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Are you looking for a Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Modifications in Sydney region?

Gilani Engineering are specialists in minor and major home modifications in Sydney Australia. Our experts are determined to provide you with the highest quality bathroom modifications and ensure to exceed your expectations. We are industry leaders in modifying bathrooms to suit individual client needs, we pride ourselves as being specialists in aged and disability related modifications.


From minor home modifications, such as the installation of grab rails, or a major bathroom modification we can do it all. Gilani Engineering understands that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, that is why we take great care to make sure modifying the bathroom is done right.


We design our bathrooms, in consultation with occupation therapists, to achieve outcomes such as accessible showers, toilets and basins, circulation space and ease of access. We are proud to be Registered NDIS providers and understand the process of designing an accessible bathroom.

Gilani Engineering provides the best disability access solutions for all levels of mobility.


When you give us the problem     .......   We give you the solutions

 Bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. The bathroom can present many access challenges to people who use a wheelchair or have mobility limitations. Bathroom safety is one of the number one concerns in making a home accessible as more than two thirds of emergency department admissions are due to bathroom falls. The bathtub and shower are the most hazardous areas for young adults and most falls for elderly occur near the toilet.


Falls in the bathroom can be due to a slippery floor, tight spaces, and/or bending and lifting required in accessing the tub, shower or toilet. The ultimate goal in accessible design is to make the bathroom a safe space. Universal design can better accommodate wheelchair users and can make the bathroom more comfortable for all users and many times can be done without sacrificing style. It is important to carefully plan the building or remodelling of an accessible bathroom by taking note of the user’s mobility and preferences.


Levels of bathroom modifications under NDIS:


Simple Bathroom Modifications: 
  • Bathroom adaptations or modifications that are low cost eg. grab rail installations or mounted shower chairs. Easily accessible to participants and can be easily installed or removed.
Minor Bathroom Modifications: 
  • Bathroom modifications that are non-structural yet require experienced professional support to identify and deliver the right solution. The scope of work and associated costs are relatively low such as non-structural door widening.
Complex Bathroom Modifications:
  • Complex Bathroom Modifications involve structural changes that are more expensive, higher risk and where a greater level of certification is necessary. Several areas of a home may have work done and the results may have more of an impact on the participant’s life.

Types of Bathroom Modifications offered by Gilani Engineering –

Typically, a modified accessible bathroom will contain a shower, a hand basin and toilet in the same room. However, in some circumstances the toilet may remain in a separate room.


The shower, toilet and hand basin to remain in their existing locations unless there is clinical or structural evidence to justify relocation of these fixtures, to increase the functionality, safety, accessibility, and/or circulation space for the participant.




Gilani Engineering offers installation of many different flooring and tiling solutions for the bathroom including:
  • Anti-slip bathroom tiling
  • Anti-Slip poly stud tactile grips
  • Anti-slip floor strips
  • Pebble tiling
  • Vinyl Flooring solutions
Bathroom Modifications Australia

Gilani Engineering has high quality bathroom modifications and are NDIS registered providers

Wall Tiling:

 With wall tiling, the consideration that the builder must make is to cater for anything installed in the wall. Gilani Engineering can install any types of wall tiling that suits the condition and preferences of the user.

Wall reinforcement to enable secure fixings of grab rails, may be provided if required. Wall reinforcement should be noggings, wall trimmers or 12mm structural plywood sheeting. The preferred method is plywood wall sheeting, extending between 600mm and 1850mm above the finished floor surface vertically, and along both walls from the corner of the shower to 900mm in both directions horizontally. This will ensure greater flexibility is provided for different types, lengths and locations of grab rails to suit the participant, both now, and in the future.

Any disturbed sections of bathroom walls need to be re-clad with suitable wet area lining or an appropriate substrate surface for wall tiling, or the like. Shower wall tiling (or other waterproof impervious wall finish such as vinyl or laminate sheeting) is provided to a vertical height of 1800mm above the finished floor surface, and extends beyond the shower perimeter (100mm beyond the shower base) for 1300mm in both directions (along both walls) horizontally.


Accessible Bathroom Modification Gilani Engineering

Gilani Engineering is registered NDIS provider. Our accessible bathroom modifications are disability friendly

Water proofing:

It is essential that waterproofing is carried out by highly qualified individuals as improperly waterproofed bathroom walls can lead to mould, leakage and breakage down the track.

Waterproofing is specified in accordance with AS 3740 as follows:

• For an unenclosed shower, the waterproofing shall extend a minimum of 1500mm from the wall connection of the shower rose

• Vertical flashing, which can be external or internal, is required to terminate a minimum of 1800mm above the finished floor level

• The waterproofing membrane is to be applied over the floor substrate and a minimum height of 150mm up the vertical face of the wall, above the finished floor level. The builder must provide a certificate of waterproofing compliance.

We perform high quality water proofing to ensure that the bathroom remains resilient for a lifetime as per relevant Australian Standards.


Bathroom Modifications and accessible home renovations Gilani Engineering

High quality wheelchair accessible Bathroom modifications

Re-grading and drainage:

 Re-grading is another essential area where the builder must ensure that the tiles are built to the right slope preventing wet bathrooms and risk of falls. We recommend the use of shower grate drainage rather than the standard drain system to prevent the bathroom from becoming too wet and slippery and compliments the curb less shower design commonly used for improved accessibility.


Disability Bathroom Modification

Certified builders at Gilani Engineering can Build and Modify your bathroom to meet your mobility requirements.


Flat and step-less bathroom accessible wheelchair

Gilani Engineering can Build and Modify your bathroom to be wheelchair accessible.

Step-less bathrooms:

 The bathroom is one of the wettest, slipperiest parts of the home. Therefore, maintaining balance is critical to prevent falls. Obstacles such as steps require individuals to challenge their balance and can increase the risk of falls.

One of the best innovations to prevent falls in the bathroom is a step less bathroom. By using a seamless bathroom design, individuals do not have to manoeuvre over or around obstacles, reducing their risk of falls or injury.

An open, step less shower is a functional solution for access, however if it is located adjacent to a doorway water could potentially escape. In many domestic bathrooms it may be impractical to relocate the shower away from a doorway, due to the limited size and existing configurations of the bathroom but an additional barricade to prevent water escape can cause accessibility issues.

Accessible Bathroom Modification Gilani Engineering

Accessible toilet, shower and basin set up for wheelchair accessibility and individuals with limited mobility

Rubber ramp installations for steps:

Alternatively, if you already have a step and do not want to go through the hassle of removing it, we can install a rubber ramp over the steps providing a safe decline for exit and entrance into the shower. A water resistant rubber ramp must be installed to prevent water escape.



  • We can install standard or non-standard toilets as per your requirements. We can also install toilet seat raisers suitable for post-operative clients recovering from hip replacement, Fractured NOF reconstruction, Knee replacements.
  • Where practical, the existing toilet pan and cistern would be retained. Modifications to an existing toilet which may meet the reasonable and necessary criteria for funded supports include: • Replacement of the toilet seat. • Addition of wall-mounted grab rails, drop-down grab rails or other assistive technology. If a new toilet pan and cistern is required, the toilet suite would need to meet the reasonable and necessary criteria. Although an AS 1428.1 compliant toilet pan may be clinically justified as being effective and beneficial with regard to current good practice and representing value for money, there are typically many toilet suite models that would also be suitable for the participant. Key consideration should be given to the position and set-out of the toilet pan, which is often what makes the toilet functional, safe and accessible. Many typical toilet suite models can comply for use with a mobile shower commode.


Accessible Toilet

Accessible Toilet for Disability Home modifications


  • We have certified plumbers that can complete the whole job preventing you from wasting time and energy to outsource different people. We look after the whole bathroom modification from start to finish and ensure that your bathroom is ready to use!


Gilani Engineering Bathroom Modifications

Gilani Engineering has high quality bathroom modifications and are NDIS registered providers

Wheelchair basins:

Wheelchair users require a different type of basin so that they can easily access the sink. Gilani Engineering performs dozens of wheelchair basin home modifications per week and understands the relevant height required for different individuals to access their basin.

Modifications could include

• Modifications to existing vanity joinery to facilitate knee/foot clearance for a wheelchair user.

• Replacement of an existing hand basin with a new semi-recessed type hand basin, to increase accessibility for a wheelchair user (which would also most likely require a new vanity top).

• Alteration of the height of a hand basin and/ or vanity for a wheelchair or a standing user, based on clinical evidence.

• Replacement of existing taps with accessible taps, such as mixer taps with lever handles (and possibly extended lever handles).

Types of wheelchair accessible basins:

  • Floating basin: Streamlined and ergonomic solution for wheelchair users. Involves a thin basin to hover and allows wheelchair users to fit right underneath the basin. The floating basin must be installed at the right height so that the wheelchair user can comfortably wash their face, brush their teeth and wash their hands without straining, bending or leaning forward for a comfortable experience.
  • Floating basin with hand rails: Another disability access solution for wheelchair users is the use of floating basins with hand rails. Hand rails are installed on the sides of the basin and the void beneath the floating basin allows the wheelchair user to come close enough to access the basin with comfort and ease. The hand rails allow the client to hold on and provide additional support.
  • Basin void with side cabinets: This bathroom modification is quite suitable for individuals that have an existing cabinet installed over their basin and want to adjust their existing basin. The cabinet is modified and a void is created so that the wheelchair user and drive into and under the basin to easily access it. The cabinets can remain there to be used for storage.
Accessible Floating basin for bathroom modification

High Quality Accessible Bathroom Modifications

Shower Recess:

  • The lipless shower recess design is an excellent design for disability home modifications as it prevents trip hazards in an already wet and unsafe environment. A lipless shower recess bathroom modification can be carried out by our expert home modifications team including qualified builders, technicians and occupational therapists for the best solution.
Bathroom Modifications Sydney

Gilani Engineering has high quality bathroom modifications and are NDIS registered providers

Grab Rails

Grab rails are one of the most common disability access solution providing grip and additional safety in the bathroom. Gilani Engineering custom makes specific handrails to suit the client and occupational therapist recommendation.


Bathroom modifications by Gilani Engineering

Bathroom Modifications include a floating basin, step less wall less shower nook, vertical grab rails, horizontal grab rails

Drop Down Rails:

Another variation of a rail is the drop down grab rail which is ideal for small bathrooms. The drop down rail comes out of the wall laterally and allows the client to have more support and stability whilst transferring to and from the toilet, bath or shower.


Accessible Bathroom Modification Gilani Engineering

Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom


The shower is one of the most important and dangerous parts of the bathroom. Therefore, the size of the shower must be sufficient to fit the individual and their aids.

The recommended minimum size of step less shower base is 1200 mm x 1200 mm. In accordance with AS 1428.1 the minimum size for a shower base is 1160 mm x 1100mm.

The section of flooring removed to incorporate the new step less shower base must be replaced and fixed. Floor grades for a step less shower are to be between 1-in-60 to 1-in-80 to a central floor waste or lineal grate. A suitable non-slip flooring, typically vinyl or floor tiles is to be provided inside the shower for contrast. The transition from bathroom floor to step less shower should not be impeded with any rims.

Bathroom Modifications and accessible home renovations Gilani Engineering

High Quality Bathroom modifications suitable for wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Shower curtain and shower screens:

Shower curtains and shower screens must be installed in accordance to the Australian Standard.

Where a shower curtain is to be provided, it is typically on a suspended ‘L’ shaped curtain track with intermediate ceiling support. If the shower base is located in close proximity (within 300mm) to the bathroom door, it may be appropriate to provide an ‘ancillary support’ to the shower base. A small, fixed shower screen ‘nib’ (of at least 150mm wide) to preclude water splashing under the shower curtain, would protect the bathroom entrance from moisture (the shower curtain would slide along the inside of the nib).

Bathroom Modifications Australia

Accessible Toilet, Accessible Shower, Floating basin

Demolition as part of bathroom modifications 

The builder should clearly nominate all demolition works for bathroom modifications which would typically include:

Bathroom door and associated material (if being widened).

Bathroom fixtures such as plumbing fixtures (bath, shower, toilet, vanity/hand basin) and bathroom fittings (toilet roll holder, towel rails, robe hooks, mirror).

Existing shower hob.

Existing flooring (such as vinyl or floor tiles).

Internal section of wall, incorporating an adjacent toilet as part of an enlarged accessible bathroom.

Sections of wall lining needed to access plumbing and installation of wall reinforcement.

Sections of sub floor, to construct new step less shower base. This would include a nominated section of timber flooring or structural concrete slab, to facilitate floor grades for a new step less shower base.

Gilani Engineering can use existing fittings and fixtures for your bathroom modification:

  • All fittings and fixtures which are intended to be re-used, or not disturbed.
  • All proposed new fittings and fixtures, for example:

– Grab rails

– Towel rails (which may be grab rail specification for the safety of the participant in preventing falls within the bathroom)

– Taps, hand held shower head.

– Plumbing fixtures (toilets, hand basins)

– Bathroom storage cabinets, cupboards, shelving and the like

– Shower screen/curtain.


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