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Improve safety and accessibility in your property with our handrail installation service. Contact us today to get started!

Handrail Installation

Our professional handrail installation service offers a hassle-free solution to ensure that your property is safe and accessible for everyone. Whether you need handrails installed for safety reasons or to comply with building codes and regulations, our team of experts can provide high-quality installation services tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that every handrail we install is sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Handrail Customisation

Our handrail customisation service can provide you with a unique solution that meets your exact needs. We understand that every property is different, and therefore requires a handrail that is tailored to its specific requirements. Our team of experts has the skills and expertise to design, fabricate, and install handrails that match your property’s aesthetics and functionality. From choosing the right materials to selecting the appropriate design, we work closely with our clients to create a custom handrail that fits their preferences and budget.

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Quality Service

We provide high-quality service that is dedicated to meeting our clients' needs. From using top-quality materials to ensuring timely delivery, we strive for customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make the handrail installation process easy and stress-free for our clients.

Fully Compliant

Our handrail installation service in Sydney is fully compliant with all relevant building codes and regulations. We ensure that every handrail we install meets the required safety standards and is fully functional.

Beautiful Design

We offer beautiful and customized designs that enhance the aesthetics of your property. We work closely with our clients to create a unique and stylish handrail that complements their property's look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian standard for handrails is AS 1657-2018 “Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation”. This standard provides guidance on the design, construction, and installation of handrails for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders.

According to this standard, handrails should be designed and installed to provide adequate support and protection to users, and they should be able to withstand the expected loads and stresses. The handrails should also be of appropriate size and shape for comfortable and secure gripping, and they should be free of sharp edges, burrs, and other hazards.

The AS 1657-2018 standard also specifies the materials that can be used for handrails, such as steel, aluminum, or timber, and it provides guidance on the installation of handrails, including the required spacing, height, and clearance requirements.

In Australia, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires handrails to be provided on all stairways that have a height difference of more than one metre or have more than three risers. This requirement applies to all buildings, including residential, commercial, and public buildings.

However, even if the BCA does not require a handrail, it is recommended to install handrails on all stairs to improve safety and accessibility, especially for people with mobility issues or disabilities. Handrails provide support and stability to users and can prevent falls and injuries.

Therefore, while not all stairs may be required by law to have handrails, it is still a good practice to install them for safety reasons.

The cost of a handrail can vary widely depending on several factors such as the material, length, complexity of design, and the location of installation. In Sydney, the cost of a handrail can range anywhere from around AUD 100 to several thousand dollars.

For a basic handrail made of metal or wood, you can expect to pay around AUD 100 to AUD 300 per meter. However, if you are looking for a more decorative or intricate handrail made of high-end materials such as glass or stainless steel, the cost can increase significantly.

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), handrails are required for stairs with four or more risers. Therefore, for three steps, a handrail may not be required by law. However, it’s always a good idea to have a handrail, especially if the steps are steep, slippery or located in an area with low visibility.

Having a handrail can provide added safety and stability when going up or down the stairs, especially for elderly individuals, people with mobility issues, and children. So even if it is not legally required, it’s worth considering installing a handrail for your three steps.

A handrail and a stair rail are two different components of a staircase that serve different purposes.

A handrail is a rail that runs along the side of a staircase or a walkway and is designed to be held onto for support and stability while walking up or down the stairs or along the walkway. It is typically installed at a height of between 900mm and 1100mm above the surface of the steps or walkway and should be able to withstand a certain amount of force to ensure safety.

A stair rail, on the other hand, is a rail that is fixed to the outer edge of the stairs and is designed to provide a barrier to prevent people from falling off the stairs. It is typically installed at a height of between 900mm and 1000mm above the surface of the steps, and it should be able to withstand a certain amount of force to ensure safety.