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How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Thai Airways

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Thai Airways

You are going to travel on Thai Airways while dealing with a disability. And you need wheelchair assistance in Thai Airways and want to learn how to get a wheelchair at the airport. 

Here we have all the information for you that is going to help you book a wheelchair at the airport relieve your stress and enjoy your traveling experience without any worries. 

Keep reading to know how and when you need to request wheelchair assistance at Thai Airways, the application process, and the terms and conditions for booking it. Further, we discuss if there is any fee for acquiring it. 

Procedure of Booking Wheelchair Assitance at Thai Airways

If you have booked the ticket and now you want wheelchair assistance, then follow the below procedure to acquire one at the airport.

  • Contact the local office of Thai Airlines in the city of departure or get in touch through email, which you can find on the website. Hence the email address varies from country to country.  
  • Now request them for special assistance at the airport. 
  • Describe the staff about your medical condition and tell them what kind of special assistance you are looking for. 

You have to provide the following information while contacting or emailing the Airways staff.

  • Your name and contact number
  • Flight number
  • Date and time of departure
  • Flight booking confirmation details

After providing all the necessary information, the airline staff will confirm and arrange the special assistance of a wheelchair at the airport on the day of departure. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Thai Airways ask you to request wheelchair services at the time of ticket booking or 48 hours before the flight departure. 
  • You must have medical proof of your disability to acquire special assistance at the airport. 

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For Your Own Wheelchair

If you have a wheelchair and wish to take it on the flight. Then you have to provide the details of the wheelchair to the airline’s staff before the departure of the flight ( 48 hours before the departure ). The wheelchair details include the following;

  • Type of wheelchair; electric or manual wheelchair. 
  • Wheelchair size and dimensions.
  • Weight of the wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair battery type.
  • Is the wheelchair foldable or not?

How Can You Get In Touch With Them?

Here we tell you how you can get in touch with the staff to get special aid assistance at the airport and the craft. According to Thai Airlines, they allow two channels to submit requests for mobility aid assistance. These are;

Customer Service

Contact the customer service staff office in the city of the departure and request wheelchair assistance. You can find the contact number on the official airline’s website. Thai Airlines also has a worldwide contact center with English language assistance. 


Another way to get in touch with airlines is using Email. You can mail the airlines and request special assistance. Through email, you must provide your name and contact number, flight number and date and time of departure, and your booking details. 

How Does Thai Airlines Help Special Assistance Passengers? 

The staff will help you through the airport check-in counters, to the aircraft door, and finally to your cabin seat. Moreover, they help you with the airport lavatory.

The cabin crew will be there to easily maneuver the wheelchair on the aircraft and help if you want to use the lavatory. However, they don’t provide services within the lavatory. 

After reaching the destination, the staff will help you travel out of the craft and take your baggage to the arrival area. 

However, it is recommended to have some companion or escort if your disability doesn’t allow take care of your personal needs on the flight.

What Are The Charges For Wheelchair Assistance On Thai Airlines?

The wheelchair assistance on Thai Airlines is free of cost. There are no hidden fees or charges to get wheelchair assistance. Disabled individuals are treated as “special assistance passengers,” They have the legal right to acquire helping pieces of equipment to travel on the airlines. 

 All you need to do is book a ticket on the airline and request the airline’s staff for special aid support at the airport and during the flight in advance. 

To Summarize 

The process of adding wheelchair assistance in Thai Airways is really simple. First, you need to book a ticket and also request special assistance. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the airline’s staff 48 hours before the flight departure and request it. There is no cost to booking it.