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VSCCS Compliance Certificate

Approved by Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS)

We are authorized to provide engineering certifications, Blue ‘Mod Plates’ and VSCCS Compliance Certificates for NSW state of Australia. Using our accreditation professional services means your car will be licensed to move anywhere in NSW. Confused about anything at all? Just give us a call and one of our salespeople could be more than pleased to help you obtain the details you need to ensure that your car is safe and adheres to all applicable regulations .
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VSCCS Compliance Certificate 

We always suggest that you consult an engineer/certifier before you develop and alter your vehicle, to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle. This prevents you from having to invest any money rectifying problems you have made. We witness self-altered and problematic vehicles that were modified without the guidance of a qualified engineer on a regular basis. This is why we are pleased to work with you along the way and counsel you on various elements of your modification or undertaking. We pride ourselves on sticking by our customers with the whole modification or creating process, you can be assured we will be involved throughout the process until your car is compliant, registered and licensed on the streets. 

Gilani Engineering is a VSCCS approved company. VSCCS stands for Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme. The Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) provides licenses to people or organizations who have enough experience and qualification of the automobile industry to examine the vehicles that aren’t compliant with the New South Wales vehicle standards. Individuals or companies with VSCCS licenses can also certify compliance to the NSW safety standards. Some of the imported or modified vehicles may be considered as a non-standard vehicle. The modified vehicles are examined for compliance by VSCCS certifiers.

Gilani Engineering is a leading company in Australia that provides VSCCS compliance certificates, RMS engineering certificates and vehicle modification certification for the New South Wales state of Australia. If you need accreditation professional services to drive your vehicle in the NSW state, then contact us. All of the cars must be assessed to ensure that they comply with the vehicle standards and that they don’t pose any kind of risk, and Gilani Engineering is the perfect place to get Mod Plates, RMS engineering certificates, vehicle modification certificates and VSCCS compliance certificates for NSW state of Australia.

We suggest that you meet with a certified or a professional engineer before you consider to modify your vehicle. By adopting this method, you will save a lot of time, energy and resources because you will avoid making any mistakes, in case you weren’t aware of all the safety standards before. You don’t need to worry because we are here for you and we aim to help you in every step that you take while you build or modify your vehicle. Providing good customer services is our top priority and we hope that we can satisfy all of your needs. You can count on us to be there for you until your vehicle is completely compliant and registered to be driven on the road safely.

We offer all aspects of car and component testing services so where this is needed, we are a one-stop solution. Our technicians are tertiary educated, unrestricted signatories and can offer certification for all vehicle varieties and categories as per listed below: 

Field of Competency Modification Code Vehicle Category: 

  • C1 - Braking System 
  • C2 - Driving Controls and Aids 
  • C3 - Seating and Occupant Protection 
  • C4 - Engine, Fuel, and Exhaust 
  • C5 - Body, Chassis, Frame, Suspension, Steering, T&D, Axles or Lights 
  • IP - Personally Imported Vehicles 

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