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How To Book a Wheelchair On Singapore Airlines

How To Book a Wheelchair On Singapore Airlines

Traveling with a disability can be intimidating, especially if you need to book wheelchair assistance to get around. If you are planning a trip abroad and must use Singapore Airlines, we understand the extra stress of reserving the right accommodations. 

Here is everything about how to book a wheelchair on Singapore Airlines to help alleviate some concerns about booking wheelchair services through Singapore Airlines so you can enjoy your travel experience without worry! 

Keep reading for information on how and when to request a wheelchair at each stage of your journey and advice on any fees associated depending on your destination.

Does Singapore Airlines Special Assistance Request Get Approved?

When flying with Singapore Airlines, you can be confident you will get the best service imaginable. This includes special support for customers with disabilities or medical needs at no additional cost.

You may acquire the services by filling out some short forms. In addition, there are several ways to contact them, including their website and customer support.

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Procedure To Request Wheelchair Assistance

Follow these instructions carefully to get wheelchair assistance:

  • Start by going to the Singapore Airlines website and clicking the “Help” button.
  • You can now find the “fly with us” option by opening the help page and scrolling down the page a little.
  • The next step is to look for “special assistance” and click the “What type of assistance do you prefer” link.
  • The next step is to select “wheelchair assistance,” after which you can complete the Singapore Airlines assistance request form.
  • You must provide the information requested and agree to the rules and regulations shown there.
  • After completing the form and attaching any necessary files, hit the “Submit” icon to send in your application.

How Can You Get In Touch With Them?

Here are some of the numerous ways to establish contact and receive the specialized aid on offer:

Customer Service

To contact them, dial the customer support number; it may be found on the company’s main website after some searching. Then, call the provided number and proceed with the steps outlined.

Official Website

If you need wheelchair help during your flight with Singapore Airlines, you may complete a special assistance services request form online. In addition, you need to request wheelchair service no less than two days before your scheduled arrival to avoid waiting around to arrive at the airport and give them time to make the necessary arrangements.

How Does Singapore Airlines Help Those Who Are More Senior Citizens? 

When traveling with seniors, you may always ask for Singapore Airlines’ particular support for seniors. The following are some of the senior services provided by the airline. You can find out all the specifics by going to the airline’s official website.

Singapore Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Accessible transportation services, including wheelchair service, are available upon request. As an added convenience, the airline offers a Singapore Airlines meet and assist service for older adults in the event of flight connections.

Singapore Airlines Medical Assistance

You may ask the airline for help with everything you need if you have a medical problem. The staff at Singapore Airlines is pleased to assist in making your flight a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Singapore Airlines Disability Assistance

The airline will accommodate travelers with special needs, such as those with limited vision or hearing. In addition, the airline provides help for the elderly before, during, and after flights.

What Are The Charges For Wheelchair Assistance On Singapore Airlines?

If you require help getting through the airport in a wheelchair, there won’t be any additional Singapore Airlines wheelchair assistance cost. Disabled passengers are classified as “special assistance” and have a legal right to help while flying. If you’re flying with Singapore Airlines, you’re eligible for free special help at the airport, but you must submit your request in advance. 

Additional costs may apply if you travel with a manual or electric wheelchair or any other kind of assistive equipment (cane, crutch, walker, etc.) since these items are not included in the free luggage limit and must be stored throughout the flight.

How Much Do You Tip For A Wheelchair At Singapore Airlines?

Wheelchair attendants should be tipped based on the level of assistance received and the number of people assisting the wheelchair user. It’s customary to leave a handful of dollars as a tip for a wheelchair attendant who goes above and beyond.

However, a gratuity of $3–$5 is usual for wheelchair assistance. A small reward for your assistant’s service with stuff, snacks, etc., is always appreciated. A small tip of $1–$2 is suitable if you need extra assistance, such as carrying an item. It’s okay to give your helper between $2 and $3 for electric carts.

To Sum Up

Booking a flight with Singapore Airlines and needing wheelchair assistance is straightforward. All you need to do is request in advance, and the airline will provide their services for free. Additional costs may be incurred if you use other equipment, such as a manual or electric wheelchair or any other assistive device, but this cost should be discussed before the flight. 

Finally, it’s customary to leave a tip of $3–$5 for a wheelchair attendant. This will show your appreciation for their services and ensure they go above and beyond when assisting you during your travel.