How Does a Wheelchair Joystick Work?

How Does a Wheelchair Joystick Work

Electric wheelchair joystick gives freedom to disabled individuals. It gives you independent mobility without using your physical strength. But the joystick needs to learn, and the new user usually asks how a wheelchair joystick works. If you want to know how to use it, then you are at the right place because we have briefly described its working process. 

How Does a Wheelchair Joystick Work

The joystick comes in different shapes and styles, and wheelchairs follow the movement of the joystick. So, you can use a joystick to point the direction of the wheelchair. It also decides the intensity of the wheelchair’s speed. It accelerates faster when the rider pushes the joystick further, and the wheelchair automatically applies brakes when you release it. If the rider can’t use the joystick, alternative controls replace it. The alternative controllers include head arrays, switches, buttons, and scanners. 

Avoid Using Wheelchair Joystick Hardly

Wheelchair controls come in various styles, including T-handles, small balls, and goalpost styles. The majority of wheelchairs feature standard joysticks.

Due to its softness and limited motion, the rider must use the joystick with extreme caution. If you use it too vigorously, you might break it. Riders can use it softly without damaging it. You can also order a custom wheelchair control.

Different Types of Wheelchair Joystick Working 

The purpose of joysticks varies from each other. Riders decide about joysticks depending on their health conditions. 

Conventional Joystick

It is a fundamental and most commonly used wheelchair joystick. It is used in power wheelchairs for maneuverability. 


T-Handle control is suitable for riders who want to use their elbows and shoulders to control wheelchair movement. 

Soft Ball

Soft ball joysticks work best if the rider has a strong enough palm. The user grabs a ball to move the wheelchair and releases it to stop. 


Stick controls are long and thick and work best for those who have weak hands and arms.

Dome Shape

Dome-shaped wheelchair controllers have a large surface suitable for individuals with poor grasping power. It can operate with the palm. 

Large Ball

A large ball is designed at the controller’s end, making it easy to grasp and release with weak hands. 

Final Verdict

A wheelchair is a good mobility source with a different joystick style. It helps you move around without depending on others to push you home. 

Now you know how a wheelchair joystick works and can change it depending on your needs.