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How Much is An Overbed Table Cost

How Much is An Overbed Table Cost

One can’t deny the benefit of an overbed table. These side tables are more than a product for individuals who are advised to take bed rest due to illness, injury, or other medical problems. Bed people can use these side trays to place books, and laptops, have meals, or do many more activities. However, besides its amazing advantages, one thing that comes to mind is how much an overbed table costs.

The price of side tables starts from $50 and can go up to $250 depending on the products’ material quality, brand name, and features like ease of moving around and plenty of surface area. A high-quality overbed table with premium material used in manufacturing can cost you $300.

When buying a side table, it is crucial to look for its features and material. If you want some help, you’re at the right place; here, we give an idea of the average price of the overbed table and what to consider before buying it.

What is Overbed Table

An overbed Table is a piece of furniture that is height adjustable and rectangular in shape, which provide a flat surface for placing objects. It is mostly used in hospitals and for seniors who spend most of their time in beds.

These side tables range from basic to manual ones, made of wood or metal. But now electric bed tables has introduced in the market that operates with a motor. The price will differ with the material and type of the table.

These tables are ideal for bed people to have meals, use laptops, and do other stuff. They provide enough surface area for placing things in front while lying on the bed, sitting on the sofa, or for multiple purposes.

Benefits of Overbed Table

People confined to their beds tend to purchase these bed tables due to their wide range of benefits.

  • The most important benefit of a side table is independence. It gives the feeling of liberty to individuals who are living a bed life.
  • It allows daily routine work in an organized environment, like writing books, using a laptop, reading, etc.
  • The table also allows you to have food in a sitting position instead of eating in a lying position which can cause digestive problems.
  • You can have necessary items on it like mobile phones or medicines for easy access.
  • Some table has a storage area, which helps keep personal belongings.

What to Consider Before Buying an Overbed Table

You have an idea of the overbed table price range and its benefits. However, the ultimate goal is to look for a durable, adjustable, and easy-to-use table which could provide the user independence and comfort.
But you should consider a few factors before buying this table. For your ease, here we are discussing a few important overbed elements that you can look at while choosing a table for yourself or loved ones.

Tilt Table Top

The table offers a flat and hard surface for placing food and books. However, a table with a tilt top is more practical and useful. It lets you bend the upper surface slightly to read newspapers and do other stuff easily.

Further, tables come in different designs such as U-shape, C-shape, and H-shape. Select one which is suitable for you.

Table Top Dimensions

The dimensions of the table top really matter. According to market research, most tables are 24 inches long, and some come in 30 inches. So, make a consideration of buying after looking at your needs.
Likewise, wisely look for its width. Also, ensure that the table top does not feature edges if you want to rest your elbows on the surface.


How long the overbed table last completely depends on the material used in its manufacturing. So, look for the material before choosing a table, and always pick one whose material is sturdy and long-lasting.

Overall Overbed Size

Like the tabletop’s dimension, the table’s overall size is important. Both large and small size tables are available in the market, and both have pros and cons.
Don’t choose a big table which makes your room crowded and neither so small that it couldn’t fulfill your needs. So, determine your needs and then purchase them.


Adjustability is the table’s key feature, allowing it to use according to the needs. Tables with adjustable height can accommodate different sizes and fits for bed, sofa, or any other place. However, most models are height adjustable, but it is recommended to check out these features for wide ranges of use.


Overbed table cost ranges from $50 to $250. A smaller table with fewer features can be cheap, and one with extra features can cost you more than the average price. So, determine your budget and purchase.

Where to Purchase Overbed Tables in Australia

The best place to buy overbed tables in Australia is Gilani Engineering. Gilani offers a premium quality movable overbed table for books, laptops, and meals.

The overbed table comes with all the features one looks for while purchasing. Some key features include are;

  • Height adjustable
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Versatile design for multiple purpose use
  • Spacious tabletop surface area
  • Lockable casters
  • Four Swivel wheels

Final Verdict

Now you have a clear idea of how much an overbed table costs. Traditionally the price of the table depends upon its frame material, features, and brand name. We also guide you to look for key elements before choosing a side table, such as dimensions, tabletop, material quality, etc. Hopefully, now you know the table price and its important benefits.