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How To Get Wheelchair Assistance At Airport


No doubt traveling is an exciting experience. But it is not the same for people dealing with disability. For them, navigation through the airports is a big challenge. However, having wheelchair assistance at airports can make the process smooth and more accessible. 

Many people have no idea how to get wheelchair assistance at the airport. Most people think whether the airport provides wheelchair service or not. What would be the cost of getting one at the airport? 

To help you all out there I am here to tell you the whole process of requesting wheelchair assistance at the airport. I will answer all other questions that come to your mind as a first-time traveler. Let’s get started for a hassle-free travel experience. 

Request Wheelchair Assistance At Airports: Step-By-Step Guide

The process of getting wheelchair service at airports varies from one airline to another. They have different policies for booking special aid assistance at airports. But I will guide you in such a way that you will get a clear idea of getting a wheelchair at the airport no matter what airline you are going to use. 

Generally, all airlines follow the same procedure except for booking channels for mobility aids. Some allow you to add “special service” while ticketing and others give you an application form option or ask you to call the customer service number. 

Let’s get into a step-by-step process of requesting wheelchair assistance at the airports. Follow these steps to avail of wheelchair service without facing any trouble. 

1. Inform the Airline in Advance

First of all, you need to inform the airport for wheelchair assistance at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight. You can do this while booking your tickets online through the airline website. Most airlines’ websites have a “Special Assistance” or “Accessibility” page where you can select wheelchair service. 

Many airlines offer a request form on their website. You just need to fill in the form with your details and booking details to avail of the special service. The other options may include an airline customer service helpline or you can ask a travel agent to arrange a wheelchair reservation for you. 

In case, you forget to add wheelchair service at the time of ticketing. No worries as you can request by visiting the airline website or calling the customer service line to book one for you. However, you must request this before 48 hours of flight.

If you have less than 48 hours in flight and suddenly realize you want wheelchair assistance then the only option is to contact the airline staff and know what procedure you have to follow to avail of wheelchair assistance. 

Airlines require advance notice to make necessary arrangements and ensure that a wheelchair and trained personnel are available to assist you.

Once your wheelchair reservation is confirmed most airlines inform you about the availability of mobility aid at the airport. 

2. Provide Detailed Information

When requesting special assistance you have to provide detailed information like what are your specific needs. Like what type of mobility aid you use (e.g., wheelchair, cane, walker), and also mention any other equipment you will carry (e.g. oxygen tanks).

If you think there are any other requirements or details don’t hesitate to provide the staff. The only purpose of all this information is to help the airline staff make necessary and appropriate arrangements to meet your needs effectively. 

3. Arrive Early at the Airport

It is advisable to reach the airport earlier for a smooth and stress-free experience. The extra time will allow you and the airport staff sufficient time to provide the necessary assistance. Having extra time will also help you to go through the check-ins and security procedures without feeling rushed. 

4. Check-In and Security Procedures

Once you are in a wheelchair. The staff person will help you go through the procedure of airline check-in counter and security procedures. You will get appropriate support and assistance from the staff as they are well-experienced and know how to assist people with disability. 

5. Boarding and Deboarding

When it is time to board the aircraft, the airline staff will assist you in getting to the boarding gate. They will ensure that you are comfortably seated and assist with stowing any carry-on luggage. During deboarding, the staff will be available to help you safely exit the aircraft and retrieve any belongings you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I request wheelchair assistance if I only have temporary mobility issues?

You can avail of wheelchair service if you are dealing with temporary injury, or recovering from surgery. The only thing is to follow the procedure of requesting wheelchair assistance at the airport. 

Q2. Do I need to pay for wheelchair assistance?

The wheelchair service at the airport is free of cost. No hidden charges or fees are applicable while availing of special mobility aids at the airport. However, I will recommend you confirm beforehand with the airline about their policy regarding this service. 

Q3. What if I require assistance during a layover or connecting flight?

If you have a layover or connecting flight, it is essential to inform the airline about your need for wheelchair assistance at each airport. The staff will assist you from one aircraft to the seat of your connecting one. 


Navigating through airports with mobility limitations can be made significantly easier with the availability of wheelchair assistance services. I am sure now you have learned how to request wheelchair assistance at the airport.

Following the steps discussed above in this article will ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience from airports to your flight and vice versa. Further, you can take mobility aid assistance for your connecting flights.

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