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How Much Does a Motorized Wheelchair Cost?

How Much Does a Motorized Wheelchair Cost

A self-propelled wheelchair gives mobility and freedom to disabled persons. So, if you are considering buying a motorized wheelchair, then you must be wondering how much does a motorized wheelchair cost?

A motorized wheelchair typically costs between $2000 and $18,000, depending on the wheelchair’s brand, features, quality, size, and specifications. However, the average cost of the wheelchair ranges between $2000 to $4000 with basic and essential elements.

The wheelchair is priced as stated above, but its cost includes a few extra charges. Read on to know why wheelchairs are so expensive, what other costs to consider, and how to reduce the wheelchair’s actual worth.

Why Wheelchairs are Expensive?

Extensive research and the latest technology used in the manufacturing of wheelchairs cost companies thousands of dollars. Additionally, the companies employ professional medical experts, market analysts, engineers, and mechanics, which adds additional expenses. Further, high-quality aircraft material is used in its frame to make it lightweight, which is expensive.

Taking all these things together, you can understand how expensive it is to manufacture a high-quality lightweight wheelchair. You can say it is costly to buy because it is expensive to manufacture.

Additional Costs

Optional add-ons and Modifications

Despite purchasing any wheelchair, there are few modifications and add–ons that every user wants in the wheelchair, which ultimately affects your budget.

A few common changes are;

  • Changing the Joystick/Control side
  • Installing chin control or foot control(if the rider can’t use Joystick)
  • Adding tilt, tilt-in-place
  • Modification in the seating system
  • Custom-made cushion installation
  • Upgrading batteries for a longer journey
  • Upgrading motor

Remember, you don’t need all of these changes, but one to two changes are required depending on your requirements.


If the company doesn’t offer free delivery and you cannot pick it up from the retailer, you will also be liable for paying the delivery fees.


Wheelchair dealers give one to two years of workmanship warranty. After the initial contract ends, you will be optioned to purchase an extended warranty to handle any problem.

Batteries Replacement

Electric wheelchairs operate on batteries that need to change over time. You should need to consider battery replacement charges.

Service and Maintenance

Electric motors and wheelchair systems need to be maintained for proper functioning. Most companies have maintenance plans to keep it updated. You need to buy this plan.

What to Look for Before Buying a Wheelchair?

Generally, it depends upon your requirements that you need to look in a wheelchair. What kind of features are you looking for? How much of a load-capable wheelchair do you need, depending on your weight?

You can contact us if you still need help selecting it. We will assist you in making a decision based on your needs.

How to Minimize Cost?

If you don’t have a big budget to buy a wheelchair, then look for the following options to get for yourself.

1- Consider Buying Budget Model

All types of products are sold in the market. Search for a budget model having all essential features.
Otherwise, buy a model that comes near your requirements. You can invest a little in adding extra add-ons.

2- Get a Finance

If you’re a job person, the finance option will suit you. It becomes easy to pay in installments if you can’t pay at once. A large amount will be distributed in small portions for a more extended period.

3- Find Discount

Companies typically provide discounts on their products once a year. Look for deals or subsidies; you might be able to get an excellent wheelchair for a reasonable price.

4- Buy a Used Model

The final choice is to purchase a used model. Most of the time, people buy a wheelchair for a short time and then put them on sale. The price of wheelchairs depreciates fast, so a used model will cost you cheaper with all the features.

The ideal places to find used models are local Facebook groups, eBay, or other online e-commerce websites.

Bottom Line

So, what is the price of a motorized wheelchair? Depending on the features and quality of the wheelchair, the price might range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Additionally, we highlight solutions to minimize the cost of the wheelchair.