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How are our Rubber Threshold Ramp wheelchair access made in Sydney?

Custom rubber threshold ramp Gilani Engineering

Have you ever wondered how our Rubber Threshold Ramp wheelchair access are made in Sydney?

At Gilani Engineering we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products and services to all our clients. We aim to exceed your expectations and therefore take custom made solutions very seriously. We understand why our clients approach us as the only NDIS provider and Disability Equipment Provider. We are a one stop mobility shop in Australia and take pride in innovative design and technology to give you your well-deserved freedom and independence. We offer the most affordable mobility solutions for anyone including wheelchair users.

What are Rubber Threshold Ramps for Wheelchair Access?

Rubber threshold ramps are a type of affordable mobility solution to allow easier wheelchair user access into homes that have low rise lips or steps. A slope allows a streamlined commute around the house and prevents falls/ difficulty mobilising around the house.

What Scenarios would I need to have a rubber threshold ramp?

Rubber Threshold Ramps are excellent Wheelchair Access Solutions for Wheelchair Users or mobility equipment users. As Disability Equipment Providers, Gilani Engineering can assist you with any custom made affordable mobility solution you need.

A typical scenario for a wheelchair user to use a rubber threshold ramp is:

  • if a sliding door is fitted and a weather step has to be cleared for access.
  • if there is a small step like in a split level home to the kitchen or living room or bathroom.
  • if the wheelchair user has a small budget or low NDIS funding for a complete home modification
  • if the wheelchair user wants a portable ramp solution inside the home

At Gilani Engineering our goal is to provide the best quality affordable mobility solutions for our clients so we always work to find a tailor made solution for you.

What is the Process of Having a Custom Made Rubber Threshold Ramp?

At Gilani Engineering our design and production teams take pride in their work to engineer the perfect custom made solution made for you that you cannot find anywhere else! Our lovely staff will be there to guide you every step of the way in order to ensure you have a pleasure-able, easy and smooth experience.

The steps involved in receiving a custom made rubber threshold ramp are usually:

  1. Consultation process: The consultation process usually includes a home visit with your occupational therapist or/and our building representative. They will sit with you, your OT to discuss the best possible wheelchair access solution to the barriers you face. Once everyone has agreed to the best solution, measurements are taken at the house to ensure that the final product is the best custom made rubber threshold ramp for you and adheres to Australian Standards. We also consider the most affordable mobility solution for you. A quote is produced and sent either to yourself or your plan manager if you decide to go ahead.
Rubber Threshold Ramp Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering
Gilani engineering, the number one mobility aid seller in Australia – electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, walking frames, walkers

2. Design process: Once the accounts have been finalised the design process usually involves the representative of our building team to sketch the final product to scale in order to visualise the rubber threshold ramp.

Rubber Threshold Ramp Rubber Ramp Threshold ramp
Wheelchair ramp, custom made rubber ramp

3. Production: The sketches and specifications are given to the production team and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Rubber Threshold Ramp Accessible Rubber Ramps Home Modification 
Rubber Threshold Ramp Accessible Rubber Ramps Home Modification 

4. Finalisation: Once the product is finalised you will receive a call from our staff to find the most suitable day and time for you and we book you in to have the product fitted.

Rubber Threshold Ramp Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering
Gilani engineering, the number one mobility aid seller in Australia – electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, walking frames, walkers

–Am I able to have a custom made rubber threshold ramp delivered to me if I don’t live in Sydney?

Yes! Most Certainly! If you live out of Sydney, we offer a wide range of sizes and styles and provide delivery to you Australia wide. We can create custom made ramps for you based on dimensions you provide to us!

–Am I able to use my NDIS or Aged Care Package to purchase rubber threshold ramps?

Yes, of course, you can. Gilani Engineering are proud to be Disability Equipment Providers and an NDIS provider which enables us to work with support staff in finding the right package for you.