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How to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are an excellent source of mobility for seniors. They are eco-friendly, fun to ride, and safe and secure to drive.

Generally, they are restricted to limited speed to avoid any accidental situations because the speed of the electric scooter is not a priority for purchasing them—the sole reason for buying it for its practicality for elderly and disabled individuals. 

However, sometimes its speed limitation features become irritating. In such conditions, people search for how to remove the speed limiter on the mobility scooter.

To make the mobility scooter faster, we are here to help you. How you can get rid of its speed limiter and where you can find it on your scooter. Keep reading to for accelerating mobility scooter at high speed. 

What to Consider Before Removing Speed Limiter

Before knowing how to remove the speed limiter on the scooter, it is better to explore why it is installed on a mobility scooter. Below are the reasons for its installation;

  • Some states and cities have laws regulating the speed of mobility scooters.
  • It is installed to control the overall function of the device. 
  • It is designed for elders or disabled people, so they should run it at a low speed to avoid getting hit. 

So, if you want to remove the speed limiter, make sure about the laws and regulations of your state or city. Further, removing the speed limiter can result in accidents because it’s difficult to control at high speed. 

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Despite these things, you will likely void the manufacturer guarantee after modification because, generally, it is allowed by the company to make any changes to the scooter. 

Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter
How to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter 1

Step-by-Step Process to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter

Here we guide you thoroughly on how to remove the speed limiter. 

1- Check the Manufacturer’s Specifications

The first step is to check the manufacturer’s specification for removing the limiter and ensure it is possible. Because some companies install the limiter on the motor or controller, it is impossible to cut out for such models.

2- Where is the Speed Limiter on a Mobility Scooter

Now you have to locate the speed limiter on your scooter. Generally, the speed limiter is installed under the seat or behind the front shroud. You may need to remove the seat or shroud to access it. 

Few models have sensors at the driving wheel’s transmission system, which sense the rotation of the wheels. If the speed is reached at a limited point, then it sends signals to the processor to prevent overspeeding from a certain limit. 

Where is the Speed Limiter on a Mobility Scooter
How to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter 2

In these models, speed can increase by removing the sensor. It can also be done by disconnecting the wire of the sensor.

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Some models have electric speed controllers in their display, such as E-Two Booster Scooters. The speed limiter can get off for these models by turning on “Sport Mode.” 

To do this, turn on the scooter display and press and hold the hand brake. Then using the “Light button,” move the cursor to P3 and press the set or S button to save the settings. 

If the display does not control your scooter speed, read the following guide to do the operation. 

3- What does a Speed Limiter Look Like on a Mobility Scooter

After accessing these parts of the scooter, find out what exactly a speed limiter looks like. The speed limiter is usually a small black box with wires coming out of it. It may be labeled as the “speed limiter” or “governor.”

4- Disconnect or Remove the Speed Limiter

Generally, you can follow two methods to remove the speed limiter, depending on how it’s connected to the scooter’s wiring. 

  1. One method is disconnecting the wires from the speed limiter. 
  2. Another method is removing the speed limiter entirely and connecting the wires.

Carefully remove or disconnect the limiter to avoid getting it damaged because you can install it later if you have done the whole process safely. 

5- Test the Mobility Scooter’s Maximum Speed

Now that you’ve removed the speed limiter, it’s time to test the scooter’s maximum speed. Be sure to try the scooter in a safe and controlled environment, such as a parking lot. Monitor the scooter’s behavior to ensure it’s still safe to operate at higher speeds.

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So, removing the speed limiter on your mobility scooter can give you more speed and freedom, but it’s important to do so safely and responsibly. 

Check the manufacturer’s specifications, locate and identify the speed limiter, disconnect or remove it, and test the scooter’s maximum speed. By following these steps, you can safely and effectively remove the speed limiter on your mobility scooter.