Lodgesons Disability Driving Solutions

GILANI ENGINEERING is proud to provide installation of the latest innovative technology in disability car conversions - the new Lodgesons hand steering Controls driving solutions 


Internationally best selling R200 keypad steering controllers 

The expert engineers from Gilani Engineering provide you with the highest quality products and services and are proud to supply the best hand control systems in the world - Lodgesons 


Lodgesons R200 demonstration case

Lodgesons R200 demonstration case

Demonstration case for lodgesons products


Lodgesons' selection of steering products is the first to feature soft-touch grips increasing consumer comfort and driveability.

Gilani Engineering offers a choice of easily removable and easy to install grips to suit your disability vehicle modification. The modified vehicle can then be driven by another driver and the keypad does not affect existing controls. All it does is makes your driving experience a lot safer, smoother and more convenient.

Gilani Engineering is all about giving you the solutions allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life. 


Keypad Controls:

The R200 system provides people with mobility solutions as the Lodgesons keypad controls enable users to steer the wheel and operate all secondary functions of a car safely by pressing the keypad which is conveniently located on a single steering device.

With a press of a button the R200 series keypads can activate the required functions:


R210/ R213/ R213 + lights:

R210/ R213/ R213 + lights lodgesons keypad range

Keypad with lights for disability car conversion

Lodgesons keypad vehicle modification can provide access solutions for anyone.



Features of this Steering wheel:

  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility


This 10 & 13 function keypad offers all the functions required by today’s driver. Its sleek and ergonomic design means that it is easy to use!


Additional features:

The R213 provides accessibility to rear wash & wipe.

Additionally, the R213 + lights have added benefits:

  • Switching sidelights on/off
  • Switching headlights on/off


  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility


Lodgesons R207 keypad:

Lodgesons R207 Simple Keypad

Keypad with lights for disability car conversion

Lodgesons R207 simple keypad is suitable for simple car conversions in order to improve disability access to steering and other controls


If you want all the basic functions without compromising on quality, then you’ll love the R207 which offers 7 simple functions.


R207 can operate:


  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • High beams for night-time use
Range of Lodgesons Steering control handles

Range of Lodgesons Steering control handles

Variety of Lodgesons lollipop and steering ball handle types which fit all lodges on keypads



Our expert engineers are one of the few selected in the world able to install the Wireless keypad hand steering wheel for your vehicle modification. We are leading experts in the field of disability vehicle modification and offer installation of innovative secondary control systems. Our team installs all products with both our customers and their carers in mind. We offer a choice of ergonomic grips that include luxury design features such as soft-touch materials, quick-release clamps and long-life lithium batteries. All our grips are quick-release designs and can be easily removed from the wheel without any damage to your vehicle and are lubricant-free!

Introducing Lodgesons Wireless hand steering lollipop control now ready at Gilani Engineering
Lodgesons Lollipop grip steering aide

Lodgesons Lollipop grip steering aide

Lodgesons lollipop grip is an ideal disability vehicle modification for individuals with upper limb mobility limitations

The Lollipop Grip:


The lollipop grip is an ergonomic alternative to the standard steering ball style control. It is simple to use and easily graspable and has a soft touch material increasing the driver’s comfort and safety.


The lollipop grip can be used with any R200 secondary control system and can also be used on its own as a manual steering aid and possesses the same ergonomic benefits.

Lodgesons Steering Ball grip

Steering Knob with light and indicator

Lodgesons high-quality Steering Ball Grip allows its user to tilt and rotate the keypad as they are driving providing a suitable vehicle access solution


Steering Ball Grip:

The high-quality Steering Ball Grip allows its user to tilt and rotate the keypad as they are driving. It is easily removable from the steering wheel when required.

The steering ball can be purchased independently and used on its own as a manual steering aid with ergonomic features. The Lodgesons steering ball grip offers an excellent access solution for users with mobility limitations.

Most loved product for occupational therapists and driving instructors!


Providing you with the highest quality and latest technology on the market.


R200 wireless Keypad controls are designed to provide drivers with the utmost functionality, comfort and design.

Lodgesons mini keypad controls for steering solutions


Lodgesons mini keypad

Mini pad driving knob

Lodgesons mini keypad is an access solution allowing you

to operate 13 different functions in just one tiny product!

Mini Keypad Hand controller


  • The mini keypad is a hard-wired system designed for use with hand controls with enable you to operate up to 13 secondary functions of the vehicle without having to take your hand off your control.

The Lodgesons mini keypad features:

  • Compatible with all hand control makes & models
  • Green back-lit illumination for safe operation when driving in the dark
  • Dividers to separate each button for guidance
  • Indicators will self-cancel on many vehicles



  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main/flash)
  • Horn
  • Front
  • Rear wipers, washers
  • Hazard lights

The best position of the keypad can be discussed with your installer as it depends on the size, model and functions of your vehicle.

Hazard lights must be requested at the time of order as they are not available on all vehicles. Our engineers must ensure that your vehicle is compatible with the device.

Lodgesons Bleeper System

Lodgesons Bleeper System

The lodgesons bleeper system is designed for people with restricted mobility as it will operate up to 13 functions of a car from just one button.


The Lodgesons bleeper system provides an innovative disability driving solution for individuals with global mobility limitations. This disability car conversion improves the user's access to the whole car whilst they are driving ensuring a safe, efficient and overall enjoyable commute.

The Lodgesons bleeper system is designed for people with restricted mobility as it will operate up to 13 functions of a car from just one button, which can be fitted at various positions within the car allowing the driver to operate the functions with fingers, elbows and head.

Just by pressing and holding down the button, the system will cycle through secondary functions of the vehicle and bleep as it passes through each function.

The function is selected by releasing the button at the bleep you would like to select.

Selecting the same function again will cancel its operation.

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Gilani Engineering is proud to be Registered NDIS providers

Our spinner knobs and hand steering controls are NDIS approved, occupational therapy approved and disability approved.


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