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Where to find trusted Independent living NDIS providers?

Independent Living NDIS providers in Sydney

Do you know where to find trusted Independent living NDIS providers in Sydney or in Australia?

If you have NDIS funding and are wondering where you can get most of your supports in one place, then look no further. Gilani Engineering is a one stop shop for all your disability equipment needs. We are trusted Independent Living NDIS providers and have been servicing the greater Sydney region, NSW and whole of Australia for the last 5 years!

What kind of support is offered at Gilani Engineering?

Gilani Engineering offers a range of support including assistive mobility equipment, accessible vehicle modifications , wheelchair accessible community transport and NDIS home modifications .

Assistive Mobility Equipment from Independent Living NDIS Providers:

The range of assistive mobility equipment at Gilani Engineering falls under the categories of:

Motorised Wheelchairs:

Personal assistive equipment and mobility equipment is some of the main support that we offer as Independent Living NDIS providers. Electric Wheelchairs are useful for individuals with limited mobility levels or limited endurance that need to travel long distances such as to shopping centres, grocery shopping , to the park, to the doctors, appointments or anywhere else!

The Air Hawk Foldable Electric Wheelchairs:

Heavy Duty Foldable Travel Portable Electric Mobility Wheelchair Motorised Wheelchair

Motorised Wheelchairs such as the Air Hawk have many excellent features making your commute a lot more comfortable, safe and enjoyable!

Enjoy a fun day out with your family by using our Air Hawk with all its special features!

  • Light Weight Foldable Aluminium Frame: The Light Weight Aluminium frame weighs only 23kg and is fully foldable allowing it to fit in the tiniest of spaces! ( Folded Dimensions: W 58 Cm x L 78 Cm x H 34 Cm )
  • Large Pneumatic Tyres: The issue with Air tyres is that they are prone to popping if you go over small rocks despite having a soft cushion feel whilst riding. The issue with solid tyres on the other hand is that going over bumps or even small rocks is really uncomfortable despite not being prone to popping. Large Pneumatic Tyres on the Air Hawk have Neither of these problems. The air and tyre matrix makes sure that as you ride you have a soft cushion feel whilst not needing to replace popped tyres. This makes your ride really comfortable and hassle free because you do not have to worry about popped tyres anymore and have a smooth ride!
  • Safety Electromagnetic brakes: The electromagnetic brakes ensure that as you take off or as you travel around the community you have safety brakes ensuring that you stay in place once you let go of your joystick.
  • Easy to use Joystick: The 360 degree joystick is really easy to use. You can move in any direction you like, all you have to do is point your joystick to the place you want to go. You do not have to keep propelling yourself and risk getting tired with this wheelchair. The joystick has a convenient battery indicator showing you the combined level of charge. The convenient horn is located in the centre and is there to warn others. The joystick can even be relocated with an attendant bracket to be controlled by your carer or can be switched from right to left depending on which preferred hand you would like to use! The Joystick is programmable to make it slower, faster than the standard settings, change the acceleration and 21 different other features!
  • 30+ accessories:

Flip Away Leg Rests for Foldable Electric Wheelchair
Flip Away Leg Rests for Foldable Electric Wheelchair
Detachable Adjustable Headrest support
Detachable Adjustable Headrest support for Electric Wheelchairs Australia

The Air Hawk AND Falcon Electric Wheelchairs can be fitted with a large number of accessories! The types of accessories it can be fitted with include:

  • Flip away leg rests to provide leg support and can be elevated
  • Detachable head rests which are adjustable and provide support to your neck and head
  • Side bags with pockets to fit your small belongings such as your hair accessories, brush, phone or snacks
  • Large or small backpacks to store larger belongings
  • Under seat computer storage bags that come in medium or large size: They can fit your laptop, your computer, your wallet, your phone or any other personal or valuable belongings as they are hidden safely below your wheelchair and can be accessed at any time. (Contact us on 02 8740 8963 as this is a new product)
  • Bottle Holders: To keep you hydrated on a long day out. This easy to access bottle holder makes it convenient for you to access if you are by yourself.
  • Phone Holders: This easy to access phone holder allows you to easily access your phone and have it right next to your hand and allows you to free your hands whilst you are riding.
  • Shopping bag hooks: Do you love going shopping so much that you always have too many bags to hold? Well, we have convenient shopping hooks to hold your shopping bags so you do not have to worry. Gilani Engineering are advocates for Independent Living NDIS providers and our aim is to promote independent living.
  • Crutch/Walking Stick Holder: Do you also use a walking stick? If you do, then as Independent Living NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering has the solution for you. We have walking stick holders that can easily be attached to your wheelchair.
  • Detachable Mirror: There is a detachable mirror available for electric wheelchairs that give you more safety and peace of mind.
  • Electric Wheelchair Pull Rod: A pull rod allows you to pull the electric wheelchair and turn it into a suitcase!
  • Anti-tipping Wheels: Anti Tipping Wheels stop you from tipping and allow extra safety when you are outdoors.
  • Travel Bag: Electric Wheelchair Wheelchair Suitcase makes it easy to travel with the wheelchair!
  • Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs: A widening kit and custom made cushion is added to turn this wheelchair into a bariatric wheelchair. The Air Hawk and Falcon Wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of 180kg and can be widened 10cm to 57cm between the armrests.
  • Falcon Electric Wheelchair: The Falcon Electric Wheelchair is a reclining backrest wheelchair and is a comfortable alternative to the Air Hawk.

Manual Wheelchairs:

As Independent Living NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering has a range of manual wheelchairs for sale.

Our most popular manual wheelchairs are lightweight, foldable, compact and easy to use. Check out the features of our orange manual wheelchair.

Gilani Engineering foldable Manual Wheelchairs Australia
We are registered NDIS providers and supply foldable electric and manual wheelchairs
  • Solid Tyres (puncture proof)
  • Lightweight less than 10kg!
  • Fully foldable and Compact
  • Moisture resistant
  • Flip up leg rest for restaurants
  • Self propelled or push bar
  • Attendant brakes and user personal brakes.

Mobility Scooters:

As Independent Living NDIS Providers , we pride ourselves in providing a large range of products suited to each unique individual.

  • Hybrid Motorised Wheelchair Mobility Scooter:

    IGET1 is a Hybrid Electric wheelchair for sale and Mobility Scooter at the same time.

    Have the luxury of a powered mobility scooter and a joystick controlled electric wheelchair all in one!

    The IGET1 is the most unique and innovative product on the mobility scooter website.

IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia
IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia
Australian Disability Equipment Providers
Heavy duty mobility scooter

This Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter is an amazing heavy duty product that is perfect for travelling in the community. With heavy duty tyres, backrest and headrest this product makes it convenient and enjoyable to travel to doctors’ appointments, to the park, through shopping centres and even around the neighborhood! The convenient mirrors make it safe and easy to travel and the leather cushion makes it comfortable to sit in like it is a car!

Electric Beds:

Electric Bed Adjustable Timber Single Hi-Lo Assistive Bed
Electric Bed Adjustable Timber Single Hi-Lo Assistive Bed

Electric Beds such as our GE Electric bed is a good quality product that allows you to gain freedom and independence at home. Gilani Engineering Independent Living NDIS Providers. 

Accessible Vehicle Modifications:

Vehicle Modifications are an excellent service to allow you to regain your independence when driving and transferring into and out of the car. As Independent Living NDIS Providers , Gilani Engineering prioritises Accessible Vehicle Modifications as we have a range of accessible vehicle modifications including:

Transfer Solutions make it easier for you to get into your car.

It can range from a simple electric or automatic step to help you get into a high car like this:

Vehicle Access Solution for Elderly and Disability users
Gilani Engineering supplies and installs electric car modifications

Or it can be a Turning Seat Evo seat that makes it easier to transfer from your wheelchair to your car.

Turning Seat Evo
Gilani Engineering supplies and installs electric car modifications
Turning Seat Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering
Turning Seat Evo Programmable Swivel Seat – Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering
Turning Seat Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering
Turning Seat Evo Programmable Swivel Seat – Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Or it can be a Handy Lift Person Lifter that makes it easier to transfer from your wheelchair to your car. This is suitable if you need a bit more support.

Handylift Person Lifter Gilani Engineering
Handylift Person Lifter Gilani Engineering

Alternatively, a portable vehicle hoist lifter is something that is outside the car and helps you transfer into your vehicle.

Portable Vehicle Hoist for person transfer
Portable Vehicle Hoist for person transfer

Boot Hoists and Stowage solutions are an excellent way that Gilani Engineering can provide disability solutions as we are Independent Living NDIS providers. 

The Chair Topper is an amazing invention at Gilani Engineering that is installed on top of a vehicle and automatically lifts your wheelchair into a safe and protected shell, leaving you with lots of space in your car.

Gilani Engineering Chair Topper
Gilani Engineering Chair Topper

Car Hoists are a great alternative such as the smart lifter

Smart lifter
Delivering the best driving solution in mobility assistance for easy travelling with Gilani Engineering

The Smart Lifter conveniently lifts your wheelchair or mobility scooter into your boot with remote control. As Independent Living NDIS providers , we can find the right custom made solution for you!

Here at Gilani Engineering, we offer Total Mobility Access Solutions custom made to your needs. Wheelchair Access Solutions are a disability vehicle conversion making it possible to access in and out of your car while sitting in your favourite wheelchair. This car modification gives you the freedom and independence you deserve. Contact Gilani Engineering, your Trusted Independent Living NDIS providers today for a free quote!

Honda Odyssey Fully Automatic Access Ramp Car Conversion:

Honda Odyssey 2nd Row Conversion Fully Automatic Rear Access Ramp
The 2nd-row conversion with a fully automatic rear access ramp is designed to have the option of either having one wheelchair or two. This is due to the second row of seats being modified so that you are able to sit comfortably with your family with plenty of room and space.
Hydraulic Wheelchair Platform Accessible Lift Hoist For Cars and Vans Disability Conversions:
Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING
Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING
  • It is designed to help wheelchair occupants to get on the van while seated in his wheelchair.
  • This wheelchair lift can be installed at the rear door or side door.
  • Powered by a hydraulic system, the movement of lifting, lowering and folding are fully automatic.
  • This lift is operated by a wired remote control or by your mobile phone.
  • It also can be operated manually for emergencies.
  • It is CE certified.
  • Loading capacity is 300kg.

As Independent Living NDIS Providers ,

Lodgesons Steering Controls for disability driving solutions
Lodgesons mini keypad
Lodgesons mini keypad is an access solution allowing you to operate 13 different functions in just one tiny product!

Lodgesons‘ selection of steering products is the first to feature soft-touch grips increasing consumer comfort and driveability.

Gilani Engineering Independent Living NDIS Providers offers a choice of easily removable and easy to install grips to suit your disability vehicle modification. The modified vehicle can then be driven by another driver and the keypad does not affect existing controls.

Keypad Controls:

The R200 system provides people with mobility solutions as the Lodgesons keypad controls enable users to steer the wheel and operate all secondary functions of a car safely by pressing the keypad which is conveniently located on a single steering device.


  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility

Wheelchair accessible community transport:

As a one stop disability shop and independent living NDIS providers , we have different kinds of vehicles to meet your requirements: 

Vehicles with ‘push-pull’ hand managed vehicles using an accelerator. Minivans using a ramp for wheelchair entry and Mini-vehicles come with a hoist for wheelchair access.

When renting one of our vehicles you get: 

Wheelchair restraints, a seatbelt for anyone traveling within their wheelchair or a mobility scooter, including an authorised 4-stage restraint program.

Community transport
hire Gilani Engineering for taxi services, accessible car hire

NDIS home modifications

Home Modifications are an essential part of independent living. As Independent Living NDIS providers , we work with your occupational therapist to devise the best custom made home modifications to suit you.

We can do a range of minor home modifications, major home modifications or even complex home modifications!

Small Home modification Bathroom and Home modifications by Gilani Engineering
Gilani Engineerings are experts in home modifications and are registered NDIS providers

Trusted Independent living NDIS providers:

Trusted Independent Living NDIS providers can provide resources, services and products all over Australia including NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, NT and WA!!

Contact us on 02 8740 8963 for a free quote or to find out more.

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