Heavy Duty Falcon Electric wheelchair with Unique Adjustable Backrest- 180kg capacity


Are you an active person and love the great outdoors but need a heavy-duty wheelchair to keep up with your activities?

Are you looking for a comfortable electric wheelchair with a reclining backrest to help you get through airport terminal wait times?

Do you have a small car boot and no electric wheelchairs seem to fit no matter how hard you try?


The Falcon heavy duty foldable portable electric wheelchair has a unique reclining backrest making it one of the most powerful and adjustable wheelchairs on the market. The Falcon has a capacity of 180kgs but is the world’s lightest foldable electric wheelchair with a unique reclining backrest weighing only 23kgs.

Gilani Engineering boasts the lightest weight, most durable electric wheelchair on the market and offers 2 years warranty on hardware and 1-year warranty on electric parts. 


Falcon Electric Wheelchair Sydney Mobility Equipment Hire Sydney

Mobility Equipment Electric wheelchairs. Electric wheelchair Sydney, Electric Wheelchair QLD

Gilani Engineering is proud to support the innovation of high quality and unique personal assistive equipment to make the world a more accessible place


  • Award-winning Heavy duty and durable Electric Wheelchair
  • Large 12 inch rear tires
  • 2x 250-watt motors
  • 2x battery packs giving users added range to travel long distances without needed to recharge the wheelchair
  • Compact foldable
  • Unique Adjustable Reclining Back
  • Large Dual posy-traction rear wheels
  • High Strength Aircraft quality aluminium alloy lightweight wheelchair
  • Available in
    Sapphire Blue & Midnight Black
no.1 Unique Adjustable Backrest Folding Electric Wheelchair

no.1 Unique Adjustable Backrest Folding Electric Wheelchair


360 view of midnight black portable wheelchair

The falcon is an international award-winning portable electric wheelchair and is able to easily fold with almost no effort into a small compact compartment. This makes it easy to travel and store, giving you and your family added freedom and flexibility.

The Falcon is heavy-duty, durable and lightweight wheelchair featuring front casters and a light-weight aluminium frame that can easily handle a weight capacity of 180kgs and tolerate high impact from rough terrain.

That is why the Falcon electric wheelchair is the ideal lightweight wheelchair for travel. It only weighs 18kgs meaning it is easy to transport and carry saving your carer's energy. It is also an adjustable portable wheelchair and able to fold into a sleek and compact making it perfect for fitting on the side of your seat or in the back of your small boot.

Folded Falcon Portable Wheelchair

Compact Wheelchair

Compact foldable midnight black electric wheelchair

Midnight Black folded falcon electric wheelchair

The Falcon with reclining backrest folds to an area of just 33cm x 78cm x 61cm, making it the sleekest, most heavy-duty electric wheelchair with a reclinable backrest on the market -


What a unique find!
Front View Midnight Black

Front View Midnight Black portable wheelchair

Plus, the falcon is powered with 2x 250 Watt Motors providing you with all the power you could possibly need on your adventures!


Who else is this Electric Wheelchair suitable for? 

Individuals who would like to travel and may spend a lot of time in their wheelchairs will benefit from purchasing this electric wheelchair from Gilani Engineering as it is foldable fitting it into the most compact spaces and provides a reclining backrest for a comfortable commute.

People who may enjoy this reclining backrest electric wheelchair:

  • People who love to travel
  • People who dread airport wait times and use their wheelchair for long periods
  • People who would like the flexibility of a reclining back to perform other activities and for added comfort
  • People who want the flexibility of an electric or manual wheelchair

The falcon can also be used as a manual wheelchair when it is set to the neutral option so caregivers have the option to push it manually.

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