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GED09 The Best Electric Wheelchair Available

Best Electric Wheelchair

Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 is a modern electric-powered wheelchair designed for the mobility of people with a wide range of abilities. This modern wheelchair seeks to assist mobility both inside and outside homes through an automatic movement system that beats all conventional forms of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. GED09 is the most efficient mobility aid system available and it can be purchased from Gilani Engineering Store to be delivered all around Australia. The chair is aimed at completely revolutionising all the mobility assisting aids by incorporating technology, innovation, compactness and all passenger needs into a single chair.

GED09 electric wheelchair for sale
GED09 wheelchair for sale by high quality brand Gilani Engineering

GED09 Electric Wheelchair:

It is different in many ways from other mobility aids. The conventional wheelchair systems generally tend to be extremely heavy and are much more likely to be manual. GED09 electric wheelchair solves both these problems. It is fully electric and requires minimal effort for the passenger while trying to move.

It is extremely small in dimensions when fully folded or when ready to use. Many electric mobility scooters tend to be extremely big in size. While they have many advantages and provide nearly the same assistance to the passenger in terms of effort and movement they are not so useful for airplanes, trains and cars. Most mobility scooters are similar to bikes and small cars. On the other hand, D09 can be easily carried and is much more useful for indoor use than other larger scooters which take up more space than this wheelchair.

GILANI ENGINEERING GED09 Red foldable heavy duty electric wheelchair
GILANI ENGINEERING GED09 Red foldable heavy duty lightweight wheelchair

Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 is an extremely compact scooter that can support nearly 6 times its own weight. It is perfect for air travel, cars and trains with a foldable option allowing it to be adjusted nearly everywhere whilst taking up little to no space. It weighs nearly around 25 kg with batteries and generally has a capacity well over 170 kg. It can easily adjust in the trunk of the car and can also be easily carried by hand while it is folded. Therefore, it is more efficient compared to other forms of wheelchairs which tend to take more space than usual.

The Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 has two solid rear tires and two smaller front tires facilitating faster movement with more agility and flexibility. These tires are much better than most tires used in the current system and have fewer chances of getting punctured making it a much more viable system of transportation on rough and uneven terrain. It has an extremely comfortable seat which is easily removable and washable at up to 95 degrees. The electric wheelchair also has a flip-up footrest which is adjustable depending on the needs, providing improved comfort to the passenger.

DED09 electric wheelchair for sale
Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Heavy Duty Extra Wide Seat Option

The system is electrically powered with two removable lithium-powered batteries that can be connected to the chair and take up to 6-8 hours to be fully charged. Once fully charged, the chair can be used for nearly 25 kilometres without needing to be charged again. The batteries can be charged both on and off-board and its battery indicator system are extremely reliable with precise recommendations and measurements in terms of distances and time.

The chair has two armrests with the right and left side control options. The chair has a 360-degree joystick controller making it easier for the user to adjust the direction and their commute becomes much smoother.  Additionally, the armrest has a speed controller with a maximum speed of up to 4 mph. The electric wheelchair has electromagnetic brakes to ensure passenger safety.

GED09 electric wheelchair for sale
GED09 wheelchair for sale by high quality brand Gilani Engineering

These features of the chair allowing for the creation of extremely modern mobility equipment that is now rapidly replacing other forms of mobility aids and it is quickly developing into the perfect traveling companion.

If you have decided to purchase this wheelchair, simply visit Gilani Engineering Store or contact us directly at sales@gilaniengineering.com.au


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