Kia Carnival 2022 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Third-row Conversion With Custom Height Tray

If you or a family member require a vehicle accessible to people with disabilities, the most suitable choice is the brand-new Kia Carnival 2022. Passengers utilizing wheelchairs have unrestricted access to the third seating row. It gives your travelling companion a view in every direction so that they may enjoy the experience the most.

Kia Carnival 2022 Wheelchair Accessible

The level of comfort that can be provided by this vehicle, even for passengers using wheelchairs, is quite remarkable. It includes a ramp that gradually slopes downward, allowing wheelchair users to enter and exit the car.

It's a custom van, so there are different ways to get around in a wheelchair. 

  • The Family Design puts the wheelchair in the middle.
  • The Two-Wheelchair Design puts one wheelchair in the middle and the other in the back seat.
  • The Passenger Design puts the wheelchair in the back seat.

These seats fold and store to the side to make it simple for the wheelchair to enter. The Kia Carnival 2022, carefully designed for the convenience of persons with disability, can accommodate six people plus one wheelchair.

A safe location for wheelchair users

The passenger sits low in a vehicle like the Kia Carnival 2022 Wheelchair, which is accessible for people in wheelchairs. In the middle, the wheelchair area features four pockets, two at the front and two at the back, to secure the wheelchair to the floor. They make speaking with other passengers easier and provide a more relaxed and comfortable ride.

A wheelchair can be secured in this wheelchair-accessible vehicle in the most practical and uncomplicated manner possible. By eliminating the need to attach wheelchair restraints to the wheelchair, docking stations make loading wheelchairs even more efficient.


The Kia Carnival 2022 offers a step toward helping PWDs move freely and achieve independence. Aside from wheelchair accessibility, here are a few essential features that genuinely ensure the passenger's wellbeing. 

  • Ramp. Because it has wheelchair ramp access in the back, this car instantly becomes users' favourite among other wheelchair-accessible vehicles. With this feature, you can park on the side of the road even if there isn't enough clearance.

Having an electrically controlled ramp or automatic entry can significantly improve the use of your wheelchair-accessible car—a must-have for wheelchair passenger modifications and an excellent time-saver.

  • Airbag. The airbag that deploys like a curtain and protects you and your family from harm in the event of an accident is another function everyone hopes for in their next vehicle. 
  • Electronic stability control. This feature stabilizes your vehicle whenever it starts to veer off, which helps to prevent the car from losing control in corners and during emergency steering maneuvers. 

With ESC, you can confidently drive on unexpected road problems like ice, gravel, and holes. This feature also helps you crash with fewer collisions and rollovers. 

Wheelchair Dimensions

The entry height is approximately 1400mm, the internal size is 1500mm, the interior width is 825mm, and the inside length is 1500mm for passengers and 2200mm for families. The family design seats measure roughly 640 mm. The ramp has a width of 800mm, a length of 1100mm, and a maximum load of 350kg.

To determine whether or not a specific vehicle is suitable for a wheelchair user, you must measure from the floor to the person's head while seated in their wheelchair.

Vehicle Dimension

This vehicle measures 203.0 inches in length. When the mirrors all fold, the overall width is 89.2 inches, but the measured width is 78.5 inches. The height of this little van is 68.5 inches. It has a V6 cylinder, a gas engine, and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

A wide range of colour options is available for the all-new 2022 Kia Carnival. 

  • Snow White Pearl 
  • Ceramic Silver
  • Panthera Metal 
  • Silky Silver
  • Aurora Black Pearl

Some of the neutral colour choices available outside those as mentioned above are 

  • Astra Blue
  • Flare Red
  • Deep Chroma Blue 

While having a robust engine and considerable power, the 2022 Carnival does not disappoint in any way regarding its gas consumption. The 2022 Kia Carnival achieves an impressive 22 miles per gallon on the highway, compared to 19 miles per gallon in city traffic, 26 miles per gallon on roads, and 26 miles per gallon overall.

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