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The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion

Introducing the G24 Family Vehicle as wheelchair accessible vehicle, packed with innovations for easy access. With the MaxiPlus® option, choose between 8 seats or 5 seats plus a wheelchair user. It’s safe, easy, and stylish—a game-changer in accessibility.

Features & Advantage of The Ultimate Design

This design brings you the most innovative systems including:

What are the Australian Standards for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

Understanding the Australian Standards for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles is crucial for ensuring safe and comfortable transportation for individuals with mobility challenges.

  • 1600m Internal Height
  • 800mm Tray Width
  • 1400mm Tray Length

What is NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversion Design?

It means No Ramp to extend outside the vehicle. NoRamp® Design allows the user to get in & out of the vehicle with ease without needing an external ramp that extends outside the vehicle and needing clear space behind the vehicle more than the wheelchair itself.

What vehicle are suitable for this conversion?

Kia Carnival, Hyundai Staria Honda Odyssey and more models to be release soon!

Who is Authorised to perform this Conversion? 

Gilani Engineering is the only approved and certified supplier of this conversion in Australia. The Ultimate NoRamp® conversion is an internationally patented design and has been tested and approved to the Australian Standards. The vehicle exceeds the requirements for private and taxi standards in Australia. The design is internationally provided by Gilani Mobility LLC.

What can be added with this design conversion?

Turning Seat, Hand Controls, Automatic Door Opener and all safety features including Restrains and Tie Down Systems.


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