Our Wheelchair Access Vehicle Conversions have been developed for vehicles to allow travel for all wheelchair users

The Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV) has been uniquely designed as a kit enabling vehicle conversions throughout the world keeping the safety and quality at a high level with the wheelchair access position fully tested to the latest European and Australian standards.

This highly sophisticated kit have been developed by Tripod and distributed in Australia by the Australian industry leader Mobility Engineering.

Being in a kit, also means the conversion time is heavily reduced, which means, you are not left for too long without your vehicle.

All vehicle conversions have been developed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturers, ensuring the integrity of the vehicle is not compromised.

Rear access wheelchair access position with 4 – point restraints and a fully adjustable lap/sash seatbelt

Hydraulically Kneeling kit for rear of the vehicle with lightweight ramp of 66 cm )

F e at u r e s

S p e c i f i c at i o n s

Official Volkswagen approval

Modification of fuel tank and exhaust to accommodate a deep and level lowered floor

B e n e f i t s

Generous dimensions for the wheelchair user giving all round visibility Safety of the wheelchair position has been taken into consideration Lowered floor is perfectly sealed when extending the tailgate


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