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Dual Controls and Accessible Modification

Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top quality dual controls and other vehicle modification services

Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification service. We are providers of electronic accelerators like the Satellite Accelerator, Mechanical brake levers, Power-assisted braking & steering, Swivel chair bases, Scooter hoists and Ramps. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of Vehicle Modification services and products. In case we do not have the product that you need, we will engineer it for you.
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Our objective is to make driving a pleasurable and comfortable practical experience, to reduce exhaustion behind the wheel and improve driver competency and safety. Gilani Engineering’s philosophy and 5 years’ experience in the industry has earned a reputation for trustworthiness, development, and quality. 

We employ a variety of suppliers to provide accessibility to everyone throughout Australia. If we do not have the exact product that you desire, we will make it for you because your needs are important to us. 

Everyone in the world face different problems. Although, people who do not have any kind of disability do not face the same difficulty as differently-abled people because most of the places and products are by default designed for them. One of the major problems people with disability feel is that most of the vehicles aren’t wheelchair friendly and it’s not very easy to fit a wheelchair into the vehicle. If you, or anyone you know uses a wheelchair, then you are probably aware that it is not very convenient to fit the wheelchairs in a regular car.

It is very convenient to able to drive your personal car and take it anywhere you want to. People with special needs do not have it easy to be able to drive as most of the cars aren’t handicapped friendly. Vehicles can be heavily modified and there are wheelchair accessible vehicles all around Australia. Controls and pedals can easily be moved.
If you want to make your vehicle handicapped friendly, then Gilani Engineering is the perfect company for you to get this job done.

Gilani Engineering is an NDIS service provider and specializes in dual control and accessible modification. To make your car a wheelchair accessibility vehicle, you can make a lot of alterations and modifications. Once you contact us, our team along with an Occupational therapist will make a complete assessment of your needs.

We will identify which modifications to your vehicle are important considering your needs.
Our team will help you to find the best way to modify your vehicle. If you are the driver of the vehicle, your disabilities and your ability to drive will be assessed. Our team will give you recommendations which may include modifications of seating, controls, ramps and a safe method of transporting your wheelchair. If you are a passenger in a modified vehicle, our team will make sure that you can travel in a modified car with complete comfort.
In addition, our team will provide a complete evaluation of the following:

• Muscle strength.
• Coordination.
• Judgement.
• Decision making.
• Screening of the vision.
• Flexibility.
• Ability to drive with the mobility aid.

Modifications on the vehicles should be done in such a way that they make it more convenient for a person to drive the vehicle and follow the rules of the road in a way that is safe. After we are done with the assessment and we feel that you are not able to drive a vehicle with dual control and accessible modification, we can recommend you some dual control driving schools in Australia. Your safety is our top priority.


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