How to Increase the Speed of Electric Mobility Scooters

How to Increase the Speed of Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters are mobility aids for individuals with disabilities or who can’t walk for long distances. They are alternatives to wheelchairs and are used mostly for longer distances.

Generally, mobility scooters have low speeds as compared to traditional scooters. However, speed is not a concern with its overall performance.

However, it becomes slow over time, or sometimes you need to accelerate it at high speed. So, you must look for ways to increase electric mobility scooters’ speed. There are different proven ways to increase the speed of electric mobility scooters.

Common methods include upgrading batteries, replacing the motor, removing the speed limiter, and reducing the scooter’s weight. Let’s discuss this in detail and make your scooter faster.

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The Average Speed of Electric Mobility Scooter

The average speed of an electric mobility scooter ranges between 4 mph to 18 mph. Only a few models can reach up to 18 mph speed. But most models’ average speed is 4 mph.

How to Make Electric Scooter Faster?

The most common method to make electric an scooter faster is the removal of a speed limiter. But there are also other methods that will make your mobility scooter go faster.

Let’s dive into the details!

Different Methods to Increase the Speed of Mobility Scooter

There are a few practical and helpful methods for increasing your mobility scooter’s speed. You can adopt all these methods, making a bigger difference in scooter speed.

Upgrade the Battery of Mobility Scooter for Faster Speed

1. Upgrade the Battery

Batteries power electric mobility scooters. Batteries with low voltage supply low power to the motors and cause the scooter to move at a low speed. So, upgrading low-voltage batteries with high voltage makes the scooter faster and increases the range of your scooter.

Another thing you can do is replace your older batteries because the batteries’ power keeps fading with time. The energy that can deliver keeps decreasing, making the scooter slow.

So, the best way to get your mobility aid speed back to its original condition is to replace old batteries with fresh ones.

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2. Rewind or Upgrade the Motor

Another way to speed up your mobility scooter is upgrading its motor. A higher-wattage motor can provide more power and torque, resulting in high performance.

Otherwise, you can rewind your motor. The process will help you to raise the speed level by reducing the rewinding around the coil of the brushed motor.

However, its mechanism is complicated and requires advanced techniques. If you do it properly, you will add more revolutions per minute, enhancing motor output. As the process is a bit complicated, do it carefully, as you may damage the motor.

3. Change the Sprockets

Change the Sprockets
How to Increase the Speed of Electric Mobility Scooters 1

Changing the sprocket can make a difference in the speed. You can place big sprockets on the front and small ones on the back. You can consult with someone expert and then install a large sprocket. It will cost you a little, but it can help you cover extra miles.

4. Reduce Weight

The easiest way to increase speed is to reduce the scooter’s weight. The mobility scooter comes with a bell and whistle, such as a basket, spare tire, and a storage box, which you don’t need in any way. But they add weight to the scooter and require extra power to carry.

So, it is clever to remove such things from your scooter and make it lightweight. The whole process helps save the power from pulling the objects and uses this power to enhance the scooter’s speed. Also, don’t carry extra luggage whenever you want to go faster.

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5. Remove the Speed Limiter

Most scooters come with a speed limiter. The companies install speed limiters because few countries have speed limit policies. However, it is removable and requires little technical knowledge.

You can get help from a technician. But keep in mind you will lose the company warranty.

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Few models have a controller that regulates the power supply to the motor. In the case of the controller, you have to adjust the controller settings to provide more power to the batteries and make the mobility tool faster.

6. Replace the Drive Belt

Replace the Drive Belt

If you have been using the scooter for a long time, it has reduced its speed. The drive belt can be a cause of speed reduction. The belt gets worn out over time and becomes less efficient.
It is good to replace the older one with a fresh new belt, which should be wider and more robust for extra performance.

Electric Mobility scooter tires
How to Increase the Speed of Electric Mobility Scooters 2

7. Scooter Tires

Scooter tires play a big role in its overall performance. A tire with low friction can help you go faster. So, replacing a good quality tire with low friction can make a difference in the speed.

Another thing you can do is put on a big size tire. It gives extra distance on each revolution. Don’t try to put massive tires because it can affect comfort.

Further, you should keep checking the tire pressure. Ensure to keep the tire pressure optimized because an inflatable tire improves scooter traction and speed.

8. Regular Maintenance

Likewise, other mobility aids and electric scooters also require regular maintenance for proper functioning.

You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and do your scooter tuning on time if you have been biking on it for a long time without going for its service. You should take it to the mechanic for its peak performance.

Further, its brushed motors work more efficiently, especially when it keeps up to date. Also, scooter batteries got terminal corrosion over time.

Erosion ultimately renders the power supply to the motor and reduces the scooter’s speed. So, it is recommended to do scooter service at regular time intervals.

Note: It’s important to note that modifying an electric mobility scooter may void the manufacturer’s warranty and potentially be dangerous. It’s always best to consult a qualified mechanic or the manufacturer before making any modifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my mobility scooter going slow?

If your mobility scooter is going slow, it could be due to low battery charge, aged or worn-out batteries, challenging terrain, exceeding the weight capacity, or potential mechanical issues.

How to make Xiaomi scooter faster?

To increase the speed of a Xiaomi scooter, follow these steps: Enable Sport Mode for maximum speed, ensure proper tire pressure, fully charge the battery, reduce weight, and check for firmware updates.

Remember that modifying the scooter may void the warranty and can have legal and safety consequences, so ride responsibly and adhere to local regulations.


We explain different methods to help you increase the speed of your electric mobility scooters. You can adopt all of these techniques to enhance performance. If you can’t make technical changes, then at least follow the easiest one because they can also make a big difference.