How Does a Recliner Lift Chair Benefit You?

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The recliner lift chair was invented in the 1920s by two American cousins who were looking for more comfort in the way they sit.

Through innovation, the recliner chairs have been perfected to meet the mobility needs of individuals. The creative design of the electric lift recliner chairs has changed the definition of comfort for people with disabilities. It provides the best mobility care for users due to its softly designed cushions to the electric movements of the recliner chair. Apart from promoting high comfort, these electric recliner chairs stand second to none in encouraging effective circulation and better posture for healthy living. There are various designs, sizes and styles available to suit everyone’s needs whether the chair is for joint pain, posture or just for overall health.

Gilani Engineering offers only the best recliner lift chairs for your comfort and mobility needs on sale in Australia. Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based company who prides themselves with their skilful nature and reliability in their products. The electric recliner lift chairs are suited for people from all walks of life and will benefit anyone who uses them. It is most beneficial for the elderly, pregnant women, people who suffer from joint pain and people with disabilities as it can be difficult standing up once sitting down for a period of time.

How Does A Recliner Lift Chair Benefit Me?

Physical Health

The recliner lift chair can benefit your overall physical health. This is due to its many features and the positions it enables you to sit in. The positions on the recliner chair provide complete support as you can relax your body on these chairs. It is most beneficial to people who are pregnant, join problems, respiratory infections, or someone with a disability. The recliner chair enables your feet to elevate and allows you to sit in a comfortable position for breathing properly. The recliners can also come with a massage option which further reduces the stresses of backaches and pain around the body, especially for people who drive wheelchairs and scooters. Their body becomes stiff in a rigid position, so it’s good for them to sit and relax their muscles after a long day. The Monte Carlo and New Yorker lift electric recliner chairs from Gilani Engineering are top of the range when it comes to providing the maximized features in a recliner chair. Both the recliner chairs come with a heating mode provided by carbon fibre heating element and 8 points cycloidal massage vibration motor, with a durable lift and recline motor providing an all-round comfort pleasure. Included with this recliner chair are four wheels (optional use) for easy to move from room to room. The Monte Carlo and New Yorker both contribute to supporting physical health and provide exceedingly care when you need it the most. The recliner chair is designed to distribute the weight on the chair and thus reduce the number of pressure points. As a result, many individuals suffering from neck and back pain are advised to invest in a recliner chair as it plays a vital role in alleviating body aches.

Mental Health

Recliner chairs are known for their comfort, but they are much more than that. Physical comfort is a major factor in a recliner chair and due to these individuals can have a positive mindset. The recliner chairs offer deep relaxation that only Gilani Engineering can provide. By sitting down or taking a nap on the chair, you can relieve any anxiety or depression that you feel as it enables you to refocus yourself and continue the rest of the day positively. The Ernestine power lift chair by Gilani Engineering is perfect in diminishing any tension. It enables you to advance your day productively as the power lift feature gently eases you from the ultimate slumber into a lift and tilt position to get back on your feet effortlessly. The electric recliner chair also encourages independence in people with disabilities due to its positioning as the user doesn’t need help getting up from the chair. The Ernestine power lift chair also comes with Dual motors control the footrest and back independently for custom comfort positioning as well as perfectly placed cushions to put you completely at ease. The quality foams and no-sag springs are similar to Royale’s electric lift recliner chairs as they provide supreme postural support.

Customisable and Luxury Design

The recliner lift chair is customisable to suit the colour of your home. Gilani Engineering strives in making sure you are catered to all your needs even if that means changing the design of a product or customising the colour of your recliner chair. We ensure that you leave with a smile on your face. The Gilani Electric Lift Recliner Chair in synthetic leather provides the complete look for your living room while providing you with the comfort you need. The luxury feel of the cushioned sofa eases you into a gentle sleep whilst providing you with the best quality a recliner chair can offer. Similar to the Pride power lift recliners, our recliners also bring functionality and fashionable when it comes to living room style. Additionally, the Gilani Electric Lift Recliner Chair produces a range of therapeutic benefits for people experiencing back pain, sore joints and other health conditions and that is why the next generation of recliners has arrived in fine style. You can support your posture and comfort needs but without the heavy price tag.

Overall Comfort and Support

All-inclusively, the recliner lift chairs are remarkable with the ability to adjust positions and added features allow for the optimal posture and support you need. Monte Carlo features an adjustable headrest and footrest but also comes with an additional manual headrest for extreme comfort. The recliner chair allows for an individual to sit in a position for a long period of time without having to feel any pressure pain. The support provided by these recliner chairs prevents the deterioration of back muscles as well as maintaining a strong posture for later in life. The tilt-in-space function on the recliner chairs also contributes to the overall support and comfort of an individual as it redistributes the weight evenly on the chair to further support your muscles and reduce joint pain.

Gilani Engineering has you covered with all your disability and mobility needs. Gilani Engineering is one of the top sellers when it comes to providing mobility equipment and accessories. Their products range from electric wheelchairs, scooters and manual wheelchairs to bags, recliner lift chairs and modifications for your house and car. We strive in making sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

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