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New Interest Free Finance Program for Home Care and Age Care Participants

If you are eligible for a Home Care Package, it’s important to understand what fees you may have to pay, how much the government will contribute, and how your budget works. It’s helpful to do all this before you choose your provider. Having all the information upfront can help you make the right choice for your care needs and financial situation.

When you receive a Home Care Package, you have a budget to pay for the services you need. Your budget depends on your level of care and includes contributions from you and the government.

How much does the government contribute?

The Australian Government contributes a different amount for each level of Home Care Package. The government subsidy for each package level is as follows:

Home Care Package level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Daily government subsidy rate





Fortnightly government contribution





Funding Supplements

Home care providers may be able to access further funding supplements from the government—to ensure you receive the care you need.
These include:

If you think you may be eligible for any of these supplements, ask your provider about eligibility requirements.

Gilani Engineering is committed to help Participants of Home and age care programs to get their hands on their mobility aids and daily assistive products without waiting to have enough budget is accumulates in their funding prior to purchase.

How does Gilani Engineering New Interest Free Finance Program for Home Care and Age Care Participants work?

If you need to purchase for example an Hi Lo Bed $2990 but you have only $1500 budget accumulated in your package, you can purchase the bed and have it delivered to your home before it is fully paid.

So, you pay the $1500 as deposit to get the bed delivered to your home. The remaining balance is payable fortnightly. An Admin fee of $199 includes in this program.

How to utilise this program:
After finding your favourite mobility aids, you will receive an invoice for the deposit amount.

The Aged and Home Care Finance contract to be signed and along with a copy of your guarantor ID will be attached to the file. Download your contract here to start with!