Brand New Arrival of Electric Standing Wheelchair ALEXIA Now Available in Australia

The ALEXIA standing wheelchair is one to keep an eye on, thanks to its advanced technology and excellent features. The wheelchair assures stability, security, and connectivity as it has compact auto-folding. It truly is a game-changer for this model and its several great qualities.

Electric Standing Wheelchair ALEXIA

Auto Folding Compact Electric Wheelchair

The standing wheelchair model, ALEXIA, is ideal for travel. You can use this to travel via cruise ship and even take your folding power chair on domestic or international flights. 

Due to their flameproof and leakproof batteries, some of the most recent folding electric wheelchairs have received TSA and airline approval.

To simplify transport, fold the back of your SUV or trunk.

Freedom and Safety

The ALEXIA standing wheelchairs allow users to move around without exerting any energy, allowing them to go for longer and cover a greater distance.

A power wheelchair's batteries can last for four to five hours before needing to be recharged, allowing those with limited mobility to quickly go for shopping, fresh air, and just about anything else.

Added Comfort

The ALEXIA standing wheelchair includes a motor and battery, and the models are typically slightly larger than standard wheelchairs. It means more space for comforts, such as giant cushions, support, and stability.

The chair can easily be customized for individuals to receive the best possible support while travelling. Power wheelchairs require a seating assessment at Gilani Engineering to ensure that your seat is comfortable and safe for your use.

Can Make Areas More Accessible

Electric standing wheelchairs can be used indoors and outdoors, providing continuous assistance to those requiring them. 

The ALEXIA wheelchairs have a small turning radius and can help people move around in tight quarters.

Users can also easily access steep inclines and reach heights, a limitation of a manual chair. The same goes for rugged terrain. The leading service providers offer the best rear-wheel-drive system, allowing users a smooth ride on hills and ramps.

Spasticity and Contractures are Reduced

Muscle twitching is a central nervous system imbalance that affects movement in different body parts. Excessive tension affects muscles when there are no contractions and creates stiffness. Spasticity can also cause muscle contractures.

Changing positions will stretch and loosen muscles in the lower limbs, reducing spasms and spasticity-induced contractures. 

If the user has a powerchair that does not have a standing function, they will need someone to assist them in stretching their muscles. In contrast, ALEXIA standing powerchair allows them to do so independently and more frequently throughout the day.

Social Involvement and Participation

With a new height when standing on the ALEXIA standing wheelchair, users gain confidence when participating in social activities. They can interact with people in their environment while maintaining eye contact, making them feel more integrated into social situations and society.

Improved Respiratory Function

The breathing rate, comprised of respiratory organs and muscles, is used by the human body when breathing. Wheelchair users frequently experience respiratory compromise because of restricted upper-body function or because seated exposes the area to pressure and gravity.

Standing positions using the ALEXIA standing wheelchair the spine and relieves pressure on the system, allowing oxygen and blood to circulate more freely. Overall respiratory function improves, making breathing less exhausting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the ALEXIA Standing Wheelchair?

The Alexia standing wheelchair is manufactured by Gilani Engineering and provides a diverse array of goods and services tailored to the needs of people with disabilities.

And their latest model, the ALEXIA, is the world's smallest motorized standing movement device that aids an individual's balance and standing position.

What Size Standing Wheelchair Should I Purchase?

When it comes to standing wheelchairs, more significant isn't always better. A compact, a motorized wheelchair is frequently preferred because it allows you to navigate and turn around in tight spaces. 

This is why the ALEXIA standing wheelchair is so popular, which measures 52 inches wide by 126 inches long. It has an impressive 63cm turn radius.

How Quickly can the Standing Wheelchair travel?

The top speed of wheelchairs that assist you in standing varies by brand. You can reach 4.5kh/h if you choose an ALEXIA model.

The best wheelchairs for standing are made to fit your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. That is why users should choose ALEXIA. It enables complete and seamless body positioning and has small dimensions that allow exceptional maneuverability.

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