The New Electric Rollator STELLAR with New Features is on Sale

The new STELLAR electric rollator is a lightweight four-wheel motorised rollator available throughout Australia and is ideal for aged care packages and NDIS recipients. 

It is a great companion and gives users confidence when running errands. 

The new STELLAR electric rollator on sale

What other features can this excellent innovation offer? Here is a list. 

Rear and Front Control

The STELLAR model has bare rear and front control, allowing users to move forward or backward using the joystick that controls the wheelchair's movement.

Users can set the forward speed to 1.2-6 km/h and the reverse acceleration to 1-2.2 km/h. It allows the user to accelerate when going uphill while maintaining safety measurements.

Mobility and Hand Grip Turning

The new STELLAR wheelchairs are precisely designed to fit and navigate into compact places, making them suitable for usage at home.

More durable wheelchairs are designed to be taken outside and utilised on rough terrains such as pavements and slopes.

It has anti-slip and anti-fall for users who are accompanied by their guardians—making it safer and secure.

Promotes Socialization

The difficulty that a loved one may face participating in social activities is of particular concern when they have limited or decreased mobility. 

Because socialisation is essential for emotional and physical health, so maintaining a healthy social life is critical.

The STELLAR wheelchair has multifunctional features that allow users to continue doing their favourite activities, such as walking around the park, shopping, or visiting a gallery. A wheelchair allows the user to live a more active lifestyle, which may lead to a more positive outlook on life.

Increased Comfort and Efficiency

The STELLAR electric wheelchair allows your loved ones to travel long distances without exhaustion. 

They can reclaim their freedom of mobility and self-reliance by knowing they can use their assistive equipment for long durations without losing comfort.

Furthermore, the better the wheelchair is customised to their needs, the easier it is for your loved ones to learn how to maneuver their new motorised mobility aids.

Large Capacity Shopping Bags

The newly arrived STELLAR has a large shopping bag that will make it easier for users to move around while carrying items such as shopping, extra equipment, or even the house keys.

Being able to carry your belongings without the assistance of others can feel very liberating.

Furthermore, wheelchair shopping bags can be attractive and represent an individual's taste and style.

Comfortable Seat Cushion

STELLAR wheelchair cushions can help enhance the user's general movement and function by providing pressure relief and ulcer protection, shock resistance, and posture orientation.

Other elements that can affect skin health should be considered in addition to selecting a cushion that provides adequate pressure relief to prevent pressure ulcers.

Gel cushions, for instance, may be preferable for dynamic wheelchair users because they help reduce "shear," which can cause damage to the skin by forcing the individual to slide forward in the chair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery packs last?

Batteries will typically last 12-18 months for a heavy user. Someone who does not drive long distances every day may be able to get 2-3 years out of their batteries.

 How far do your wheelchairs go?

Everything is dependent on how you intend to use it. For example, the power usage of the batteries varies based on whether you often stop and start or travel on a long straight. In addition, the landscape will influence battery consumption.

Is it possible for electric wheelchairs to get wet?

Components in a motorised wheelchair might be destroyed if exposed to water. However, this access would have to be significant, such as a massive amount of water spilling into the chair's power or other electronics.

The good news is that most wheelchair motors are protected by plastic. Users can navigate through rain and snow with this added layer of protection. 

Finally, deep puddles and prolonged contact with water should be avoided because they can cause corrosion and rust.

Are electric wheelchairs repairable?

Yes. Although motorised wheelchairs are durable and long-lasting, they require constant repair to keep them working correctly.

Having a good relationship with a wheelchair repair service will make you feel more confident in your electric wheelchair.

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