Flagship Products and Services Offered by One of the Best Mobility Assistance Providers in Australia

Flagship Products and Services Offered by One of the Best Mobility Assistance Providers in Australia

Gilani Engineering is an Australian based mobility assistance service provider.

Although the main outlet of Gilani Engineering is located in Sydney, the company has expanded its reach all across Australia. Gilani Engineering consists of multiple teams one of the teams being R&D and production consisting of highly qualified, and industrially trained engineers who are constantly improvising the existing mobility aid products for their customers and simultaneously launching new and improved products for increased safety, comfort and feasibility.

At Gilani Engineering, we have a wide range of mobility assistance products to cover the entire range of solutions to remove any boundaries. Our aim and approach towards any challenge we take on are “How do we neutralise a certain obstacle” Removing our customer's from the possible feelings of physical impairment or any other mobility constraint.

Apart from the mobility assistance products, Gilani Engineering also offers a number of mobility assistance services since we are a registered Age care and NDIS approved service provider. Mentioned below are some of the flagship products and services that are being offered by Gilani Engineering.


Flagship Products Being Offered by Gilani Engineering

  • Motorised Wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Vehicle Modification Parts
  • Leather Recliner Chairs
  • Hi-Low electric beds
  • Assistive equipment and accessories


Flagship Services Being Offered by Gilani Engineering

  • NDIS Service Provider
  • Vehicle Hiring and Rental Services
  • Accessible Taxi and Community transport
  • Vehicle Modification Services
  • Equipment Repair

Gilani Engineering believes in the constant improvisation strategy and that is why our products have not only been famous across Australia but some of our products are being sold under various names. For instance, one of our best-selling, highly rated products by customers is GED09 wheelchair, highly suitable for travelling purposes.

The GED-09 has been marketed and sold by companies like Quick N Mobile Mobility and AbbiCare under various product titles such as E-Traveller, Eagle WD, Air Hawk, Eagle Hawk, Eagle HD and Path Finder. The popularity of GED09 among the customers can be well estimated with this fact. Gilani Engineering holds the exclusive rights for sales and marketing of the robust GED09 electric wheelchair and offers all variants of the product over a range of price and colour variations.

While others using different names for the same GED09 mobility aid motorised wheelchair may be offering a single variant, we at Gilani Engineering offer our customers a wide range of customisation since our exclusivity license for D09 enables us to supply and distribute it all over Australia at best-guaranteed price with an additional full Australian warranty.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the features and benefits of the products and services being offered by Gilani Engineering that has enabled it to be the best-seller mobility assistance provider all across Australia and even beyond.

Some of the aforementioned products and flagship services will be discussed in detail below.


Flagship Motorised Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters provide significant mobility assistance to move around for people with limitations to natural mobility. Smart and power-driven wheelchairs reduce human input significantly. It eliminates the dependency of manually driving a wheelchair since the newly developed wheelchairs and scooters are battery operated.

The ergonomic aspect of every product is given special consideration since the customers at Gilani Engineering are already those who require mobility aids or additional support for their routine tasks. Every product is tested for comfort and durability before it is marketed and this the main reason behind Gilani Engineering being the best seller in the field of mobility assistance products.  Advance and innovative wheelchairs come with a variety of features for extra ease and comfort of the user.

A customisable seat helps the user adjust its level according to the requirements, for instance, increasing the seat level to grab something from the kitchen counter or decreasing its level to adjust on a lowered dining table comfortably. Similarly, quick manoeuvrability of these mobility assistance products provides greater freedom to physically impaired people. Since the motorised wheelchairs and electric scooters have eliminated the manual wheelchairs, the issue of upper limbs and core muscles (that was very recurring in the past,) no longer exists.

It is owing to the solution-oriented approach of Gilani Engineering that the customers rely on our products and we constantly strive to bring forth better products for our worthy customers. Our best-selling products are designed and developed keeping our customer preferences in consideration and that is why Gilani Engineering has been able to maintain top rank in mobility assistance products market.


Vehicle Hiring and Rental flagship Services

Gilani Engineering is proud to be an NDIS approved service provider. Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based company, but our services are offered all across Australia. Being the best mobility assistance service provider, Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of services including equipment repair, home modification, dual controls and accessible modification, VSCCS compliance certificate, and vehicle modification.

However, our widely used service so far is vehicle hiring and rental service. With our hiring and rental services, we offer our customers an on-demand wheelchair accessible vehicle of their preference filled with gasoline. All you have to do is to visit our depot, complete the necessary documentation and simply set off for your journeys.

Some of the add-ons that are being provided to our rental customers include:

  • Vehicle of your choice

Depending upon the availability of the vehicles, Gilani Engineering offers you the vehicle of your preference. There are different kinds of vehicles to meet your requirements. For instance, vehicles with 'push-pull' hand managed vehicles using an accelerator or minivans using a ramp for wheelchair entry and mini-vehicles that come with a hoist for wheelchair access.

  • Wheelchair restraints and seatbelts (Restraint Belts)

Restraint belts are simply the seatbelts for your wheelchair or mobility scooter passengers. It includes an authorized 4-stage restraint program as well. Additional restraints belts can also be provided subject to the demand for example to transport the extra equipment of the passenger.

  • Safe Parking

While you are on-the-go with our wheelchair-accessible vehicles, you need not worry about your personal car. We assure the safety and protection of your vehicles being parked in our garages.

  • Insurance Coverage

All the vehicles in the ownership of Gilani Engineering are covered by an extensive insurance plan so the customers need nothing to worry about when setting off for any business travel or entertainment journeys.

Gilani Engineering is the best seller mobility assistance service provider based in Sydney, Australia. We are customer-centric and our constant improvisation strategy has enabled us to win our customers' trust big time and we continuously strive to bring the best for our valued customers.

Gilani Engineering are Hire Equipment Sydney providers and we are here to assist you in your mobility needs
Call Gilani Engineering Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers on 02 8740 8963 for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

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