How to Get a Power Wheelchair Through Medicare

Doеs Mеdicarе Covеr Еlеctric Whееlchair?

If you need an electric wheelchair or any mobility devices due to certain medical conditions. Medicare can cover the cost of a power wheelchair or other mobility equipment in Australia if you have its service. Then you must be looking to know how to get a Power wheelchair through Medicare. 

Medicare can get you a wheelchair if you are eligible for it. Medicare wheelchair eligibility requires certain criteria. This article guides you on getting a power wheelchair from Medicare. 

Medicare Eligibility for Power Wheelchairs

Medicare is a public health insurance scheme in Australia that covers essential health services, including power wheelchairs. To be eligible for a power wheelchair through Medicare, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • You cannot walk due to permanent or long-term disability, even with a walker or cane.
  • Don’t have enough physical strength to operate a manual wheelchair.
  • Can’t perform daily activities such as using the bathroom, getting in and out of the chair, etc. 

To get a power wheelchair, you must follow a certain application process. Below it is discussed.

How to Apply for a Power Wheelchair through Medicare

Medicare covers any mobility device cost if you must have a doctor’s prescription or disability certificate, which you get after having a face-to-face meeting with a doctor. 

Go and Discuss with Doctore

Before applying for getting wheelchair from Medicare, you first have to do a face-to-face examination with your doctor. The doctor reviews your medical condition and determines your eligibility for a power wheelchair.

According to your medical condition, the doctor will prescribe whether you need any kind of helping aid or not. And also what type of mobility equipment best fits your medical needs, such as a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. After the prescription, you move on to the next step. 

Finding Right Equipment 

After the doctor prescribes the equipment, you must find the right device. Let’s suppose that you are advised to have a power wheelchair. 

Make sure which wheelchair model fits well for you—the size of the equipment for your home doorways for easy maneuverability. Also, check out for comfort, height, and body size. 

Learn How to Choose a Power Wheelchair

Buy or Rent a Wheelchair

Decide that you want to buy or rent a power wheelchair before going to the supplier. If you rent a wheelchair, there is a certain time limit, after which the wheelchair ownership will transfer to you. Ask the supplier and Medicare about the equipment renting criteria. 

Find the Right Supplier

You need to find a supplier who can provide the type of power wheelchair your doctor recommends. The supplier must be enrolled in the Medicare program and help you with the paperwork required for the application. Otherwise, you have to pay the cost of the wheelchair yourself.

Apply for A Power Wheelchair

The supplier will help you complete the necessary paperwork and submit the application to Medicare. You must provide supporting documents, such as a letter from your doctor, proof of income, and proof of residency.

Reason Why Your Request Denied

Your Midicare application to get a power wheelchair can be denied in the following cases;

  • Your medical condition doesn’t need a power wheelchair
  • Medicare doesn’t get enough information to make for final decision. 

In such a case, your DME (durable medical equipment) supplier can resubmit the request with the required information. 

Bottom Line

Following the steps outlined above, you can get a power wheelchair through Medicare at a reduced cost. Remember, it is important to consult your doctor or specialist and find a supplier to help you through the application process. With the help of Medicare, a power wheelchair can be within reach for those who need it.