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How to Get a Free Wheelchair

How to Get a Free Wheelchair

I know a brand-new wheelchair is difficult to afford. A manual wheelchair costs hundreds of dollars, while an advance electric one can cost more than a person’s monthly salary. However, at the same, it is excellent equipment that provides freedom and mobility to individuals dealing with a disability. 

If cost is the barrier to accessing this equipment for you. Fortunately, various government and local organizations programs can help you get a free wheelchair. 

This article will help you learn about these programs to get a free of cost wheelchair and also guide you through buying a wheelchair at a low cost. 

Ways to Get Free Wheelchair 

Here we will explain different ways which can be helpful for you to get a wheelchair for a fee or at a low cost. 

1- Government Programs

Local government programs provide mobility aid free of cost. Through programs ( Medicare and Medicaid), they facilitate citizens and allow people to get mobility equipment; especially for those who can’t afford a wheelchair or don’t have access to government-funded programs. 

The programs can help you get a wheelchair at a discounted price or free. However, you must have a doctor’s note to confirm your mobility problems to avail of these programs. 

You must contact your local government to know whether they have a wheelchair policy. You can visit their website or contact local customer service to learn about the programs, eligibility criteria, and application process. 

The eligibility criteria can vary from one state to another, so it is better to contact customer service. 

Generally, the criteria that most of the states are following. 

  • A person must need a wheelchair to perform normal functions at home
  • A doctor’s note which confirms mobility impairments of the person
  • The applicant needs to fulfill the application with all the necessary requirements

If you don’t qualify for government programs or get rejected, don’t get disappointed because plenty of other options are available. 

2- Contact Non-Profit Organizations

Another way to get a chair for free is to reach out to non-profit organizations. Several organizations worldwide provide mobility aids to people who are dealing with mobility problems and who can’t afford mobility equipment. 

Although you must fulfill certain criteria of these organizations, such as income or medical conditions, before applying, you must collect the necessary information about the organization’s policy. 

Some of the non-profit organizations that offer wheelchairs for free include:

  • The Red Cross
  • Free wheelchair Mission 
  • The wheelchair foundation
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Cerebral Palsy Alliance

3- Free Wheelchair Programs

Community programs are held that help people with mobility aids. These programs are run by charities or churches that help disabled people with the equipment. 

You can participate in these programs. Some of them have websites where they share information. You can contact them to avail the free wheelchair from them. 

You can also speak with your healthcare provider. They can help you by referring you to organizations or programs that provide free wheelchairs. Further, the healthcare provider also assists you with the application process. 

4- Insurance Company 

Your insurance company can help you if you have medical insurance. For this purpose, you must inform the insurance company whether they offer any funds for mobility equipment. 

Simply contact your insurance company to learn about their policy. If they don’t provide any funds for the wheelchair, they may help you with the cost. 

Get a Wheelchair at Low Cost

If you don’t qualify for any programs mentioned above, you must look for a way that helps you get a wheelchair at a low price. 

Buy Second-Hand Wheelchairs: You can buy a second-hand wheelchair which you can get at relatively low prices as compared to brand-new wheelchairs. Don’t hesitate for a used wheelchair because you can find a good mobility aid there. 

You can find used wheelchairs in thrift shops in your region or through online marketplaces. 

Thrift shops provide wheelchairs at low cost depending on the wear and tear, features, and brand name of the wheelchair. Determine your needs before purchasing a wheelchair to avoid any inconvenience. 


We’re sure you could get a free wheelchair through a government program, non-profit organizations, etc. To get a wheelchair through these programs, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Otherwise, you can choose a second-hand wheelchair at a cheap cost.