We have won 87,5% of all cases

Most cases do not require more than 1 engineers report to settle the matter and quite often the arguments are resolved before even reaching court after our report are being sent to the other party.


Gilani Engineering is the result of over 14 years in the Automotive industry and 6 years in the Disability industry.

Over the years there have been numerous cases that have landed on our desk and some issues that have been raised by us agains others on behalf of our clients.  Gilani Engineering have been approached regarding arguments which settled after minor efforts and communication with the other party or reached no further than fair-trading to our clients full satisfaction. That is however not always the case. We have a wealth of experience and can provide Engineering and expert witness reports to support your case but cannot guarantee a win. We can however guarantee your full satisfaction with our efforts to maximise your chances of success.

For a free consultation please send your enquiry to: info@gilaniengineering.com.au


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