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Buy online the best lightweight folding wheelchair in Australia!

Are you looking for the best lightweight folding wheelchair in Australia?

Well look no further, as the exclusive Australian Distributors and registered NDIS providers for mobility equipment, Gilani Engineering can offer the lowest price on our range of manual wheelchairs.

Lightweight folding wheelchairs such as manual wheel chairs are easy to use, convenient and affordable for both the participant and carer.

Why buy a lightweight folding wheelchair online?
Well, there are many reasons why you should purchase a manual wheelchair online rather than in the store

  1. Firstly, buying a manual wheelchair online may make it easier for you to choose a great product as there is a wider range of products to choose from so you can be sure to choose the wheelchair that suits you. Luckily, Gilani Engineering stock a wide variety of manual wheelchairs meant for a range of different people. We have heavy-duty steel framed manual wheelchairs carrying up to 180kg and are very wide up to the smallest lightest weight transit manual wheelchairs which weigh about 7kg. We have some wheelchairs that have adjustable leg rests or supports and various features such as different cushioning. If you would like some assistance to choose a wheelchair or you would like to find out more, contact our friendly staff on 02 8740 8963.
  2. Secondly, our manual wheelchairs are highly affordable whilst being made of the most durable and high-quality material available on the market. If you are not located in Sydney and you are looking for an affordable, high-quality wheelchair you can browse and purchase the perfect chair from the comfort of your own home! Our manual range starts from the low $200’s and ranges up to $2000!
  3. Thirdly, they are foldable and lightweight. This makes them perfect to store and collapsable for perfect storage and travel. The lightweight folding wheelchairs are highly compatible for travel and are convenient as they can be folded up quite thinly and fit in a small boot or be stored away when not in use. Their light weight means that it is very easy for carers to carry these wheelchairs to and from the car without causing muscle strains or manual handling injuries.
  4. Payment Methods, believe it or not, purchasing a lightweight folding wheelchair online may be better than buying it in-store. You have a lot more options when you are purchasing a wheelchair online including using AfterPay, your NDIS funding, credit cards or interest-free finance options.
  5. Delivery to your home makes things easier. When you purchase a wheelchair online,
Manual foldable wheelchair with adjustable leg support
Manual foldable wheelchair with adjustable leg support
ADAPTABLE Manual Wheelchair with adjustable and removable leg rests
The Adaptable manual wheelchair is fully customisable and has tilting leg rests which can be removed
Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Heavy Duty Mobility Aids and buy from a disability shop
Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Heavy Duty Mobility Aids and buy from a disability shop