How Much Do Electric Wheelchairs Cost?

Electric wheelchairs go by various names, including powerchairs, electric-powered wheelchairs, and motorized wheelchairs. These battery-operated transport machines offer incredible independence, restoring a person's confidence and willpower. 

Power wheelchairs are ambulatory vehicles typically used by people with special conditions, including those lacking cardiovascular strength and motor functions. It is one of the reasons why choosing the right type is essential. 

However, electric wheelchairs don't come cheap in the Australian healthcare market. It is because there are many factors affecting the current prices. But despite these factors, demands continue to grow every year. 

Recent studies show that the mobility aid market has compounded growth each year. As a result, the world market is estimated to be worth around USD 4.9 billion in the next six years.  

The Current Cost of Electric Wheelchairs in Australia

The current value of mobility aids ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the brand, model, size, and features. Manual wheelchairs, on the other hand, are less expensive, but they are devoid of all the conveniences of their advanced counterparts. 

The cost is also affected by where the wheelchairs came from. For example, imported wheelchairs – those from other countries like the US and Europe always incorporate the shipping costs to the country since they are coming from overseas. 

It is always better to get expert recommendations before purchasing to balance the price versus what you currently need. It is more practical, particularly if the chair needs to be customized. 

Why are Electric Wheelchairs Expensive?

Electric wheelchairs are expensive because a lot of research, design, and technology goes behind their manufacture. So, though the material might not cost much, it would not have the same value as the end product because companies spend millions of dollars on research and development. 

Further, the market augments the price, where demands for electric wheelchairs are still low. Finally, it gives suppliers the power to increase prices because of consumer demand regardless of how much it costs.  

Powered wheelchairs also undergo testing and FDA approval before being released on the market. This further increases the selling value of each unit as costs are passed on to consumers. In addition, manufacturers often require extensive tests, so their products meet industry standards. 

Lower Costs by Involving Your Insurance Company 

Before making a purchase, please consult your physician so they can tell you whether the brand and model you are looking at fits your needs. It is possible to purchase an electric model fitting your budget because many brands are available in the market. 

Prices for an electric wheelchair start at $1000 with standard features. If you still can't afford the cost or want a better electric wheelchair, you can ask whether your insurance company can cover the expense. 

Most healthcare insurance companies in Australia have plans that provide coverage for such purchases. However, you need to get certification from your physician so the insurance company can cover the purchase. 

You might also want coverage for your electric wheelchair in case it gets damaged, or you run into an accident or get injured. Wheelchair insurance is compulsory in Queensland. However, there are options to get coverage for people in the remaining states. Getting coverage for your electric wheelchair is a good way of ensuring your safety and that you get additional funds in case something unexpected happens. 

Seek Help from Disability Organizations and Charities

The National Disability Representative Organisations lists funding charities and groups for people seeking help for their physical conditions. Reaching out to these recognized institutions can help you get the needed assistance. 

It is also good to know that despite being a marginalized members of society, some people are willing to extend their hand for the good of disabled people. Nonetheless, you can also get the assistance of philanthropic benefactors through these organizations. 

Start by contacting the disability organization in your suburb, and they can connect you to the right group or institution. In addition, you can go directly to suppliers like Gilani Engineering to get lower prices for your mobility aid. 

The Takeaway

Wheelchairs are essential in facilitating the lives of people with limitations. However, because these types of conveyance are manufactured with high levels of technology and resources, prices are higher than a conventional wheelchair. 

Reducing the costs of purchase means understanding your condition and what your needs are. Talking to your healthcare provider will help you know the type of wheelchair you need so you won't incur additional expenses. 

However, it is also essential to know that the cost of an electric wheelchair does not compare to the amount of independence and freedom such a device can contribute to your life. Know that living some normalcy and bringing your confidence back is far more valuable than the initial money you have to spend on an electric wheelchair. 

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