How to Clean a Mattress

How to Clean a Mattress

Mattresses are built to last and never get dirty, so you never need to clean them. Wrong! Mattresses can get messy quickly, and you need to clean them. It’s not just so you can sleep better, for longer, and enjoy a more comfortable and better sleep quality. Mattresses can accumulate dangerous insects and pathogens that can make you very sick.

Before I discuss the proper way to clean a mattress, it’s time to discuss exactly why you need to sleep on a clean mattress in much more detail. What you learn may shock you!

Your mattress will collect dust and other disgusting debris!

That includes sweat, dead skin cells, and insects that fly around. The reason? Your mattress has little holes in it. If you look carefully at your mattress, you can see them with your naked eye. Most particles of dirt, sweat, and lifeless pores and skin cells are so small that you’d want to look underneath a microscope to see them.

Yes, flying insects are much more giant but can get trapped in these holes. These insects carry all types of deadly bacteria and viruses. You can get deathly sick over time if you’re continuously exposed to these. And yes, all of those bacteria, viruses, and other disgusting debris can cause you to have bad breathing problems over time!

As if that wasn’t bad enough. All of these substances will decay as they accumulate in your mattress. If you have ever wondered why your mattress started to smell disgusting after you used it for a few years, you now know why! As they decay, the materials they let out provide the perfect food for gross things like dust mites and mold to grow.

Let me tell you something about mold. It’s gross. It can also breed deadly bacteria. If that needs to be better sufficient, mildew and dust mites can motivate respiration problems. The reason with mold is that it develops airborne spores as it grows. Oh, and dust mites can cause you to break out into terrible, irritating, and unsightly rashes.

Your Mattress May Start to Decay

The bacteria and other substances will start to feed on the materials inside your mattress as they build up. And here’s some more bad and gross news. Dust mites poop as they thrive in your bed. Their poop builds up in your mattress. Unfortunately, the particles in what they excrete are deadly and airborne. That means you can develop some serious illnesses with time!

You don’t want that since most quality mattresses cost at least $8,000. That can add up if you have to replace your mattress every two or three years because it got so dirty it started to decay!

How to Clean Your Mattress

You must follow specific steps in chronological order when you embark on your monthly ritual of cleaning your mattress. 

  1. Read the mattress’s cleaning instructions thoroughly and carefully. There’s a reason for that. In contrast to bedding, you couldn’t simply throw your mattress inside the washing machine and desire satisfaction. Also, washing particular mattresses with good old-fashioned soap and water may ruin them. Then, the only good place for them is the trash can!
  1. Washing your blankets, pillowcases, and bed sheets in the washing machine would be best. The same applies to your comforters and mattress lining. Just make sure to use a strong soap and fabric softener when you do so. You may run the dryer for two cycles to dry them completely.
  1. If you can’t wash your mattress with soap and water, try steam cleaning them. It’s a simple but effective cleaning method. All you do is rent a steamer. You can, without problems, discover them on your community grocery save.
  1. It will take about five hours to steam clean your mattress, and the steam can be overwhelming, so be sure to open some windows for ample ventilation before you start the job. Also, try not to steam clean your mattress on a hot and sultry day. That will only dramatically increase the moisture in your room. You may have some trouble breathing for a while!
  1. Make sure you vacuum your mattress thoroughly before you steam clean it. The reason? You’ll turn dirt into sticky mud particles that are hard to remove, even when dry if you don’t. For best results, use the attachment you use to vacuum the insides of your couches. 
  1. You can make your mattress smell much more likable as you vacuum it by spreading a thick layer of baking powder on its surface before you clean it. Permit the powder or baking soda relaxation for at least an hour before cleansing. Ensure you get rid of all the baking soda or powder with your vacuum cleaner.
  1. You can and should use a stain remover before starting steam cleaning. You run the real risk of preserving unsightly stains in your mattress if you don’t. Buy a remover in your grocery store for the best results because store-bought cleaners use a much stronger soap base than homemade cleaners. Store-bought cleaners also contain enzymes that will break down the particles in stains and make them much easier to remove. It is challenging to put those types of enzymes in homemade cleaners.
  1. Go away the remover the stain for a couple of minutes, then wipe it out with a moist cloth!
  1. Next, fill the steamer up with water and turn it on. It should be at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit before you use it. Only then will it be hot enough to sterilize your mattress by killing any pathogens that may be growing in it!
  1. Ensure you preserve the steamer approximately three inches above the surface of the mattress. You run the real risk of ruining its character if you don’t! You want to use the steamer thoroughly on the sides of the mattress since those areas tend to accumulate dust, dirt, and gunk. They are also the hardest to clean.
  1. Your mattress will be wet. It may even be soaking wet. You want to let it dry thoroughly so it doesn’t mold and get ruined. One tip, try to avoid throwing it in the dryer. It won’t fit. What you want to do is fully air your house. Turn on all the fans in your bedroom, and the air conditioner fully will blast. Also, open all vents to let as much air in as possible. Finally, open all windows completely. The warmer and drier air from outside will dry your mattress thoroughly in a few hours. 
  1. Do the paper towel test before you put your mattress away? It’s scorched if you press a dry paper towel firmly against the top surface of the mattress, and the towel stays dry. If this isn’t always the case, you’ll want to air-dry your bed for more hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the satisfactory way to preserve a mattress as quickly as feasible? 

It would help if you cowled your mattress with a thick cowl. Pull the cover over all sides of your mattress as tightly and firmly as possible. The thick fabric will act as an impenetrable barrier that will keep dust, debris, pathogens, and insects -microscopic or otherwise – out.

Can you use a clothes iron to steam clean your mattress?

Yes, any device that emits hot steam will work. Remember that you’ll refill it more often with water since clothes irons are much smaller than steamers you use to clean your mattress. Using a clothes iron to steam clean your mattress will also take much longer.

What does steam kill?

It kills anything living. Living things can’t breathe when subjected to extremely high and moist air, which is what a steamer, clothes iron, or any device that emits hot steam will let out.

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