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The government of Australia initiated the NDIS to help Australians with different abilities who are less than 65 years of age.



NDIS helps Australians with different levels of ability by providing them with better access to funds and all the support they need.

The participants of the NDIS have a choice to choose the organisation they want for receiving their support. NDIS aims to improve the quality of life of the differently-abled people in Australia by providing the necessary support that they need.

NDIS is considerably new so some people can get confused while choosing the appropriate and suitable NDIS provider in Australia.

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based mobility equipment specialist and wheelchair supplier that provides high-quality mobility tools for people all around Australia. It is an official NDIS provider and it works best in bringing comfort to the people who need it the most. Gilani Engineering provides the best sustainability and comfort with quality. This NDIS provider is always focusing on providing the best customer service to its users and it is highly recommended. It aims on providing the latest technology and it offers a remarkable performance to its users. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of products and services. Some of the products are listed below:

Gilani Engineering also provides the following services:

Gilani Engineering is able to approve alterations and modifications to motor vehicles according to NSW Road Traffic Authority guidelines introduced by the State Government. It approves a range of modifications from the fitting of aftermarket seats through to body, chassis, suspension and engine/transmission modifications. It is able to do in-house testing and reports on vehicles and components for compliance with both State and Federal legislation. Typical tests conducted include Beaming and Torsional Testing of vehicle chassis for wheelbase and/or body changes, Brake System Testing, Noise Testing, Side Intrusion Bar Testing, Seat and Seat Anchorage Strength Testing, Seat Belt Anchorage and Child Restraint Anchorage Strength Testing.

Gilani Engineering realizes the importance of your mobility which is why it wants to help you regain your confidence and independence every day. Their team consists of trained professionals that are willing to help you navigate the process of obtaining everything you need. Gilani Engineering is the leading provider of mobility aids in the state of NSW and ships all over Australia. Its wide clientele base benefits from its assistance as it caters to a range of abilities. Its products range from manual & electric-powered wheelchairs to wheelchair-accessible vehicles and many other assistive products. It provides a wide range of mobility equipment to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Providing comfort and assistance is the main purpose of their company. It aims to improve the lives of people with different abilities by assisting them to take part in everyday life. Their team consists of trained professionals and they will help you navigate the process of obtaining everything you need. At Gilani Engineering, they work on one-of-a-kind mobility solutions tailored to your needs and it ensures that its highest priority is safety, comfortability and ergonomics exceeding the expectations of every client.

Their goal is to provide independence to their clients, irrespective of the age or challenges that they face; to provide reassurance to the loved ones; and to offer comfortable, highly professional support by their team. They will never be fully satisfied until they have helped their clients find a long-term solution. Gilani Engineering was found by Ramin (Ray) Gilani, an RMS Certified Mechanical Engineer.

NDIS Approved provider in NSW

NDIS Approved provider in NSW

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