Electrical home aids or home automation is among the latest trends observed in 2020

Electrical home aids or home automation is among the latest trends observed in 2020

With a surge of technological boom and digitalisation, people are considering upgrading their conventional homes to smart homes.

Smart home as the name illustrates consists of an Automated system of networks that are operating alongside each other to perform various functions of the house without physical input such as managing the thermostat levels, closing the curtains or blinders, turning on/off kitchen appliances or activating a security alarm after you have left the house. A smart home has a command and control system. It is essentially the heart of any smart home. It brings all the smart devices and equipment under one control being a master controller of an integrated system.

Smart home aids devices can be categorised depending upon the needs of any such house. For instance, there can be a smart aids system installed for controlling the air conditioners or heating vents or one may install smart home aids solution for controlling the lights of any building. Yet others may install an energy-saving smart home system that works by varying the amount of luminosity or controlling the temperature of the building in such a way to control the dissipation of energy and to achieve an optimised consumption range. For one or a combination of smart home solutions, all these devices are integrated with various communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wave and many more down the list. Smart home command and control network allows all the integrated devices to work in coordination with each other. It allows you to synchronise all your electronic devices such as smart lights, window blinders, TV or smart thermostats.

While there are all many categories of smart home solutions, we will discuss some of the latest solutions such as smart and assisted living for the elderly. The world population is ageing at a rapid cost and most people prefer to live independently in their homes for as long as possible for them. Such an idea of living requires home modification aids to adjust and compensate for the residents getting too old to carry on all the tasks manually. A research report findings supported the fact that as people age, they look forward to their homes to support them physically, socially and with various services. A house serves to be a physical space to live and a junction or hub for social gatherings as well. Essentially, a home shall be a place that keeps you alive by all means. One such smart home solution has a combination of features that are briefly highlighted below.

Reliability Aids:

While there is a greater chance for the elderly to miss out on the details while doing a task manually or forget to something altogether, smart home solutions are reliable and ensure that the tasks are performed at a few taps on your mobile screen. A reliability which is much needed for homes containing senior or elderly.

Smart Light Controls:

An integrated network of smart lighting systems not only allows automation but it helps you save energy as well. Motion sensors and light sensors are installed to keep ambient luminosity levels which are well suited for aged people at home. Apart from this, an appealing feature is that of customised coloured bulbs and light strips that can be used as alerts or reminders for the elderly to perform a certain task such as therapeutic exercise or to remind them about their medicine schedule.

Climate Controls:

It is a major observation that elderly people are sensitive to weather conditions for both the warm and cold temperatures. Their bodies do not permit a wide range of temperature zones, unlike healthy adults. Smart climate control solutions allow you to adjust the temperature of the house for your parents or senior members of the family remotely. This means that you can ensure a higher level of comfort for them by providing them with pleasant and ambient room temperature, just fine for their bodies to adjust with.

Smart Security Controls:

Unfortunately, with a certain age reached, people start to lose many traits such as sharp memory or sharp reflexes and it becomes a matter of security concern for elderly people living independently. Smart home security uses motion sensors, cameras, smoke and flood sensors, and burglary alarms to ensure the safety of the elderly. One can check the security status of their smart home on their mobile phone from anywhere.

Assistive Mobility:

Smart assistive mobility equipment aids such as a standing wheelchair provides a greater degree of mobility to the elderly even for the independent indoor movement as well. With these assistive equipment aids, one can manage all their house chores without any external support. Similarly, over toilet aids for raised seats can also be digitally controlled to provide the seniors an independent easy-of-access to the toilets.

However, precautions must be taken to ensure that the home modification aids you install in your house are in compliance with the safety standards. Pre-installation care must also be taken to verify that the smart home devices are synchronous with the operating system of your mobile phones as well.

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