on the scooter.
  • Weight higher than its capacity can decrease its speed.
  • The battery system can increase or decrease its speed. A powerful battery can provide extra momentum.
  • The terrain is also responsible for the speed of the scooter. It will run faster on flat, and even surfaces and grassy paths can reduce its speed.
  • An incline or steep path can cut back its speed.

How to Increase Electric Scooter Speed?

Is this possible to increase electric scooter speed?

Yes, it is possible. Mainly the speed depends on the power system. It will go faster with heavy batteries and goes slower with poor batteries.

The possible ways to increase the speed of power scooters are;

  • Add a secondary battery
  • Try to keep the batteries fully charged
  • Try to keep a minimum load on it
  • Unlock or remove speed limits if it has any

How to Choose a High-Speed Electric Scooter?

You’re thinking about getting an electric scooter and wondering what to consider before selecting a high-speed one. Before buying a scooter, be sure to examine the following critical elements:

Batteries: Ask the seller about what type of batteries power the scooter. Is there a second battery for extra power? How long can batteries stand?

Load Capacity: Higher weight than the scooter’s capacity reduces speed. So, choose a heavy-duty scooter if you are a heavyweight person.

Wheels: Good quality wheels are helpful for long-lasting life and play a role in mobility device speed and suspension.

Recline Angle: Get informed about recline angle of the scooter because a low recline angle scooter speed will reduce at a more steep path.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does an electric scooter go in km?

Most electric scooters have a top speed of around 25-30 km/h. Some models may have a higher or lower top speed, so it’s important to check the specifications of the specific scooter you are interested in to get an accurate idea of its speed capabilities.


So, the maximum speed of the electric scooter is not high compared to traditional mobility vehicles but how fast an electric scooter can go is enough speed for disabled individuals for traveling to short distances.