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Best Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair On Sale NOW!

Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair Mobility Equipment Hire Sydney Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Easy foldable lightweight electric wheelchair

Best Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair On Sale NOW!

One of the World’s best Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair is ON Sale now for just $2690!

Gilani Engineering is Australia’s number 1 NDIS disability equipment provider and offers the best lightweight foldable electric wheelchair on the market which is called the Air Hawk. The Air Hawk is the most customisable power wheelchair on the market and is available in the Falcon variation which has a reclining backrest.

In this article we will be discussing the best lightweight foldable electric wheelchair on the market offered by Gilani Engineering whom are business finalists of 2021 for mobility equipment.

THE NEW AIR HAWK is the most adjustable, customisable wheelchair and RE-PROGRAMMABLE Lightweight Foldable Electric wheelchair in Australia!

– Foldable + Airline friendly

– Lightest Weight Electric Wheelchair (25kg NET)

– Heavy Duty (180kg max capacity)

– Extra Wide Seat option (65cm)

– Easily foldable central footplate

– Flip up armrest for easy access

Gilani Engineering is proud to be Australia’s best Mobility Equipment Provider which are the best electric wheelchair Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Adelaide!

Contact us for a free quote: 02 8740 8963

What makes the Air Hawk the Best Power wheelchair?

Well the Air Hawk, is the lightest Weight Best Power wheelchair on the market with a NET Weight of Only 25kg and is the most Heaviest duty with a maximum capacity of 180kg making it suitable for a whole range of people!

Air Hawk foldable lightweight heavy duty Wheelchair Gilani Engineering

GED09 foldable lightweight heavy duty Wheelchair Gilani Engineering

At Gilani Engineering, we believe that the best motorised Wheelchairs must be Foldable. Our Air Hawk is foldable and compact making it really easy to store and travel with! 

Australian Disability Equipment Providers

Travel Bag for Heavy-Duty Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Most electric motorized wheelchairs by comparison weigh upwards of 25kg without batteries and only have a capacity of 100-120kg.

The Best Motorised Wheelchair also known as the Air Hawk is customizable in a multitude of different ways making it suitable for a range of people. Here are some ways you can adjust the Air Hawk to suit you:

  • Reprogrammable joystick to change: minimum and maximum speeds, acceleration, joystick sensitivity, horn sound and up to 21 other features!
  • The seat and backrest has tension strapping meaning that if you prefer a softer or harder seat or backrest that can be customised with this wheelchair!
  • Free Seatbelt: Apart from the Air Hawk’s smart electromagnetic braking system, our electric wheelchairs come with seatbelts for added peace of mind.

Want extras? The best motorised Wheelchair can have up to 30+ additional accessories added on!

The Air Hawk AND Falcon Best Motorised Wheelchair can be fitted with accessories which include:

  • Flip away leg rests to provide leg support and calf cushions for individuals that have limited to no leg mobility. The leg rests can be flipped away for ease of access to the dining table and can be elevated for comfort.
  • Detachable head rests can be adjusted in height and positioning and provide support to your neck and head and can be removed when needed.
  • Side bags with pockets to fit your small belongings such as your hair accessories, brush, phone or snacks
  • Large or small backpacks to store larger belongings
  • Under seat computer storage bags that come in medium or large size: They can fit your laptop, your computer, your wallet, your phone or any other personal or valuable belongings as they are hidden safely below the best motorised wheelchairs and can be accessed at any time.
  • Bottle Holders: To keep you hydrated on a long day out. This easy to access bottle holder makes it convenient for you to access if you are by yourself.
  • Phone Holders: This easy to access phone holder allows you to easily access your phone and have it right next to your hand and allows you to free your hands whilst you are riding.
  • Shopping bag hooks: Do you love going shopping so much that you always have too many bags to hold? Well, we have convenient shopping hooks to hold your shopping bags so you do not have to worry. Gilani Engineering are advocates for Independent Living NDIS providers and our aim is to promote independent living.
  • Crutch/Walking Stick Holder: Do you also use a walking stick? If you do, then as Independent Living NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering has the solution for you. We have walking stick holders that can easily be attached to your motorised wheelchair.
  • Detachable Mirror: There is a detachable mirror available for lightweight foldable electric wheelchair that give you more safety and a peace of mind.
  • Electric Wheelchair Pull Rod: A pull rod allows you to pull the lightweight foldable electric wheelchair and turn it into a suitcase!
  • Anti-tipping Wheels: Anti Tipping Wheels stop you from tipping and allow extra safety when you are outdoors.
  • Travel Bag: Electric Wheelchair Suitcase makes it easy to travel with the wheelchair!
  • Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs: A widening kit and custom-made cushion is added to turn this motorised wheelchair into a bariatric wheelchair. The Air Hawk and Falcon Wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of 180kg and can be widened 10cm to 57cm between the armrests.
  • Falcon Electric Wheelchair: The Falcon Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair is a reclining backrest wheelchair and is a comfortable alternative to the Air Hawk.
  • Customisable Cushions: You can choose between different materials, filling, fully customisable dimensions including height, width, depth and much more! Contact us on 02 8740 8963 to receive a free quote for your custom made cushion to suit you.

Best Motorised Wheelchair Air Hawk Features:

  • Large rear pneumatic tyres. Unlike solid tyres the Air Hawk’s shock absorbing pneumatic tyres ensure that you always have a smooth and comfortable ride. Air Tyres on the other hand need replacing and are prone to punctures on rough surfaces and constantly need to be pumped with air.
  • Shock absorbing features: Gilani Engineering’s Air Hawk has shock absorbers meaning your ride is always smooth and comfortable 
  • 12 degree incline capacity and electromagnetic braking system: The Air Hawk’s safety, durability and dynamic systems allow the Air Hawk to climb up steadily and safely on inclines allowing you to use this motorised wheelchair outdoors or indoors 
  • Easy to use Joystick: Green button means go and red button means stop! It’s so easy to use with large buttons making it suitable for people of all vision levels. The horn is located in the middle with a horn image and the total battery is displayed on the left side. 

Battery Information for the Best Motorised Wheelchair

    • Smart Lithium Ion Batteries: the lithium ion batteries last approximately 25km for a charge. The Lithium ion batteries work together and combine to provide power to the power wheelchair. The combined power shows up on the joystick. That means if one battery is fully drained and the other battery is fully charged it will show up as 50% charged on the joystick.
    • Easy to read battery: 3 red bars for low charge, 3 red bars and 3 yellow bars show medium charge and fully charged shows all the colours and green bars. 
    • Each battery can be slipped out and in easily and shows the battery level of the individual battery.
    • Our Power Wheelchair can be charged in the chair (through the joystick) or out of the car on the wall.
GILANI ENGINEERING GED09 Red foldable heavy duty electric wheelchair
GILANI ENGINEERING GED09 Red foldable heavy duty lightweight wheelchair
GED09 wheelchair for sale
Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Heavy Duty Extra Wide Seat Option
Foldable Electric Wheelchair with Reclining Backrest Gilani Engineering
Foldable Electric Wheelchair with Reclining Backrest Gilani Engineering
Heavy Duty Light Weight Foldable Electric Wheelchair Gilani Engineering
Heavy Duty Light Weight Foldable Electric Wheelchair Gilani Engineering
Brown Frame folding wheelchair lightweight electric
Brown Frame folding wheelchair lightweight electric

Frequently asked questions regarding the best motorised wheelchair:

1-What products fall under Hiring lightweight foldable electric wheelchair?

Our foldable electric wheelchairs are all available under Wheelchair hire Sydney. We even deliver our products Australia Wide for you to trial. The hire process is smooth and easy under our wheelchair hire Sydney program.

      2. Am I able to use my NDIS or Aged Care Package to purchase this electric wheelchair?

Yes, of course, you can purchase this power wheelchair with NDIS funding or an aged care package. We are an NDIS provider which enables us to work with support staff in finding the right package for you. Just email us your NDIS number, Date of Birth and Full name to receive your fast and easy lightweight foldable electric wheelchair delivery! Same day delivery is available.

      3. What makes the Air Hawk stand out from any other regular lightweight foldable electric wheelchair?

This product is efficient to use with its easy fold and movability. The chair also has easy access to remove and put back in batteries as well as easy charging methods.

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